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Which forum members have you met?
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RE: Which forum members have you met?
This post has been a while in the making. It is intended to give recognition where it is due and demonstrate that the community is still thriving behind the scenes.

Prologue - On reps and meetups

Some members, in public and private, have suggested that these kind of meetup posts or reps are misleading (“Haven’t you met members you didn’t like? You must be lying. I met these robotic spam approaching PUAs and will never do another meetup”), unrealistically optimistic (“How can you recommend someone when you just met for a coffee? Are you that naive and blue-pilled?”) or based on approval-seeking (“You’re just kissing-ass. When are you gonna cash in those internet points lol?”). A few points follow:

A. No doubt, a measure of skepticism is warranted, since the nature of public reputation requires general harmony to function, and as a few reps seem exaggerated. For instance, I saw one that claimed a member was "very experienced in daygame" despite the fact he'd never been laid through daygame in his life.

B. Sure, I’ve met guys who I didn’t like, and over the years – throughout my long progression from having absolutely zero clue to getting lost in abundance – some guys didn’t like me. A select few have blatantly cawkblock ed me, coldly use and discard me as a wing, and one angry guy even acted like a friend before turning out to be passive-aggressive and resentful. Yet almost all encounters within RVF/pickup/manosphere fall into a continuum of experiences from merely awkward, to neutral, to fun, to friendship-building. Very few are seriously awful.

While it's all par for the course when you’ve been doing this for 15+ years, the quality of members I've met has been pretty high recently. Beyond taking responsibility for my own interactions, these days I’m more likely to meetup with others who have been repped multiple times to have good character and demonstrated their ability to offer value, as opposed to zero-rep, low-post members who write one-liner invitations like “I’m in X area, who wants to wing me?” that lack any compelling reason to meet them in particular. Above all, I've made some long-term mates through the community and was lucky, as a non-natural in the game, to be guided forward by some patient mentors. This is what gives me a big 'why' to keep going.

C. I haven’t repped or mentioned everyone I meet. Regarding the select few with irreconcilable values or behaviours, well, if I have nothing positive to say I just won't say anything here because I've never been compelled to name names. If you do meetup then you’ll usually get a +1 just for turning up and being normal and friendly, since the vast majority of members never get verified. I still choose my words carefully. Just because I rep someone it doesn’t mean I'm recommending them to be trusted with your credit card number. It takes years to really know anyone. My encounters and relationships with community members have ranged from under two minutes to over a decade, and I aim to reflect this with my comments.

D. Most importantly, I try to see the best in people I meet and support them for the good things they’re doing. Not only is recognition and encouragement fundamental for human growth, I personally find it more healthy to focus on whatever positives I can. Further, aggressive or didactic preaching at someone you disagree with, while having its place at times, will most likely fail if your intention is to influence them. If all this means some people call me an ass-kisser, I’m ok with that. You can't win 'em all. Now on to the meetups.

Total real-life meets: 77+

Previous: 52

Built to Fade
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Jumbo Tron
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Windom Earle

Updates: 25

IMPORTANT NOTE: All descriptions of members and meetups are made in broad, non-specific terms in order to guarantee anonymity. To minimise risk, no matter how unlikely, all descriptions incorporate non-identifying characteristics and context-free language, so there’s no mention of locations, dates, ages, ethnicities etc.


We met within a large group so had little time to talk, however it was satisfying to shake hands and be welcomed with some good-natured humour. At the time I let other guys get their piece in since I can potentially reach out to Roosh in the future, however in retrospect I could have been more direct given the limited time on my end. It was good to see him in playful spirits and I am sure we’d have an engaging chat given the chance to trade stories.


Had a couple of high-energy, hilarious and really FUN nights out with 456 – this guy is very entertaining and the life of the party. He gives without hesitation and I was in the zone thanks to his generosity.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Would meet again, just next time I’ll have to avoid getting mashed, feeling overconfident and smashing my leg and not treating it immediately, then waiting at a medical clinic designed for people who love playing angry birds for an hour and having to get vaccinated while relying on another member to help me avoid getting detained for an unpaid injection of autism. Phewww. I have to admit I'm getting too old to be jumping over things, and the drinking really doesn't help.

P.S. I cracked up with his reference to swooping dudes. Guilty as charged Laugh Thank god I'm allergic to soy.

