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Best lower back exercises
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RE: Best lower back exercises
(06-14-2012 03:57 PM)assman Wrote:  
(06-14-2012 03:48 PM)velkrum Wrote:  
assman Wrote:Reverse hypers will help strengthen your low back.
This has been one of the most effective exercises when it comes to back rehab.

Reverse hypers are also effective between sets of squats and deadlifts.
Why do reverse hypers between sets of squats or deadlifts? Is it to 'reset' the low back into extension and help avoid injury? Or more for a training effect, sort of like doing supersets for your low back?

Heavy squats and deadlifts cause your spine to compress - reverse hypers reverse this compression by pulling your spine into traction.

Other exercises which can help decompress your spine are hanging leg raises (or just hanging from straps or a bar), and heavy lat pull downs - lock your knees and let the weight on the cable decompress your spine from the other end as it pulls you up.

If you're looking to rehab your lower back the reverse hyper is a great exercise because it allows you to work the area without causing pain, which is often not possible with conventional exercises like deadlifts. Also don't forget to work on your hams, glutes and core as back pain is often a result of weakness in these areas. I've seen the best results in a long term back injury by focusing on these areas rather than the back itself.

This article gives a pretty good breakdown of the benefits of the reverse hyper. If starting out with it make sure you perform the movement under strict control initially as you can worsen an injury by going too far, you can increase your rhythm once you've got the hang of the exercise.
05-20-2016 05:42 PM
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