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The Approach Thread
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RE: The Approach Thread
(04-06-2017 05:51 AM)JWLZG Wrote:  SNIP

Ran into Sydney chick again. Today was proving pretty fruitless initially as I'd missed out on a couple of approaches. I was heading back into a building on campus towards the escalators, and saw her descending them from the opposite direction.

"C____!" I called out.

She reacted positively. I waited at the bottom and she moved towards me. Her mood was a bit more bubbly, more so than Tuesday (considering we'd been drinking!), and acted like we hadn't seen each other in years. Again, I didn't call her out on her ghosting.

I moved us to one side and we rambled a bit about what we'd been up to(?!?), propelled mostly by her, and I tried to inject a bit more fun into our conversation to match hers. She mentioned she does salsa and that she's got a performance coming up soon, saying,"Hope that all goes well!" Crossing her fingers on both hands.
To which I responded something along the lines of,"Make sure I show up so that you put on your best performance!"
At one point, for a fractal second, I craned my head to catch sight of a tall, skinny blonde walking ahead of us. Ooops.
We were talking about travel and I used that to segue into a "Let's talk about that over wine on Sunday."
Although her response was similar to Tuesdays,"I should be free on Sunday....", she did mention that her last paper was going to be next Tuesday.
To be fair, she did mention that she's got heaps of assignments due until Sunday night. I told her I'd text her later today.
She said she was on her way to grab coffee, should I have been bothered by the fact that she didn't ask me to join her? We were heading in opposite ways, and anyway, I had a really important email to send.

(04-06-2017 07:13 AM)ksbms Wrote:  A bit too long to read the whole thing through but my overall impression is that whereas rapport building was good, not enough attraction (push) building and spiking? Too many guys she's had a conversation like that with. could've toyed with her:

"you seem like a bad girl",
"you're too young for me",
"you'd look sexy if you dressed better",
"is there anything going for you apart from studying and partying",

touch her hand, her arm, her hair, poke the side of her belly, be a truculent cad. Talk about things girls can relate to via emotions - playing music, dancing, acting, etc. Connect emotionally. Keep strong, sexual eye-contact and don't be afraid to take risks and lose the set (ironically, your chances would be better).

I sit at uni cafés and most guys engage girls in a very mundane chat - be the exciting guy who increases her heart beat. Talk about other people around you and show your social acuity. Girls like talking about other people.

Having said that, if your looks where exactly what she was after, you could've had probably the most mundane conversation, and still get her out.

You've brought it up previously and I'll take it on board. I've been advised not to be too "gamey" when approaching on campus. I'm not sure what works best for you, and I think I took that guy's word too literally, so I'll try to use both styles. I can pull ofd the truculent cad character I reckon. The line I bolded is ballsy though.
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RE: The Approach Thread
In Poland right now. Went out with D_Hzy and did 11 approaches. No numbers but positive experience. One immediate rejection but it was because my approach turned out kind of creepy as I did not do it right.

It has been a big fear of mine to approach girls and I feel like I'm working on getting used to it.
04-10-2017 01:04 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
So I'm sitting reading Quintus' On Duties and I see the hottest girl all year. I do better with the hotter ones, so I approach.

I warm her and get her attention immediately by the strength of my opener and then suggesting she come to see the hawk's nest nearby. This puts her in my frame. After teasing her a bit using On Duties (obligations to family, because she was supposed to be with her mother cooking), I transition into stuff that's more interesting to girls, namely, psychology and persuasion. I've found that my education in this topic especially last year hasn't only translated into better interactions, but it's just interesting to talk about by itself, especially for girls. This parlays into the book I wrote (which I bring as a prop). Even though it's Trump-related, every girl receives it positively because I'm talking about the subject in a way they haven't heard before - namely psychology/persuasion and not politics. Having a book is an incredibly big status item, I've found, no matter how small. We've been taught that authors have status. I used a compliance test, joking that she first has to "swear she won't get triggered," which she did.

After talking about social media from a marketing (good) and then social (bad) perspective (I joke about how she uses Instagram to sucker beta males), we talk about her life as well. She's a 21 year old bartender part time but wants to do architecture/interior design. After joking about automation and flitting back and forth between us, I jokingly mention the slogan I'd use if I were running for mayor, which bulges her eyes out so I know it hooked. Laugh I ask her if she wants to sit down (as a way to test frame and we'd been standing for around 30 minutes). In hindsight, I should've pulled out something from Unlimited Selling Power and said "aren't your feet a bit tired?" Anyway, She says she needs to go soon, which has me wondering if I'm in trouble, but then asks "what was your name again?"

That made me know I had my hook, at least, as all experienced guys know, in that moment.

I get her number (though I regret I asked her and didn't say something like "you seem cool. I want to get a drink with you, let's do it instead), walk with her to the end of the road, hug and part.

