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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(02-19-2014 08:24 PM)Laurifer Wrote:  Hi guys,

Today after going to several drilling companies in Nisku, I walked into Trinidad Drilling and was hired on the spot. I take a piss test on Tuesday and I probably start my hell week initiation soon after that. Wish I hadn't wasted my time at the other places had I known Trinidad would take me right away.

I was wondering what essential items do you veteran drilling workers bring with you?

Also, what PPE will the company be providing for me and what do I need to provide on my own?

I'll probably find out Tuesday but it would be nice to know in advance.

Also, thanks to Scotian and everyone else. Wouldn't have found the motivation to do it without the wealth of information from this thread!

Alright man I got a chance to write a proper reply.

First congrats. Trinidad is a good company to work for as far as drilling goes.

It is pretty close to break up though so you might only get a few weeks of work before things quieten down. Depends on the project though. Try get as much drilling floor experience as possible to line you up for summer - making connections etc.

As for gear I am pretty sure they will provide most of your work gear. If you have the cash buy extra gloves and goggles. Gloves go missing fast and its nice to have a spare pair if you get some wet.

I would buy some extra thermals (although it will start to warm up soon) and socks. Tiger store does some okay stuff for really cheap. Also most Marks Warehouse stores have bad security around the changing room area if you want to go for the high end Helly Hansen thermals (not endorsing stealing just saying haha).

Other little handy bits:

Good pjs and slippers for camp/hotel
Toiletry bad with all the essentials
Earplugs and eye cover thing for sleeping
Spare phone charger
Extra comfy pillow - some camps have crap pillows

Handy tips:

Stash extra food and treats from camp in your work bag. Handy for a boost of energy between meal times.

Pack spare socks, gloves and thermals for every shift - you never know when you might get wet or things get colder

Get as much breakfast as possible. I used to wake up early so I could eat twice. Food = energy = less stress.

Just stay warm and stay well feed.

That's it man - best of luck!
02-21-2014 05:13 AM
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