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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Seanchai, you shouldnt have much problem becoming an engineer in Canada. UK and Canada have a commonwealth agreement. You just need to make sure you got your reference from your old engineering job nailed down, they will want to know you have relevant experience. If you have 4 years in the UK you will just need 1 year as an engineer in training in Canada. Just out of curiosity, is engineering in the UK totally standardized? It is in Canada- doesn't matter if you go to University of British Columbia to University of PEI, you get the same core fundamentals. A lot different than the USA, you can't really compare Buttfuck State to Stanford! Thats why all Americans who come here need to write an exam to become licensed in Alberta...

"1b) Mutual Recognition Agreements
APEGA has ratifi ed mutual recognition agreements with a number of countries that have developed
engineering education accreditation systems similar, but not identical, to the Canadian accreditation
system: United Kingdom (1989), Ireland (1989), Australia (1989), New Zealand (1989), Hong Kong
(1995), South Africa (1999), France, Japan (2005) , Singapore (2006), South Korea (2007), Taiwan (2007)
and Malaysia (2009).
When APEGA evaluates the academic qualifi cations of individuals with mutual recognition agreement
degrees we use a “looking to exempt” approach. This means APEGA is looking to exempt such
individuals from having to complete the confi rmatory examination assessment.
As part of APEGA’s commitment to public safety and well-being, we require that your transcripts come
directly from your university. If no anomalies are found upon review of your transcripts, then you will
not be assigned the confi rmatory technical examination assessment. This means that if you obtained
an undergraduate degree in engineering from one of the countries listed above after the dates shown
and if your degree is listed on the list of approved programs from that country, you likely will not be
assigned any confi rmatory engineering exams by APEGA."
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