I wonder if I should do the hugs at the end, but who knows. My content/ramble is improving for sure. What I think I need to work on is getting more sexual, particularly in her case because she stood a bit too far away for me to touch her more than once (after positioning her to see the hawk's nest).

Overall, the approach was great. The only thing that would've made it better is if we could have seen good old Pale Male flying. Wonder if I should text tonight or tomorrow (since she mentioned the dinner thing).

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RE: The Approach Thread
So I'm in San Antonio this weekend for a stag and I think I'm getting closer to breaking through. Had one of my better night game sets in a long time:

We were at a bar in the Saint Mary strip I was definitely waay over dressed in my custom blazer at this type of bar/area (younger crowd, hoochies etc). I'm dressing down tonight but I still stood out because I dressed so sharpy and EVERYONE looked like a scrub. some girl who was selling/promoting something (6.5/10 white chick) approached us asking if we smoke. I basically trolled her the whole time with a smirk/smile on my face having fun.

All my friends said no:

Me: "I only smoke Meth"

Her: "hahaha no way! your teeth are too perfect! and your suit is so nice"

Me: "these are screw ons. this isn't a suit. it's a damn custom blazer. I actually smoke and deal. You know, make a bit of money, take a hit"

I can't remember the exact details of the convo as I said a lot of BS but here's what I remember:

me: "so what exactly are you trying to sell us here?"

her: "well cigarettes. we're actually not allowed to sell you anything but we can give you coupons!"

Me: *said very seriously* "does it look like I need coupons?? I told you already, I deal meth so I'm balling"

the two other guys in the group engaged her in convo and I was in and out. Then she started telling us that she's a trainwreck - she has a breathalyzer to start her car because of a DUI, she's with her bf for 6 years but it's not going well.

I interjected and said: "wow you're really here to tell us all your problems eh?' I asked her how high she blew and shes said 0.13 (LOL) and i gave her a disgusted look at her.

After that, I told her that I had to share her a secret. I told her that I'm asian and as such, I eat I eat dog. We played along with that for a bit. I said I raise them and all the love makes them taste extra juicy. She said she volunteers and works with dogs so I said we're a perfect pairing because she could smuggle the dogs to me and I can cook them. She laughed and agreed.

At this point, my friends were slowly getting out of the convo and I moved next to her and started kinoing. Pulled her in a bit close here and there to talk into her ear.

Then I did a compliance test. Told her that there's too much smoke in this area and to come with me. I took her hand and walked away from the group about 10 ft. She asked me how old I am. I told her 45. She told me shut up there's no way I"m that old (I'm early 30s) and I said it's because of the Asian gene. She told me to show her my driver's license and I said that I can't do that because i don't trust her. We went back and forth a bit on this jokingly and I pretended to be really mad that she doubted me and she laughed and said "YOU'RE NOT EVEN MAD! YOU'RE SMILING!" I told her it's because of the meth.

I asked her if she's hispanic and she said she's really disappointed because she's 99% white or whatever and 1% something else. I said that's why I'm not attracted to her because I was hoping to hit on some hot mexican girls [PUSH/DISQUALIFY]. My group friends decided to leave to the next bar so one of us came over to tell me. I stayed with her.

A few min later, she said something else and I said that's why we're so attracted to each other [PULL]. I said I'm only in town for 2 more nights and asked her what she's doing tonight. She said she had to go home to her bf. I told her that's lame because she doesn't even like him. I then said we should hang out tomorrow or sunday. She said Sunday probably works. I got her number.

I pulled her in a bit and she complied but asked if I was trying to make out with her. I said of course not. Then I told her that I needed to find my friends and that she should walk me out of the bar and to the corner and she agreed.

ON the street corner I pulled her in and tried to make out with her. She laughed and said she can't do this on the street because she has a bf and does'nt want to be a hoe. She playfully said I'm crazy but didn't put up any physical barriers and stayed in the convo.

I then had to deal with some cock blocks she tried to promote shit to earlier in the night. 2 dudes came to talk to us and I engaged them and befriended them and eventually they left after a few min of talking and it was just her and I.

I tried to kiss her again and she said she would if she didn't have the bf. Said that even though she's not happy, she can't be a hoe. I said we should hang out and she agreed.

I fully do not expect that we will hang out.



1. I'm getting there. Night game is such a different beast as you have to be way more high energy, way more trolling, way more physical. My trolling game and making up ludicrous stories is getting better.

2. I likely will need more calibration going forward. This was a fun interaction and we were vibing but I suspect it may be too much. I read that she was a party hoe so I upped the asshole game but I wouldn't do this much with less of a party hoe.

3. What I think I lacked in the process with her was COMFORT. I'm sure I attracted her plenty.

4. Those unaware of game are awful with chicks. There's 7 of us and all of the dudes have gfs/wives except. 2 of them are good looking tall white guys and one of those guys just killed with chicks before ending up with his fiancee. He basically did nothing in his prime but would still bang hot chicks. They're basically paralyzed not being able to talk to chicks at all (one guy with us can because he can just keep talking but everyone else no).

