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How are you guys making $$$
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RE: How are you guys making $$$
(10-02-2019 09:06 PM)MichaelWitcoff Wrote:  When I was running a freelance copywriting and consulting company, I basically went wherever I wanted and did whatever I wanted. 100% of my income was generated online and it came with a lot of freedom, until I decided advertising was evil and wanted to be a "real person" again.

I was also essentially involved in online advertising (spam), making well above the average salary for all age groups when I was about 22. It got to the point I could not bring myself to do any work it was so soul destroying.

I found marketers to be some of the slimiest people around. The world of professional marketers is a bizarre hierarchy, largely based upon +1ing people above you in the hope they will suck you up; and writing articles that sound important, but probably just represent casual ideas that they've never tried. The main goal is to get to the $XXX / hour consultancy jobs that are very difficult to quantify the results of. For outsiders it's very difficult to differentiate quality. Most of the big boys farm out a lot of the real work with big markups. Specifically SEO is mostly about buying links that don't look like they've been bought. And that's all farmed out.

I knew one guy who'd managed to break out as one of the big upcoming names about 10 years ago. I talked to him a lot privately. He'd cultivated an image of being technically brilliant. He'd made a million in the easy years and then got ripped to shreds by Google. In the period he'd became known he had no irons in the fire, no income and was burning through cash. But publicly everyone though he was pretty hot, being interviewed at his duplex with pool.

(10-03-2019 05:53 AM)coffeebird Wrote:  Looking for online translation work, does anybody here have experience in this field? (when it comes to pay, platform for jobs etc.)

I don't know any good sites to sell translation services. But you can use Preply to offer language lessons. You can make decent money on there if you are not in The West. For translations I've used people on Fiverr. I can't imagine they make much. You need to put in the time to build up a client based. Freelancing sites are terrible for most people with good skills, as it's difficult to differentiate between low-quality providers. I've ended up employing a few people from freelance sites. They mentioned their main staple is trying to extract good, repeat-clients off the platforms.

All my living expenses come highest bidder contextual ads (I think this is called ad binding), with some left over.
Main source of income is from an ad placement arrangement.
Then affiliate links.
Currently setting us a SaaS in beta, with some big names in the beta.
Interest from lending out money to crypto gamblers.
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10-03-2019 12:20 PM
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RE: How are you guys making $$$
I am actually getting nervous now, bc money just is not coming in, and I am using up my savings just to cover basic costs -- though I cut costs and have down graded to the most basic I can get. Most of my expenses go to the outrages high rents for accommodations.

I think many are in my situation but too proud, scared or ashamed to admit it.

Thus instead of finding real solutions we keep adding to the problems in search of quick and easy money -- which tend to make the elite only get more rich.

Fact is AI is slowly taking over all jobs. And AI is controlled by the few elite.

We are moving into a world where the few will have most of the wealth. And their goal or established system is too keep on blindly increasing.
10-04-2019 05:23 AM
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RE: How are you guys making $$$
Gentlemen - if you can't beat them then join them or at least cut them off at the pass...

AI is inevitable but at the end of the day AI is coded by human AI engineers/developers and the best AI coders are people with Actual Intelligence to be able to dev Artificial Intelligence.

In my case I found an extremely high IQ ultra-successful gentleman that looks like a Perfect Storm/Wicked Tuna Captain (which he could easily be) who likes to watch Bahston Sports over good Maduro Cigars - a few years ago I discovered in casual conversation that he is a 1% Mensa Genius Wentworth MIT trained engineer who comes at the world with the philosophy that nothing in the Universe happens as a matter of random chaos as everything moves in cycles and waves that in fact can be mathematically modeled. Long story short he runs a $100M plus trading book with a small team he trained and is in fact one of the top 5 Global Trading Strategists on the planet and has deep skills in Options, Futures, Equities, Commodities, and yes Cryptos.

He told me several years ago that it takes extended screen time to really learn and understand how all markets behave. So for the past year and a half I have been focused on documenting the market moves with intense End of Week/End of Month reviews focusing on where the market is now, where the market has come from and where the market is moving to next using over 50 confirmations in a proprietary trading methodology and maths based implementation.

So at the beginning of this review process I mentioned to him that he can't keep up a 24/7 pace forever and since this is all based upon maths with over 51 unique confirmations that this would be a great project for me to design an IEEE Software Specification to create multiple AI Engines to apply modern AI/ML/DL etc to create the world's most advanced AI Trading Engines.

I am at the point where I have written the White Paper in my mind and just need to get it into PDF form and I will be using the MIT Forum model of Tell them what you are going to do BUT NOT how to do it!

