1. nagareboshi

    Respectable "traditional" daily men's fashion

    I'm not talking about going to a wedding or your Sunday best attire, but daily life for when you want to be a normal person while still being consistent with pro-modesty, pro-beauty beliefs. Specifically I think that the normalization of blue jeans in non-work environments, forearm exposing...
  2. nagareboshi

    Less than 1% of Americans are serious about Christianity (statistics thread)

    I was looking at American religious demographic numbers, just to gain some more context about the world, and I am sort of shocked at what I saw. I'm interested in opening a discussion on the seriousness of American religion using statistics. Catholics in the USA: 70 million Eastern Catholics...
  3. nagareboshi

    Against vernacular language in the Christian liturgies

    Pro-vernacular people (especially after Vatican II) argue that we should conduct the liturgy in modern language to accommodate the common people. Semi-woke people argue that we should conduct the liturgy in a holy language (Latin, Koine Greek, Slavonic, Aramaic), even if we do not understand...
  4. davidjones

    Roman Catholic Theology and Apologetics

    I am starting this thread because I am genuinely interested in studying Theology on my own spare time. I have recently returned from Eastern Orthodoxy to the Roman Catholic Church. As I was Catholic prior to my conversion. It is my intention to turn this thread into a wealth of information on...
  5. nagareboshi

    Confession in the Orthodox Church

    Hi, I'm a Catholic, was wondering how confession works in the Orthodox Church. In (modern) Catholic church, for a real believer there's a sense of neuroticism of getting confession after mortal sin to consume the Eucharist, but all the Novus Ordo parishes make confession schedule pretty...
  6. nagareboshi

    How do you pray with your family? And other religious life questions

    I want to be able to pray with my family in the future, when I get married (God willing), but I don't know what it looks like. When I pray currently, I feel "insincere/awkward" doing so in front of my siblings/parents. How do you actually get your family involved in prayer life?