I approached a group of 8 at the beginning of the night. Early mid 20s with the hottest girls of the area expecting these guys to at least engage with them. The one guy who can keep talking was able to but he dropped off. The other 2 guys at the time were afraid to sit at the table!

They all thought I had amazing game especially after seeing me vibe and kino that 6.5 cigarette promoter but I told them that my game isn't good at all.

I mean it sucks that my buddy was able to pull hot chicks just being a good looking white guy with zero game and I need like god mode game as an Asian guy but such is life. I think I'm getting closer and will keep on plugging away.
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RE: The Approach Thread
A barrenland, a pussy wasteland, a no man's land. Scotland, it is. Students and tourists are life-blood of the city. As the semester time is over, and tourist peak season still ahead, I can wander around town for hours before a good-looking girl will appear. A major time-sink, making each set a precious one. A stateless game is required, anyone relaying on being in state before approaching will be gravely disappointed. For solo-dg a zen like attitude and patience in spades necessary. On Friday I did only one set and the same happened on Saturday - one set only.

On Friday I ventured to a museum, saw a girl sauntering towards the exit, she stopped next to a leaflet section but there was a guy on one side and a mum on the other, so just waited around looking at stuff. She left, I followed her up for a bit, then front-stopped on the street. She had her headphones on but seemed amenable for a conversation with a stranger. A Spaniard, very tastefully dressed, tallish, slim, a looker. No go. Visiting her sister working in Edinburgh.

On Saturday spotted a girl who clearly was a tourist. A tall tale signs - backpack, map, slow pace and looking around. Waited for the right moment following her up for a bit, then realised she walked towards museum, thus decided to open in a museum for a change. A bit of a mistake because I lost her inside and it was busy. Got to an upper balcony to get bird's eye-view, finally saw her on the ground floor, went down to lose her again. Was pissed at myself didn't approach on a street as too much time invested on my side. Then saw her again sitting at the pedestal of a statue, however next to her were sitting other people. To kill time chatted two Asians out of boredom, then looked towards the tourist again and she was gone! Never take your eyes off the target. Found her again going downstairs towards the exit (there are two big exit sections) and lost her again! Thought she'd leave the museum so waited outside, otherwise could lose her as both exit sections were too far away from each other to keep eye on both. Finally, she did exit the museum, thus followed her again. Fuck me, it was a detective game, than anything else, by now. So crossed the street, got ahead of her, u-turned, and did actually my first ever, head-on, front open.

The girl, as I was coming up to her, put her sunglasses on. Stopped her, told her I saw her earlier on and what drew my attention was that she was the only person wearing hat I saw today, despite warm and sunny day. Told her to take her sunglasses off so I could see her eyes. She complied nicely. I had a good chat with her, a German girl, not a looker, but a cutie, with sexy, toned body, doing internship in Glasgow, just visiting for a day. Touched her hat, then her forearm, she seemed relaxed, nice chat but it felt she wasn't interested, pupils small, though she smiled and seem to enjoy our tete-a-tete. Proposed to have a walk towards the Calton Hill, she declined being too tired. Actually, we had quite a few things in common. Sporty girl, told her her legs were nice. Eventually she dropped boyfriend back in hometown. Pushed anyway for a coffee, said I'd text her in six months time as things change, but she was adamant she wouldn't do that to her boyfriend of many years. We chatted a bit more, then bid her adieu. I could clearly see she enjoyed it. Perhaps a girls who was interested, but not available or just not that into me?

2017 stats:
Approaches: 31
Dates: 5
Lays: 0

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. -- Mike Tyson
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RE: The Approach Thread
A recap of San Antonio:

The city:

Although we had fun because of the guys we were with, I do not recommend going here with the exception of "Fiesta" week which locals tell me gets pretty crazy. The "city" is small and the vibe is that of a "sleepy" town. There simply just isn't a lot of good looking women here.



I didn't dedicate time to game because I was spending time with my buddies but I did approach a decent number of girls and was all around very social. Granted, this is very easy if you're with a lot of people and you don't fear social repercussion because you're in a different city but I think this shows I have the tools necessary to thrive with game.

I did not pull but did have a few good reference experiences:

Pulled out of the club, tried to pull back to hotel:

6/10 latino chick probably late 20s/early 30s:

We were at the Pearl district during the day (a more upscale area for drinks) and I had left to my hotel to go get changed. I came back an hour later and 2 of my buddies were talking to 2 broads - one of which was the latino chick. I must say that despite what I said the other day, a few of them can hold convos with chicks especially after some liquid courage.

I walked over to them to tell my buddies that we should get going for the Spurs game. He introduced me to the chick and the chick said: "OMG LOOK HOW WELL HE (I'm) DRESSED!" and talked about my shoes etc. I didn't really engage much as we were heading off. A few of my buddies got her number and they said we would meet up with her and her friends later at a bar.

