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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(05-22-2014 02:36 PM)DjembaDjemba Wrote:  ^^trolling broads on the ave and other bars is one of those activities I'll never tire of.

Trolling/challenging dudes also seems to be one of the things I'll never tire of. Betas/white knights really bug the shit outta me.

Just last week, out with some buddies up on a patio, a cute Dutch brunette approached us. Yes, we got approached. Happens more than usual in Edmonton, in my experience. I immediately take point and she reciprocates very well. My buddies are wingman'ing and occasionally chime in while letting me do work. Got this in the fucking bag, I'm thinking, as the interaction goes on. I look over her shoulder and see a few dudes that she took a group picture with earlier.

"You out with those guys?" I ask.
"Yeah they're my friends," she replies.

"Which one is your boyfriend?"
"Neither of them." She chuckles since she fully understood the intent of that question.

"Holy shit, automatically friendzoned them and they don't even know it. Fucking right!" I give off a flirty smile and nod with approval.

She bursts out laughing.

Meanwhile, one of the guys there overhears our conversation, comes over while I'm talking and wraps her arm right around her while looking right at me. Classic white knight move. Challenge accepted.

"Hey, we're gonna be bouncing to another bar soon, so let's get going," he tells her.

You kidding me, I thought. So I pounce:

"Oh my bad, this your boyfriend?" I ask, feigning my considerate nature for both parties in front of me.

She immediately replies with "No."

Friendzone status: confirmed. He even unwrapped his arm around her and stepped back a bit, clearly humiliated.

"So why not stay with us? You're having fun right? We're gonna be here for a bit anyway since the music is awesome here, then we'll all bounce somewhere together later on"

She's slightly hesitant. I can tell she doesn't wanna ditch her beta friend but it was clear she was very engaged in our interaction.

"Umm well I gotta go to the bathroom and I'll just get another drink. I'll be back!" She slowly walks off, leaving myself, the buddies and the white knight.

He attempts to be nice and introduces himself. I give him a fake name because fuck you.

I've learned (the easy and hard way) that being an asshole to a broad's beta orbiter does not pan out well since his reflection of you will be shared with the broad, making you the bad guy and destroying any chances of bang bang bang.

But I couldn't help myself.

"So are you trying to fuck her, or date her, or what? You're wrapping your arms around her as though she's your girl but she's saying otherwise."

*dude softly chuckles*
"Haha, nah man. She's just a friend of mine. She's actually a really good wingwoman. She's gotten me laid so many times! She's really cool like that, man"

I feign a smile, and look around on the ground. Wtf? Did someone drop a turd? Oh no, wait. That's bullshit, I smell. I was so disturbed by the stench that after he said that, I stopped listening to his shit afterwards. He was trying to redeem himself after I called him out on his weak positioning on this girl. It was clear as day that he didn't understand what a wingman is. Even more clear that he didn't understand his own white knight tendencies. He shrunk right in front of my eyes and based on his demeanour post-call out, I'm sure he knew it too.

The broad comes back and the white knight is back at it, persistent with asking her to bounce to a next spot. At this point, if I continue to challenge then I know I will lose. I really didn't give a fuck since cute broads are a dime a dozen here so I step back. My buddy recognizes this and pulls a brilliant move by asking her to put her number in my phone and saying that when we leave, we'll call her and see where they're at. She agrees enthusiastically. All this is happening in front of the white knight.

The euphoria I felt afterwards was not from acquiring those digits, but proving to that guy that he's a fucking loser. I'm fucked up like that. Thanks Obama, err... Thanks Harper.

Then I proceeded to get loaded and cockblock the shit out of my blue balls.

Morals of the story: pride will get you killed, and drink in moderation.
05-24-2014 03:44 AM
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