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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(02-25-2014 11:09 PM)komatiite Wrote:  
(02-25-2014 10:35 PM)Zeus Wrote:  
(02-25-2014 08:02 AM)Spickpaddy Wrote:  Hey Folks,
Does anyone here know anything about working as a Helicopter or fixed wing pilot up there?
I have a chance to get licenses pretty cheap in Brazil(15,000€)
but want to get work asap after to start paying that off and start making money.

Any info, other forums etc would be greatly apprieciated.

I know they are alway looking for lineman pilots. They need to be super confident in their abilites.

You need to fly Power linemen to remote transmission line towers. You either drop them off on the line or hover while they fix what they need to fix. You need to be steady and trust each other. Many times the pilot just knows the linemans next step and adjusts the helicopter a few inches just to make his job easier, faster and safer.

search : aerial lineman

Its a badass job. Once I get my sparky ticket, I'll probably move to an aerial lineman. Maybe you can be my pilot.

I don't know much about linemen, but from my experience, this is what I know regarding pilots up here in the natural resources sector to add to what Zeus said:

Lots of helicopter pilot jobs and float plane pilot jobs are actually more likely to be in mining, when you fly geologists up to remote bush zones so they can do exploration. Any small town that is in the middle of nowhere in the Canadian Shield likely will have little airports for this purpose. During the winter when there is too much snow to do geological mapping, there is still work, as the companies will often drill out core as part of the exploration process. As well, there is year long hunting and fishing charters that use these air services. Great walleye, arctic char and lake trout fishing up there, as well as moose, elk, bear etc hunting!

In the oil patch, I would say the biggest use for helicopter pilots is in seismic. Seismic is a technique used in oil exploration in which dynamite is drilled underground OR huge trucks with vibrating pads on them send sound waves down through the underground rock formations. Little recorders at ground surface called geophones time the travel paths of these sound waves, and the data is processed by geophysicists in order to create structural images of the underground geology- it helps narrow down structures like folds and faults that may trap petroleum. Seismic companies send out huge crews of surveyors and jughounds (the guys who stick geophones on the ground) to remote areas every day, so helicopters are a required expense.

Thanks for such an excellent answer!!
03-01-2014 09:55 AM
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