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The Approach Thread
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RE: The Approach Thread
(08-22-2019 12:26 AM)Slim Reaper Wrote:  ^^^^
Something tells me you're not going to be around much longer

08-23-2019 03:34 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
Yesterday I went out for "a few quiet drinks". Ended up staying out till 3am and getting rejected for a threesome.

Approach #1: I was at a bar that I used to work at, having a few drinks and talking shit with the bartenders. A girl came up to the bar, next to were I was sitting, to order a drink. She had a Spanish accent, so I opened her by asking where she was from (Argentina, it turns out). We started chatting for a few minutes, then her group of friends (probably wondering why their friend was taking so long to get back with their drinks) came over to us. There were four girls in the group in total. I started talking with all of them, doing my best to charm the whole group while still hitting on the Argentinian girl, but it was just too much work for an introvert like myself. The set was clearly going nowhere, so I bailed.

Approach #2: I left the bar and hit the street to do some gutter game (it was probably midnight at this point). I approached a girl who was sitting by herself smoking a cigarette. She was a 21-year-old uni student with a hippy vibe about her. She mentioned that she was having a really bad night: she had just got in a huge fight with her friends because she kissed a boy who was dating one them. I told her that I was on my way to a bar and she should join me for a drink.

'It sounds like you need one.' I added.

She agreed and we were off. We stopped at a street corner on the way to the bar and we started making out heavily. I could feel that she had an amazing body. It was looking like it was on like Donkey Kong, then one of her roommates rang her...

'Hey, where are you right now?'

'I'm with some guy I just met, we're going to a bar!'


The roommate, assuming I was some kind of rapist or serial killer, kept ringing and messaging my girl and telling her to come home ASAP.

Set ruined.

Approach #3: After that I decided to go to the casino. I had a few too many vodka sodas and lost a bit of money on the roulette table. I checked my phone and I was shocked to discover that it was 3am. It was definitely time to call it a night. I left the casino and was making my way home when I noticed a pair of stunning girls walking down the street. One was blonde and one was a brunette. They were both tall and skinny, and absolutely gorgeous. I opened them by asking them if they were from Melbourne. Nope, turns out they were from London. I chatted with them for a bit, then I asked them what they were up to...

'Probably just going home,' one of them said.

'Hey, so this is random, but I've got some wine at my place, and I live just up the the street from here. Do you both want to come and join me for a cheeky drink?' I asked.

'Haha, then what do you think is going to happen? Do you expect us to have threesome with you?' The blonde asked.

'Have you guys ever had a threesome before?' I replied, dodging the question.

'Haha, look at the balls on this guy!' The blonde said, turning to her friend.

'We have, but we're not having one with you,' the brunette shot back.

'Maybe if you were more fit,' she added.

So I wished them a good night, then continued on my with my pilgrimage.
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08-29-2019 01:30 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
So back in Edinburgh. A place of dark skies, wind and rain. Can you ask for more?

I went for a stroll, to see what's out there. As usual, not much. Or, rather, to be more specific, vast emptiness. It is as if Edinburgh is a magnet to antithesis of femininity, slimness, prettiness.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my walk. Then, on Royal Mail, I got approached by a girl. She was smiling and asked if she could buy me a coffee. It transpired she was with two other girls, all tourists. They wanted pictures with me. I obliged. They were very excited. They made me feel like a god.

"Are you Scottish?"
"You're handsome."
"You like like an actor."

As a matter of fact, I was invited that day for a casting for Fast & Furious 9 but that wouldn't matter anyway. What mattered was it made me feel like a hot girl in a bar at 11pm on a Saturday night out. A hot girl having an experience on a weekly basis I have once a year, maybe.

After a couple minutes I bid them farewell. Too bad they were all ugly.
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09-02-2019 03:22 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
(08-25-2019 10:21 AM)pravda Wrote:  
(07-07-2019 07:13 PM)pravda Wrote:  Can anyone suggest a good area to live in as fresh 22 year old college grad. I work in mid-town, and am currently crashing with a friend in new jersey. My budget is $1300 max for a room. I just saw a room in bushwick today and while the apartment was nice the area was a bit of shithole, but I didn't really explore the area while there.

I've finally settled into my place; don't want to say where but its in a good spot in Brooklyn.

Yesterday I didn't have any plans so I figured I'd explore the city rather than staying at home doing nothing. I went to central park and walked around a bit, but got bored so I then went to Union Park.

Part of the reason why I chose Union Park is because its apparently a good daygame spot. So I sat down on the steps and people watched/bitched out of making approaches. Eventually I saw some girl just standing around looking at her phone begging to be approached, so I said fuck it and went for it.

Told her she looked pretty and she was very receptive and during the convo she said she was figuring out what to do next, because she just finished some shopping. That was the perfect opening for an insta-date so we went to grab coffee and came back to the park.

We sat on some benches to chat and at one point we were staring at each other with our faces about several inches a part and she leaned in expecting a kiss. I'm not a fan of pda so didn't go for it and joked "is the part where i'm supposed to kiss you now?", but I went in for kiss a couple minutes later and we made out for a little bit and talked some more.

Asked her if she had plans that night and she said no, so I set up a date.

After the first bar we bounced to a more loungey/romantic place and then went back to my place.

Got my first notch in nyc from a same day lay which I wasn't expecting at all, it was my first daygame approach in nyc as well.

I haven't done daygame in a while so I def have approach anxiety, but I feel like daygame works best for my style of game.

Excited for what nyc has to offer.

I posted this in the nyc thread; figured you guys would appreciate it.
09-02-2019 06:05 PM
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