After the game, one of the guys was texting her trying to get them to meet up and I asked for her number and sent her a shirtless selfie. I told her we would catch up later with them.

My friends were drinking at a bar and her friends were at some other bar. I wasn't drinking at that point so I decided to walk over to where she was at do some recon.

I met the group of her female friends and it was one of their bday's. I was high energy and gave the bday girl a hug and introduced myself to everyone.

The original girl then told me to bring my friends along and she said to me:

"btw, I didn't want to say this to everyone or lead anyone on but I wanted to tell you that I'm interested in you, not your friends. I played it cool and said I would go back with my friends and we'd join them later.

Soon after, half of my group came over to the bar where this girl and here friends were. This is where I started to pull.

We chatted for a bit. I pulled her to the side to sit down. We chatted about some stuff which I can't recall. I then said it's loud in here so let's walk outside, look at the river walk and chat. Had some typical token resistance.

Her: "I can't leave my friends!"

Me: "I can't leave mine either!"

Her: "But I need to hang out with them!"

Me: "We'll get some fresh air and be back in 10 min. Promise"

Her:" ok, we can get some food"

At this point, I thought the pull was going to happen.

We stood across the street to chat and look at the river. I wanted to play some comfort game but I think this might have screwed me a bit. Unfortunately, she brought up her mom who got really sick and that may or may not have killed the mood a bit. It was an unavoidable topic I gave her a hug.

I told her that we should quickly sneak away and grab a drink in my hotel and I had a great view overlooking the Alamo. She said she can't do that. I tried to fight through it saying we'd be back in 20 min etc etc but she wouldn't budge. The positive about this is that I didn't come across as needy. We made out a little bit but I didn't do too much based on my previous experiences and not wanting to come across as needy. We talked about going for a daytime date for an hour the next day but it never happened (she was busy with Easter stuff all day blah blah blah). Throughout this interaction, she kept telling me how "handsome" and "cute" I am and how I know that I am. I played it off and said I'm shy. One of the other guys did shoot me in the foot earlier because she said to me: "one of your friends warned me about you... he told me you're a horny asian guy." I managed to diffuse that somewhat by saying there's nothing wrong with being attracted to a gorgeous Latina and then I changed the subject. I'm guessing that really activated her ASD.


- Either some of these chicks are weird or my city hates Asian dudes. Despite not being a 6'2" typical dreamy white guy, based on some of the reactions I was getting, I'm at least a decent looking guy with great stuff. I'm going to just start thinking and acting that I'm a hot guy or at least "good enough." No more limiting beliefs.

- Didn't seal the deal but was great reference experience. I can't control outcomes but I think that I was making the right plays, countering the typical resistance well and in the long run, the outcomes should turn out in my favor.

- It was great seeing my friends' faces when they saw me pull her out of the club so quickly.


A strong approach:

Soon after the this latino chick, I walked out of the current bar and saw a cute red head walking towards me with 3 of her friends. These were good looking girls. I eye fucked her, she made prolonged eye contact. I walked straight to her and took her hand:

Me: "Omg, I love, who are you" *I was holding her hand the whole time giving her super strong eye contact*

Turns out she's from Ohio and out of town with one of her friends to visit the other 2. I can't remember what was said after but we talked for a min or two before me taking her back to her friends and saying

Me: "so it is true about what they say about red heads?"

her friends asked what do they say

Me: "that they have no soul" *shit eating smile*

her friends laughed and teased her about being a ginger. I then said or maybe it's the firey temperament but that's why I'm so attracted to their friend. Her friends were quite impressed with me at this point.

They then walked with me to the club my friends were and I held the red head's hand leading her downstairs. I introduced them to my friends and then pulled the red-head away from everyone to chat.

The convo kind of started dying off after a few min and I couldn't keep the momentum going. I tried to get her to dance with me no dice. Then I said fuck it and went to kiss her and got denied. She then said she has a bf of 6 years. Led her back to her friends and that was that.


- Nothing big happened but I'm happy that my approach was so strong and I was able to get that far into the interaction. 99.99999% of dudes can not even fathom approach a 4 set like how I did.

- If I build upon this, get the reps in, keep improving, good things will happen.


Social approach:

In the early afternoon we were having some tacos at some place off the beaten path and said a doctor with an 8.5/10 Columbian woman. We then saw them later that evening at a bar in a completely different area and I decided to talk to them.

The 3 of us chatting for a good 30 min and then my buddy joined in. Eventually I told them that we're getting food and they should join us. She kept saying how fancy I'm dressing and how handsome I am - in front of her doctor boyfriend!

We sat down and had dinner but I didn't pay her much attention nor was I really trying to be a douche about things. I kept talking up the Dr. that she was with just trying to be social and make friends.