Turns out that all of us can surf in the wake of giants as both Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure are going head to head with new AI Certifications and training so AI devs can prototype and roll out solutions on their cloud platforms...


Note since the AWS Capital One hack of 100 Million fullz user accounts I do not trust any cloud platform and instead will be looking at deploying my unique and now extensive knowledge base in hybrid form using new DLT blockchain unhackable tech to implement my advanced AI Knowledge Base and Machine Learning systems in a way that is extremely hack resistant if not hack-proof...


Start Training on Machine Learning with AWS:
Dive deep into the same machine learning (ML) curriculum used to train Amazon’s developers and data scientists. We offer 30+ digital ML courses totaling 45+ hours, plus hands-on labs and documentation, originally developed for Amazon's internal use. Developers, data scientists, data platform engineers, and business decision makers can use this training to learn how to apply ML, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL) to their businesses unlocking new insights and value. Validate your learning and your years of experience in machine learning on AWS with a new certification.

News flash a lot of these are FREE online courses and can be completed quickly and then revisited for the AWS ML Certification Exam which has a very inexpensive Udemy prep course above...

Once you have these certifications with mostly free AWS training from Global Tech Giant Amazon. (Amazon knows the demand for these skills is exploding and so is making the training available online to anyone with the initiative to TAKE ACTION NOW) from AWS - similar to the AI/ML training their own SW Devs go through - upon cettification you are now a modern AI/ML knowledge unicorn who surfs ahead of the AI/ML wave rather than being wiped out by it.

Even a hideous old nuclear sea dog like me can learn new tricks.

You can thank me over a cold beer and great cigar someday when you are certified and making huge bank as a result :-)


You can thank me later...

P.S. Here is an Idea - this is the best book ever written on Business Plans which can easily be adapted to white papers for DLT projects as well...


Get the AWS AI/ML Cert above and read this book then look at the myriad companies/products/services that you know could be improved with AI/ML - write up a BP/WP for a market/products/services you have a passion for and that you can improve (I actually hate Android cell phones that do not let you move any built-in Google apps to the SD card and the fact that their built-in RAM-Hog apps always are expanding with scope and code creep forcing you to uninstall some of your favorite apps over time). A much better version of Android Mobile OS itself based on a fork of Linux could replace Android especially with an AI/ML built-in housekeeping and truly user-friendly functions not to mention privacy and security).

Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy Hardcover – July 17, 2018
by George Gilder (Author)

Then release your plan/ideas stealth WP/website (Tell them what you want to do BUT NOT HOW TO DO IT - Always keep your Trade Secrets SECRET because Success is Secrecy and Secrecy is Success) with global PR and Linked-In promotions and watch the world beat a path to your virtual AI/ML door.

Poon Slaying RVF/CH Game Principles apply as usual to all facets of life - so game on gentlemen.

Deepdiver - Nuke Boats Forever!
"You do not have to be a perfect person to be a perfect PATRIOT!"

Official Whitehouse.gov President Trump's achievements: https://www.whitehouse.gov/trump-adminis...lishments/

Communist Freaking Red China's Plan to Undermine the USA and the West:

The Naked Communists 45 Goals for the USA:
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10-04-2019 12:11 PM
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RE: How are you guys making $$$

Inferior Game + Inferior Genetics = Incel
Superior Game + Inferior Genetics = Incel

Inferior Game + Average Genetics = Friend zone
Superior Game + Average Genetics = Beta Bucks
Inferior Game + Superior Genetics = Alpha
Superior Game + Superior Genetics = Game of Life: now on EASY mode
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10-04-2019 12:25 PM
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RE: How are you guys making $$$
(10-04-2019 12:11 PM)Deepdiver Wrote:  Gentlemen - if you can't beat them then join them or at least cut them off at the pass...

AI is inevitable but at the end of the day AI is coded by human AI engineers/developers and the best AI coders are people with Actual Intelligence to be able to dev Artificial Intelligence.

Right now it looks like high level dev is silently shifting to Israel (enough high IQ people around) with Ireland turning into the multilingual operational hub, the Philippines doing English level BPO stuff at bottom dollar and India doing blue chip grunt work.

I don't think the "teach yourself to code" meme will have any validity much longer and sooner or later whites will wake up to who their true masters are when jobs are almost completely gone, the propaganda machine touts near full employment and guys dying from overdoses and suicide left and right who haven't quite realized yet that it's all bread and circuses and they should rather rise up and fight before it's too late...
10-04-2019 12:48 PM
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RE: How are you guys making $$$
I work in a large company, but I have a small salary, so I try to earn extra money wherever possible.
10-13-2019 01:54 AM
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