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French Muslim goes rogue
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RE: French Muslim goes rogue
(03-22-2012 02:46 PM)basilransom Wrote:  
(03-22-2012 02:31 PM)DjembaDjemba Wrote:  On the contrary, without strong legislative rules stating otherwise, people will mix. The reason why segregation in the US and my home South Africa became prevalent is because of legislative pressure. Before then, people mixed based on class, not race. This is why the 'coloreds' like me exist. A whole class of white traders mixed with the natives and other immigrants. People mixed and did so because they could.

You say people will naturally segregate, I say the opposite, people will naturally procreate. It's usually based on class. In Latin America there's plenty of racism but people mix. People mix based on class and sexual and pro-creative needs. The same way I mix.

There is no obvious outcome. It depends. On the circumstances, on the situation at hand and the properties of the peoples involved. Maybe the traders came to South Africa without women, so they went for the local women. Eg, imagine you had two groups of people. I think you'd agree there'd be much more mixture if they shared a common language, then if they don't.

I agree with you here

Also, legal obstacles to mixing are often the expression of popular objection to mixing. I don't think there should be any laws one way or the other,

and here

but I respect that some may want to limit mixing among their ranks.

not here, this usually involves violence and coercion, it's what Asian honor killings are based on. Not pretty.

Segregation isn't inherently racist unless it grants superior legal status to some groups over others. That is usually the way it's carried out though, i.e. it tends to be executed in a racist way.

Segregation simply cannot exist without tension, the USA and South Africa have proved it. So did Malaysia.

OTOH the Caribbean has proven that people can certainly co-exist without tension should they simply relax and live and let live.

And this is my last post on race here because it's not something I'm passionate about.

Done with the race trolling. Life is too precious to stress over this stuff.
03-22-2012 03:05 PM
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