Eventually she sat next to me at the dinner both after getting up to go to the washroom and she was being a bit flirty so I decided to go into a bit of game mode with the eye contact and spiced up the convo a bit. I think she knew what I was doing and then she eventually went a feel degrees cooler. Doesn't matter though. At the end, she then said my buddy was her favorite and I refused to give her a hug as they left. I don't respect girls who flirt with other dudes when they're taken.


Main takeways:

- Despite my struggles over the past bit, I think I'm close to breaking through. Progress will have peaks and troughs so I need to make sure I keeping pushing through during the next wave of "failures."

- It seems that my game is at least "ok" but there's a ton of things to iron out and mid game/closing seems to be my weak point. Need more reps and reference experience.

- I think I am "good enough" and just need to believe this.
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RE: The Approach Thread
Went for a little hike after work. A good looking young blond was coming from opposite direction. We said hello but I was slow to come up with an opener so I opened my mouth when she was passing and her back was towards me.

Hey, you look like a tiger prowling the trail.
Oh thank you.

Just that. I should have waited after "hey" for her to turn back and beckoned her to stop and come forward. I keep forgetting that I should deliver the opener while making eye contact. Didn't have a good follow up either.

I think arousal is an integral part of a successful approach but my libido has decreased.

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RE: The Approach Thread
I deliberately sat in front of 7 today at the metro. She was wearing fake snake-skin looking sneakers.
She just stared at her phone the whole trip and just looked at me and gave no IOI, resting bitch face. I wasn't going to approach but turned out she dropped at the same station as me. After walking out the train, I dropped first and waited for her to reach me so she is slightly on my side and behind. I look back:

me: hey nice shoes
her: *laughs* thanks!
me: i guess you didn't kill a snake for that right?
her: *giggles* no! I haven't killed any
me: ok now you must drag down the stairs too (we were walking down to the same direction)
her: *laughs* maybe i should
me: i should have been at work at 9 and it's 10h40 (lied, i should be at 11)
her: *giggles* oh my god you are so late
me: are you going to work as well?
her: yes i work right over there.
me: i suppose you are german then
her: yes and you?
me: I am brazilian.
her: really? wow how long have you lived here?
me: 11 months (it is actually 9 but the longer the better with locals)
her: nice I am actually from munich.
her: do you speak german? because my english isn't very good.
me: yeah i speak a little but it's early in the morning (in german)
her: haha ok so you speak german and i speak english ok?
her: i am a hair dresser.
me: so now I know someone that can make my hair looks better
her: noo i like your hair, it is very nice (i have long curly hair)
me: you seem nice let's exchange contacts to hanging out sometime?
her: yes sure

She showed a lot of IOI by laughing, giggling and smiling all the time. She also had the puppy eyes and as we walked she bumped her body into mine sometimes as if feeling comfortable. I will text her next week.
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RE: The Approach Thread
Went to a local bar about 2 weeks ago, made chit-chat with a younger blonde chick behind the bar.
I met my female friend there that likes football, she's a bit older than me but has a great figure and would be regarded as quite attractive, an 8 I guess.
We watched the game and stayed for several hours, My hot friend tells me that the bar chick I've been talking with is interested in me! Yeah ... nah. I don't make an approach but keep up the banter with her, eye contact, jokes and talking. When we leave my hot friend waves goodbye to her but I just walked out with her following me.

Fast forward two weeks, I feel like I should go back in there and talk to her. I walk in dressed very well for the time of day. Tailored long sleeve shirt, suit pants and leather shoes amongst a sea of t-shirts, jeans and sneakers on fans about to watch the football at a nearby stadium.

She recognises me immediately and says Hey! when she recognises me, she wants to talk and remembers my beer order.
We talk a bit but the bar is busy and she has to serve other people in another section of the bar. It's much busier than when I got to talk to her the previous time.

I spoke about my exam, she was enthuisiastic, displaying IOI's but the conversation fell flat and she had to go as the bar was busy. I realised my game sucks and I need to be much bolder!
The good thing was I was dressed well, didn't stay long and displayed high value and social proof by being with an attractive female before.

While I was drinking I catch her looking at me from afar and give her a smile which she returned.
I was dressed like that as I was on the way to an engagement party at another place.

I need to go back there, flirt and then ask her out for a drink when it's not so busy.
The situation will dictate whether I spend a couple of hours there building conversation or just go in there for a drink and ask her for her number but continue via SMS.


Last night at a friend's engagement party. Talking with a group of friends, a blonde woman approaches indirectly and begins asking all sorts of questions to me and about me.
We have great banter, a few exchanges back and forth. I keep it light and breezy, engaging everyone in the group. She makes moves to sit/stand closer to me and I notice she is wearing a wedding ring. After a while I mention that she is playing with her hair a lot! I mock her and look her straight in the eye while smiling and she looks at the ground.

Not sure what I could have done better here, I noticed it and made fun of her but in front of friends she wouldn't be able to do anything . AND I don't think I'm the kind of guy that wants to pursue married women.

