1. Eusebius Erasmus

    Good Substacks to Read?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for Substacks, especially focused on COVID, history, and conspiracy theories? The ones I like include: Steve Kirsch ( Midwestern Doctor ( Any other suggestions?
  2. A

    HIV/AIDS as the next pandemic?

    I think this may worthy of it's own thread. Delete if repost: Saw this post on Berensons telegram by an alleged Dr. and it validates others posts here. It seems to be the next logical step. All words below aren't mine: +++++ No. It will be HIV there’s a lot of talk about HIV and how that’s...
  3. S

    Florida Legislature passes bill banning vaccine passports

    Good news for Floridians! This bill forbids both the government and private businesses from requiring proof of vaccination to conduct business. Sorry satan, there will be no mark of the beast required in FL! Link
  4. DanielH

    Clergy & Monastics Abbot Tryphon of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery (Vashon Island, WA)

    It seems Abbot Tryphon, at 75 years old has had enough of this coronavirus nonsense. He has been through a lot recently, being hospitalized after being brutally assaulted in public by, in my opinion, a demoniac, and then again needing medical care after a bad fall. In this second video, he...
  5. T

    Where is a free country/area?, where I can emigrate?

    Hello SInce the "virus" hit my country I am living in a Orwelian society, you have to wear a mask inside the shops and in the streets(I NEVER WEAR A MASK, AND I WILL NEVER WEAR A MASK), even they speak about masks inside the homes, people wear masks when they drive alone, run, cycling, etc and...