El Cunado

We met up a couple of times, which included an energizing, free gym session thanks to EC. He offered helpful tips on my form and dramatically improved my overhead technique in one session. A very welcoming, down-to-earth and friendly dude, EC is killing it with the ladies too. Would meet (and bench with) again. P.S. It was cool to share some bangin' workout tunes. Here's one I shared earlier:

Jim Kirk

I’m gonna start with a quote on Jim by Tokyo Joe, who met Jim a while ago: “A truly great human being who has much to teach us all about Wife Game & Family Game. I look forward to seeing Capt Kirk again, and I encourage all you young mofos to listen to his wisdom.” Word. What he said. My brief yet strong impression of Jim was that of the quintessential sharp-witted American Patriarch that had done it all and won, with a thousand stories to tell. He also gifted me with something small on his end but made a positive impact on me. Would be keen to meet again, sit back, and listen.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5971429]


Met up and had some good laughs walking around with this beast. There was one memorable interaction with a couple of *triggered* ladies that didn’t take kindly to an opener that had only been tested on non-sensitive people: “WTF did you just call us ‘girls’? / “Why you being so extra?! Just be yoself” / “Did you really want a photo or is that just an excuse to hit on us?”


I had to stop myself from laughing. These women were, let's just say, not attractive. I was just being social and warming up. Godzilla informed me this was par for the course in this hood. That's some key intel there. Anyway, good times! Would offend with again.


Met up for a fairly quick yet enjoyable talk, after exchanging some back-and-forth chats remotely about Asia, relationships and more for a while. Onto is a very friendly and likeable guy, and has plenty of experience-based wisdom to share both in person and online. For instance, here is one of his many high-quality insights that speak to me directly, on Seeking LTR Navigational Advice. I'm keen to learn more from him in the future.

Eddie Winslow

Our chat was cut short but it was positive. Eddie was quick to laugh even when he misheard me, so he clearly has a great sense of humour, and he projects a vibe that says 'I know how to have fun'. Eddie has plenty of notable posts too, like RE: Where are all the 8s – An open question , among others e.g., RE: Newbie: Social Sticking Points. Nice work.


Kbell is super friendly and welcoming. I commend him on being resistant to offense, a trait evident in light of the common use of added parentheses around here. That's resilience. I also respect his recent decision to step out of his comfort zone while maintaining a sense of moral direction, and wish him the best on his next adventure which I hope to have partly inspired. Keep up your artistic styling.


We hit the gym and enjoyed a chat over lunch, a seemingly impossible feat given the unfortunate line through his name, but I do have my ways. Churros had just received some challenging news on the day we met, but nonetheless powered ahead and shared some stories with me. He was also helpful in letting me work in his place - hey, I even got my own desk. Good bloke.


Decent chap who I got along with quickly. I note that Stealth has shown consistent support for Roosh. Such reliability over time is a fair indicator of a man with a sense of loyalty - and thus the kind of character you can likely rely on should he become your friend.


A gentlemen that offered me a warm welcome, Eradicator seems to have plenty of experience and knowledge under his belt. We only had a very brief chat so I cannot say much else, except that I would meet him again.


Had the briefest of interactions due to the wider setup. This young guy seems friendly and keen to network. You just gotta activate your account broseph.


Libertas gets a +1 for coming through in the end and making me feel welcome. We had little time to chat though. Other than that, a quick glance at his writings gives me the impression that he is seriously educated, e.g., 11 lessons in leadership from julius caesar. That's some eloquent expression.


Met for a chat over syrupy caffeine. Real friendly guy who took time away from his family to link up. Well done on starting your own personal legacy and thanks for the coffee.


Met up for some roaming around one evening. He had his eyes on the prize - that is, he was focused on approaching, and I saw him getting some big smiles from a fine babe before I stumbled off into the haze of the night. I do remember sharing a laugh about Australian women though.


Oilbreh obviously has a refined sense of humour for getting my silly joke about his username. We didn't get to have a proper conversation, although given his friendliness I'd be happy to chat further.