At the same party, a woman who is slightly older tells me we should meet up during the week, that she has a lot of spare time now, having been made redundant. She has prompted me to keep in touch a number of times now over the past few months.
I need to figure out how to make this one into a plate. Working from catching up, building comfort, to dates and casual sex.

I need to work on displaying my sexual intent during conversation more!
04-23-2017 08:38 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
Fear & Loathing in Edinburgh

On Friday, I went with my mates to a number of bars in the Old Town. Nowhere was good. From trashy, chubby, full of tats and piercings, goth girls to entitled plain-Janes to unattractive tourists in dive bars and clubs pretending to be more than they were, and all of them swimming in the sea of of horny men (I think that the ratios were as bad as 80% of men in one or two places, we visited and bailed out immediately), we indeed, visited some hellish to purgatory venues allowing "men and women" meet and enjoy themselves. Which, in reality, is only about giving men little to nothing apart from a piss poor promises, empty wallets, and hangovers the day after. The Old Town for going out is a trap, an antinomy of a word 'paradise', a phantasmagoric and utopian dream which, in reality transpires as a dystopian joke of what a sexual market should look like.

Next day, I hit the streets on Friday and failed spectacularly with my first set. Saw a girl 8+ looks and failed to approach immediately, followed up a bit, then she just dissolved in the crowd. Fuck me. I went to store selling everything and nothing (aka tkmaxx), opened 2-set of Frenchies, though of Portugal background. Visiting, girls had decent faces but bodies, upon closer inspection, below my acceptance. They were giving me nothing, no questions asked. Girls these days have very poor social skills. Bailed out.

Went to Zara, then saw a girl leaving the store. Tall, slim, nice face but not beautiful, however she moved like a model, yet with causalosexy ease. Approached her in M&S. Didn’t make a great play, especially that she was taller than me (though without boots she would almost as tall as me), Latvian, visiting her boyfriend in Edinburgh.

Later on ended up on Royal Mile, saw a girl with a book sitting, couldn’t figure out if she was a tourist, waiting for a friend(s)/family, or something else? She just moved in for her internship. A Portuguese chick with a sexy choker and nice hair. Good chat, was smiling, welcoming body language but then she said her boyfriend was going the next day away for business to another country. Ignored, stacked, suggested coffee, she seemed keen. Asked about logistics, she was about to go to a Scottish museum. Sent a feeler a few hours later. No reply. Oh, well.

Was late, walked down the main street, then spotted a girl with dark features recording on her mobile an older guy playing a guitar. Followed her up a bit, crossed the street, and opened with her just doing that and how few people pay attention to street musicians playing classical music. Girl was Moroccan, very apprehensive at the beginning, had to be very cautious and build rapport and comfort first, rather than any attraction. Slowly reeled her in, then introduced myself, extended my hand for a handshake to be met with… empty air. Felt rock solid, kept extended my hand, then just calmly told her to take my hand. She did but it was the faintest half-handed handshake I’ve ever experienced. Also, she kept quite a bit of physical distance. Suggested we walk up a bit towards Royal Mile, she agreed. As time went by, she seemed to grow more comfortable. Travelling around Europe, just in Edinburgh for the day and next morning leaving for the Highlands. I was going out that night but started to ponder SDL. Impossible, she said she didn’t sleep 2 days and was tired and wanted to go back to her place. However, at some point during this impromptu quasi-idate, something must have occurred to her, she told me to take her contact details and that she may return to Edinburgh in a few days’ time. When we were parting, she stood a bit close but still awkwardly further than it would be normal for me whilst picking up strangers. Broke the fourth wall and commented on that, she said it was normal in her culture. Again, shook her hand, still it was not real one, told her to redo that, and this time it was proper. I guess this got quite a bit to do with Arabic culture. A good looking girl, no less than 7, perhaps 8 but she was wearing rather loose clothes, however the outline of her hands suggested nice, slender body. Also, her head and hair were covered. I will not hold my breath I’ll see her again. I messaged her anyway...

Ended up in an upscale bar with some gamesmen, not much happened apart from that my mate brought over to the small table we occupied two chicks. He worked the blonde, I brunette studying acting in England, she seemed keen, got her touching me a lot but I wasn’t just attracted. Not only she was taller than me, she wasn’t just up there in looks. Had a lots of common with her, would consider maybe as a back up option. My mate leaves for a bit, then blonde’s male ‘friend’ joins, we bail as my mate got blonde’s number anyway and I didn’t fancy the brunette that much anyway. Not much else happened that night but was cool hanging with guys who know what they’re doing.

On our way back home my mate, between us taking a piss in the bushes, passing drunk people, wiling police car, more shit-faced people, beggars, screaming chavs, talked to a few tipsy chicks but they were no quality and that keen anyway and we ended up at the chippy where we were, whilst goring on undersalted chips, to our surprise entertained but two sexy, slavic, long-legged girls who were more than happy to join us for an after-party at my mate's, whose condo was just across the street.

