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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Tl;dr - Understand what you're getting into; you're not gonna make all this money for just half-assed effort, as real sacrifices must be made.

Zeus is right about one thing: people have to figure most of this stuff out on their own.

The money is great out here for sure. Some people are just willing to go further than others to make more faster. It's not a knock on those who choose not to fully sacrifice their social life or related. The point is, to figure out the best path you can take based on your personal characteristics, and that requires you to try it out first hand.

I've talked to countless people who are tunnel-visioned from all this math they're doing on their future finances: "if I work this many hours for this many days at this rate, I'll be laughing in a few years easy!"

Then they go out in the field, and they haven't considered factors like the physicality of the work, how long hours for consecutive days takes a toll on your mind, body and soul, <b>no matter what age you are</b>, and the psychological implications of social isolation for long periods of time, only to name a few. Suddenly, all that money to be made isn't so glorious for some, and end up pulling out after less than a month.

For those of you who are still considering the move or very recently made the move: <b>Make sure you fully understand why the wages are that high. You are sacrificing more than just your time in this industry</b>.

I feel that this should be mentioned because I see a lot of people in this thread with a romantic notion of how things go out here. Don't fall into that trap.

In my experience, upon fully grasping the realities of working hard, in harsh conditions and for long hours, it made that paycheque much, much sweeter to finally obtain. But it also gave me a reality check, it humbled my ego and what I initially believed to be easy oil money.

My intent here is not to discourage people who wish to better themselves to make the trek here. This post is meant for those who think they can half-ass this shit and get through, without understanding the difficulties of making a lot of money with little exp.
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