Had little time to chat in person, although I enjoyed our previous talk on the phone. I sense that The Baker is a well-established and calmly confident, laid-back guy. Additionally, he seems to share my taste regarding which women to butter up, and later came through with such a petite lady on his arm. *thumbs up*


Only got to chat for a bit because of the social situation. From what I saw YT is an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly guy who doesn't hesitate to offer his encouragement. With posts on topics like this (RE: The Philippines thread) and with such warmth as this (RE: Christmas and New Years Holidays...) I've got no doubt we could have some interesting back-and-forths. I predict YT has a great future ahead of him.


We only met very briefly due to the social context and noisy venue, however he welcomed me with a big smile and warm handshake. Our schedules didn’t work out unfortunately so didn't get to meet again. Polar deserves recognition for both his offline networking and online contributions such as The (new) travel data sheet map. Would meet again for a real chat.


We hardly had any time to chat as we met amidst a lively and large group setting. Still, I can say that he was very social, friendly, and made me personally feel welcome and recognized. I've surely read multiple posts of his that I disagree with, but he has also written some gems (e.g., RE: Schism in the alt right) and I give the guy props for doing more than just talking (see The Future of America...). While American politics doesn't fall under my area of expertise, his extensive posting history here - with the 4th-highest post count of all time and a rep-count closing in on 300 - suggests that we could have an entertaining chat given the opportunity.

Rang off the Pipe

ROTP is a friendly, laid-back guy who I enjoyed meeting.
He is a good conversationalist and was patient both with my delayed arrival and hyperactive ramblings. Nice work with the datasheets too - an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to offer value. Stay in touch and feel free to send me your latest reports and progress in the field.

Clint Barton

Met up for a chat over lunch. I was exhausted when we met so wasn’t feeling anywhere close to top form, but it was still a pleasure. Clint is a fit, stylish guy with heaps of tips and knowledge to share across several areas. He is doing great to say the least, and since I'm in the wife-screening/hunting phase, I'm sure I could learn some important things from him about committed relationships. I also appreciate the work Clint has done in building up real-life connections - his rep sheet speaks for itself here, with nods from Roosh, Gmac, Dantes, TheBulldozer, Tokyo Joe and many more reputable members. He is an asset to the community, 'nuff said.

[Image: giphy.gif]


I take some measure of pride in being the first RVF member to get Excelsior to meetup. My man 456 might say this was my most-prized swoop Laugh With over 15,000 posts, only two forum members including Roosh himself have quantitatively contributed more than Excelsior posting-wise. His quality of contributions can also be seen in his own appreciation thread, started by Tuthmosis. One of my top picks relates to the fundamental rule, do not talk about game with women.

It's a shame he doesn't post here anymore, especially since my experience tells me that at least one of the guys he disagreed with online would most likely get along with him if they had the chance to meet in real life. Anyhow, having met up for real I can confirm he is solid - the dude is a beast. We had a blast too. In particular I remember him entertaining a set of stunning Asian-looking girls, resulting in our discovery of a shared appreciation and at times, unrelenting obsession for the orient as embodied in the thin, soft, feminine beauty. Thanks for the drinks and say hi to your generous WuTang-loving homie for me. Would wing for Asians again.

[Image: sc99mcm.gif]


A reliable and patient man, I'm glad to have Repo on my team. I quickly recognized this guy is a champion once we met. He is killing it with the ladies and more. Of special notes, he really helped me out when I was in a tricky situation and without any complaint. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to receive his support. We had a great chat and have plenty in common in regards to lifting, women, music and more. He's got some funny posts here and knows how to have a laugh for real. Would meet again no doubt. Thanks again bro.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=4672597]

Buck Wild

In one word - BOSS. In more words – Buck Wild is a legend who offered and delivered brotherly-type hospitality. I was honoured to be trusted as a friend even though we had just met. Plus, he gave me some great tips at the gym and invited me out, where he was surrounded by several beautiful girls. Throughout it all, we had some engaging chats about music, psychology, game, relationships, diet, working out and more. You want this guy on your side, that's for sure. Highly recommended.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Catch you next time: Whiteknightrises, Cobra, DonnyGately, Spider, moonlight_sonata, Gorgiass, Cumulonimbus, TheBowery, Celestial, Crash_Bandicoot and Getdownonit among others. I'd love to give you all bro-GIFs but I have to get back to getting paid now. Apologies to any members who I met and got along with, but didn’t acknowledge above – please PM me as I may have forgotten your username. The community lives on.
07-03-2019 02:34 AM
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