No, just kidding. In reality we did get entertained by two girls at a chippy with one, substantial, difference: one girl was fat, the other was fatter, to the point I couldn't make out her eyes and lips from the rolls of fat on her face. To be fair, the girls were funny in their own way. Then they left, we finished our chips, shook hands, and I went home musing if what has just occurred was a bad, bad dream of fear & loathing in Edinburgh and how can women in this country destroy themselves as much as they do when it comes to their physical appearance to start with?

Next day spontaneously approached a Slovakian chick sitting on a bench, she was just about to make a call. Weak, undirected approach but better just say something than regret. She almost immediately shot me down she was waiting for a boyfriend. Have a nice day.

My mate texts that the girl whom he approached the day before, wants to have a coffee date but as a double date. That doesn’t sound good but whatever. I have some 45 minutes, walk up towards Royal Mile, spot a reasonably looking girl, nothing special, she enters the Kirk (Church of Scotland), I follow up, takes me a few minutes before I clock her, she’s wandering rather slowly, open low-key, Spaniard on a business trip, all Sunday and Monday planned, rather impossible logistics but push forward, though no-go. Girl (businesswoman?) was flattered. Was almost time for the double date.

I arrive, my mate is sitting in a café with both chicks, both Polish. If you think that all Polish chicks are hot, you’re mistaken. His target was a bona fide 7, though I’d say in Warsaw, Poland, she’d be downgraded to 6-6.5 at best. Her female friend, visiting her, heh, chubb-ish 4.5? Shoot the shit for 30 minutes, then the girls ‘had to catch’ the bus. My mate’s girl was having none of it. Clearly, defensive body language, no eye-contact. So, the girl is just so-so, her job is high-flying selling tickets at the box office so my mate’s being good-looking, tall, having well-paid job, fully independent, with two degrees, having just bought an apartment in a city-centre, good social skills and confidence to boot… is subpar. Sixes these days will not toy with the idea of acting pleasant, courteous, and making a conversation unless you are… actually, what? My mate had to attend some business soon, so returned to a solo day game session.

As I got a sandwich in M&S, spotted a fine Indian girl, sexy tight jeans on a sexy slender body, leather biker jacket, raven black hair, and fine proportions. Face was nice too. Perhaps an 8. How not to approach? There was one problem though. She was with her mum, dad, sister, and some other family member. Hmm… Or get blown or blown out? Waited for the moment, she meandered just a bit away from family to another isle, just ten feet away but it was enough for me. Well, I harboured a modicum of hope she lived in Edinburgh and family was visiting or something. Fat chance. All family on a holiday trip from India. Anyway, talked to her a bit, mum definitely saw me talk to her, liked the mum she didn’t intervene. Ended up saying to her, a 20-22 years old student, that well, nothing was going to happen between us for obvious reasons. She just smiled, thanked, and nodded knowingly.

Paced a bit to another part of town, got into Tesco to get water, clocked a petite girl with rather a plain face but a very tight body and great ass. Before had time to approach she went to the check-out section, got her just outside the door, opened creatively how many things we had in common – she bought the same mineral water, I also pointed out other items she bought that I purchase. A Spanish student, transitioned to how I liked her eyes and how it matched her hair. She seemed flattered, I was really relaxed but I was feeling from the get-go she was a bit restrained. Talked a bit more, not very sexually in my non-verbal elements, which probably a mistake. Anyway, she was trying to walk away slowly, my past experience told me that she had an objective reason for her behaviour. Asked for a coffee anyway, she said she had a boyfriend. Looked deeply into her eyes and very slowly, with deep voice retorted “I don’t plan to be your boyfriend.” The girl laughed out loudly saying she can’t do that. Wished her a good day.

Incredible. I feel like I’m doing full-time work and results are mediocre, even though I feel I’m spitting decent game which gets girls hooked easily and produces numbers every couple to a few approaches. Most girls who mentioned boyfriends sounded genuine, but that’s not the point. The point is to pitch myself as a sexual guy (or the so-called r-selected path) who offers sex only. I guess I need to ramp it up. It’s quite reasonable that most good-looking girls have either firm or ‘of sorts’ boyfriends.

Still, I feel like I’m growing and at ease in making conversation flowing any direction. Just need to ramp up sexuality and become more aggressive so they an keep their boyfriends whilst getting entertained in my bed at the same time.

More to come.

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. -- Mike Tyson
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RE: The Approach Thread
Went out with some friends to a 80s/90s Retro dance club on Saturday. There were 3 girls in our group, but my friend had told me before they think I am a dick because I said something to one of them a few months ago (something so insignificant but I'm flattered they remember). So I keep them in the back of my mind if I fail pulling anything on Saturday.

