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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Examples catering to industry:
Independent contracting (skills based)
1. Buy some equipment and start contracting in an unregulated or minimally regulated area (e.g. electrical PAT testing, NDT testing, provide rope access workers, and/or equipment and/or training, provide roadside breakdown assistance to commercial fleets, provide general maintenance like snow clearing services, tree lopping services etc). If you're lucky you might have one of these skills and be in an area where they're needed. If you don't have these skills you might be able to attract a partnership with someone who does have them. Potentially take on a few employees, and between your partner and employees you can eventually be in a position to take leave at will.

Labour hire for low skilled & service jobs
2. Get some office space, marketing material, a lawyer on retainer and start offering labour hire for low skilled jobs, how good would you have it if you imported 20 latinas or asian chicks to clean & cook in the work camps, make sure they can't speak much english, take away their passports, pay them next to nothing and house them in cramped accommodation of questionable legality , your job would be to find the workers, find contracts, and fuck your way through half of them, and so long as you have the hustle keep the contracts coming in labour hire is the simplest business. Think about it, pay them say $25k/year for these services, charge their work out at $45k, keep your overheads low and keep make sure you're paying your lawyer enough to keep you out of trouble and you're have a 6 figure business. The steps of taking away their passports and creating a situation of slavery is of course optional and not recommended, but the low wage, why not.

Independent contracting (equipment based)
3. Rather than looking for a job driving a truck, buy a second hand rig and get a freelance contract to haul whatever you wish. Or if not a truck, get some mobile equipment, like a Hyster lift, EWP, bobcat or backhoe and a pickup big enough to haul them. Put them to use in local construction projects, road works, demolishment works etc. When you want to fuck off to Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand or wherever for a couple months, either park the equipment up, or lease them out to someone whilst you're gone.

Or other examples (catering to cashed up workers with too much money and time):
Utilities/services for the worker towns
4. Say there is a large worker population in some Bumfuk AB town that has nothing to do with their precious free time except get pissed, take drugs and visit worn out bush pig hookers. If you can get together half a million of money (from yourself, parents, family friends), open a hardcore/crossfit type gym with a section that has 24/7 key card access so that there is minimal staffing requirements. There is a bit of overhead to start but it's a business any idiot can run once you're going. Keep your members happy and you're in business forever. If there is already a gym, or a gym in the work camps, then perhaps do something a little different. Open a fighting gym for MMA/BJJ/Boxing. A little less overhead for this. Or open a legit therapeutic massage parlour, much less overhead there, a few months rent, some tables, towels, and a months worth of wages paid up front for your staff (unless you like the idea of doing it a a sole trader and spending your days rubbing the backs of oil field workers). Make deals with local contractors and employers so their workers can get discounted deals under their corporate HSSE/wellbeing policies.

5. In 90% of mines in Australia that are staffed by local workers (as opposed to camp based workers who have free laundry services) there is large hessian bags and laundry baskets in the bathrooms, if you're an overpaid labourer or tradesman oand don't want to take your filthy, greasy uniforms home after every shift, dirtying up your car and house, then you drop them off, a local laundromat takes them away, washes them at extreme temperatures on their industrial equipment, and has them hanging up sparkling clean and waiting in the workers locker for the next shift. It's quite lucrative for the convenience people are paying many multiples of regular laundromat services for this so I imagine even after considering the stress on the washers from the grease and mud, they're making some good money.

Sell travel packages to worn out workers wanting a break
6. Get a small office in town, a computer with access to the internet, and start putting together holiday packages that are based around the rotating shifts. If the workers in town typically have 3/2 week rotations, sell 2 week snow packages, Vegas weekends, Montreal F1 weekends, Miami week trips, cruises and whatever else they want and earn commissions. A license to sell travel services may be needed but not much else is, certainly not much knowledge haha. Fake your expertise in all of these areas by consulting RVF data sheets Laugh and Tripadvisor reviews. Many people are too lazy or rich to bother doing their own research and will pay a nice premium for packaged get aways.

OK just some ideas, maybe it's far more lucrative to show up and just do the hard labour, but for those who want to cash in and not do these things.. they might be some good ideas??
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