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What is the most valuable class to study to make more money?
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RE: What is the most valuable class to study to make more money?

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I definitely hear you on grad school econ being a different animal than undergrad econ. I actually wanted to get the math minor initially to prepare me for potentially going to grad school for econ, but at this point if I do grad school I'll do a Masters in Finance if I do anything, I think.

I guess for the time being I'll just sharpen my abilities on Excel, and work on R, and then go to SAS which I'm sure will be easy to pick up since they must be similar. Thanks for the book and class recommendations for learning VBA.

Thanks again. I'll probably have to read through your response a second time right now as it was packed with advice and sure I missed some of it the first time, haha.
07-01-2012 04:34 PM
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RE: What is the most valuable class to study to make more money?
The only classes you need to be good with money or "make more" is also the hardest one. Emotional control and networking. You can be making peanuts or making tons of $$ but still be net worth poor. See MC. Hammer, 80% of NBA basketball players etc. Having been homeless before and now doing "well" i can tell you for a fact that you will get used to any sum of money given a long enough time frame so here's the quick jist on "money managing and networking/emotional control"

1. Never spend more than you make. You will have a month or two where a crisis happens, you break a bone, you lose a tooth, you get in a car accident, you have to help a family member pay for meds. The list goes on. If you break this rule, you'll eventually get smashed you're playing roulette with your financial security. Debt then becomes you savior for the one time event and good night to your hard work.
2. Lump sums. If you get a large cash in flow say increases your bank account by 20-30%... Immediately put this inot a 3 month treasury bill. Why? You'll be on an emotional high and spend it for no reason. Lock it up for a few months in some fashion so you'll come back to reality as you realize no one else in the world knows you just cashed in and you'll now see that money as being "lost" when u spend it.
3. Multiple Streams of Income. This is much much harder to do than is touted on here by lots of guys. There is a lot of luck, a lot of skill, a lot of hard work and again a lot of luck. If you can monetize anything beyond a single job attempt to rely solely on one stream. This is similar to a marriage where you use one person's income to live your life and the second person's income to stack capital.

Those 3 are emotional control.
Networking is simply this... Be actionable. While everyone in college "worries" about getting a job or "worries about how to interview" you should do the opposite. Apply to thousands of jobs, get something on your resume. Get any experience related to your field. When people see more experience they assume you can get a job somewhere. Jobs are no different than women. When you have a lot of options people want to hire you faster because they think they "got" someone better. Finally, this also puts you in contact with a lot more people, people that matter. The dude who just gets straight A's is not to be feared. The guy who gets damn near straight A's but rarely shows up, gets hammered, parties in a frat, works a part time job... Yeah fear that guy, and be that guy.

Hope that helps.
07-01-2012 05:27 PM
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