First girl I talk to was across from us at our table (no seats at the tables in this anyone can come and stand at the table). She is young/mid 20's, cute face...I rate her about a 6. But she is wearing this silly looking fedora hat. Almost like an Indiana Jones hat. So I open her with "Are you an archaeologist?" It's a gamble line because she may be too young to even get the reference. She kind of smiles and says: "No, are you?" So then I start making up some bullshit about how I am and I like to dig up dinosaur bones and whatever. She is laughing and the reception is good.

At this point the club is pretty crowded. She turns to her friend and asks where the restrooms are. They are on the other side of the club so she would have to barrel her way through a mass of people to get to them. I say "I'll show you where they are. Follow me." So I move to her side of the table to take her to them. Apparently I was too aggressive or something because when I stand next to her she suddenly doesn't have to go to the bathroom anymore. I laugh and say "ok" and go back to my friends.

A little later I am at the bar ordering another drink. There is a 6.5 brunette who is looking for (guess what)....the bathrooms. Seems to be a theme. So I offer to take her (I can tell she is pretty tipsy). I grab her hand and start making my way to them. She is grabbing my ass and saying "You're going to rape me in the bathrooms aren't you?" and then "But it won't be rape if it's consensual". I just smile and think she is pretty drunk. So halfway to the bathrooms she sees her friends and asks where the bathrooms really are (I guess she didn't believe me) and they confirm we are going the right way. At this point I am convinced she is very intoxicated and she begins I guess she doesn't have to go to the bathroom now? She looks at me and says "Honey, I'm a sex worker and nothing is free." Now I KNOW she is drunk. I smile and say "Ok, I'm going to catch up with my friends now".

At this point I'm 0 for 2 on trying to lead girls to the bathroom so I set my sights on the girls that were in our group. Two of the three are 5's and the other one is a solid 6. She is my main target (she is the one who thinks I'm an asshole). I start talking to one of the 5's, and she asks me what my sign is. I tell her I'm an Aries and she raises her voice and says "Aries...You're arrogant and will stick your dick in anything with a hole in it!!" I laugh and say "Yep, pretty accurate". I turn my attention to the 6. We are making small talk but she is giving me short, one word answers. I ask her what her deal is (I know what's coming) and she says last time we hung out I was an asshole. I grin and say "What did I do? You have to tell me so I can apologize for it". She doesn't answer that but we continue with small talk and she is starting to smile more. I tell her she is so much prettier when she smiles instead of scowling all the time. I feel like I am making positive progress.

But it was short lived. Her friend (the other 5) was really drunk so they had to get home. The girls leave and we decided to head out soon after.

Overall I was 0 for 3 for the night but it's ok. Rejection builds character and I'm going to build on that. I needed to work on my night game approaches and this was a good start.

"Once you've gotten the lay you have won."- Mufasa

Fortune Favors the Bold
04-24-2017 11:16 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
I promised more to come, so there you have it:

Was, yes, again in M&S, and saw this Bulgarian chick whom I opened there months ago. She was dressed very classy. Actually, I saw her there regularly every week or so but never re-approached. Always dressing well, nice hair, very slender, fantastic proportions, a 7 at the least. First time the vibe was very good, didn't close because I didn't feel that attracted, hmm... Anyway, having no prospects currently, decided close the deal. Very pleasant to talk to, nice chat, her all smiles but, ultimately no-go. She agreed to coffee but, as she underscored, as friends. I replied "but I'll hit on you". Her repartee was better not to so as to not waste each other's time. I told her she broke my heart, LOL> Ironically, saw her today with a guy outside a theatre.

Went to a bookstore, pretty quiet as it was Tuesday and the weather fiercely winterish. The only girl I liked there was a wee, slender girl in a fiction section. After a few minutes open very low-key about the book she was reading. A Mexican, petite girl, MSc student, 6 points on the scale, and on her way to the gym. Very pleasant chat, with lots of comfort building and rapport, well over 10 minutes. Commented on her nails, and told her to give me her hand to examine. Transitioned to direct, then she agreed to meeting up for a coffee, and finally shoot me down she had a proper long-term boyfriend, even though got her number.

2017 stats:
Approaches: 40
Dates: 5
Lays: 0

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. -- Mike Tyson
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RE: The Approach Thread
Was at a professional meetup yesterday.
There were about 20 people - only 4 girls.
Chatted some of the people and 2 of the girls.

One was a very tall one, early 30s with a great body, high heals but a less than plain face. Russian origin.
Body - 8+, face - 4.

I engaged her, and she responded well.
Went to light touching, but her body language was not open. She kept holding her bag and crossing her arms.
I escalated to caresses, all the time maintaining eye contact, teasing and coming closer.
Her response was the same.

Eventually it came out that she is now moving in with her boyfried.
However, she is founding a startup that might be of use to me. So she took my number and I told her I want to be on their Beta testing. At least I should get some benefit from the approach.

"I love a fulfilling and sexual relationship. That is why I make the effort to have many of those" - TheMaleBrain
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