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The Approach Thread
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RE: The Approach Thread
So this is where my username and game intersect. Was just having lunch at a restaurant bar today, almost done and a girl wearing a Kings hat walks in (and this is nowhere near LA), and sits at the bar. I was even debating where to go for lunch, I guess I picked the right place. I finished my meal, went to the bathroom, and approached. Instant rapport. And I literally didn't look the best today nor was I in approach mood, and even though she was cute I wouldn't have approached if not for her hat.

Talked to her for a bit, got the number, and bounced. Meeting up with her tonight. Let's see what happens. This was definitely one of my better approaches ever, so I'm a bit proud of myself considering I didn't even plan this. Just goes to show that you don't have to force yourself approach like questioned about a few posts above, nor do you really have to be in the right mood for it. So long as you have the ability to turn it on instantly.
08-13-2017 03:04 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
I was shopping at Macy's when I saw an Asian woman (looked late 20s) in the men's department. I went up to her and asked "You know this is the men's department right?" She was confused, and it turned out she didn't speak English. I found out that she was from China, so I switched the conversation to Chinese. Now my Chinese is technically okay but not very smooth. I tried to tell her the same thing in Chinese but at that point the impact of the joke was lost. I asked her if she was visiting, she said her brother was taking classes and she was buying clothes for her dad. We talked a bit about where in China she was from and where I have been in the USA. I asked her if she had been to any museums. She said Metropolitan museum but I didn't know its name in Chinese. Then I offered to take her to a museum sometime since I have a pass that lets me take guests for free. Got her Wechat contact info, then talked a little more. It was late in the day so there was no chance of an instant date to the museum.

This approach was difficult because of the surprise language barrier. I think I was much more tense than usual because I almost never practice speaking Chinese. It felt like too much of my mental power was being spent on trying to speak Chinese; It was hard to run both game and Chinese conversation through my head at the same time. Some mistakes:
- It was also hard to avoid "interview mode"
- I asked for her info too early, before building more of a connection.
- I also didn't notice that she mentioned a brother, which is. strange because one-child policy. She might have been euphemistically referring to her husband.
08-13-2017 08:47 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
I don't know why, but this summer's kind of been a dud with approachable girls for some reason, so yesterday was my first approach in a while. I was a bit rusty, but I bounced back in the second half.

There's not much to say except that after starting a bit slow, it heated up when I talked people, psychology, and persuasion. The best lines was when I mentioned that the best way to connect with someone is find out what their personal movie is, find out where you or your product fits into the plot of that movie, and emphasize that. Getting into copywriting as a career can help you with this. Women are interested in people, not things. So ditch talking about things and instead talk about emotions and people.

With the inevitable stuff that comes up:

- Talk about the kind of people and what goes on in their heads that she typically encounters in her career (or major if she's still a student), not her career itself.
- Talk about her high visions, not "why she chose" to do the things she did.
- Talk about the people that live in the places she's been in, not the places themselves, although obvious attractions there can still work.

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08-14-2017 07:48 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
We went to a Micro Beer Festival this weekend, which are usually a good time. My wingman and I made several approaches, however not much luck (at first) due to most of the girls being at the event with their boyfriends.

A few hours into it, we were parked at a table in front of a few of the beer vendors we liked (we would just go back and refill). Two young ladies are walking by (not actually in the event) and my fearless wingman immediately goes and opens them. Personally I think they look a bit young but whatever. The cuter one keeps looking at me and we're making some pretty heavy eye contact. Finally the rest of us go over there (4 of us total). Turns out the girls are 18 (we are all late 30's/early 40's) and the cuter one is digging my vibe. I ask her for her number and then a bit later I pull her away to isolate. I go for the kiss (at this point I'm really, really game gets sloppy) but she says no and that I need to take her out on a date first. In hindsight now, this was probably a good thing.

Anyway the festival ends, we decide to hit up some bars and the girls head back home. The girl and I exchange a few texts throughout the night...basically she is asking me why it took so long for me to come and talk to her and she really wants me to take her out. I'm flattered that at 40 I can still pull an 18 year old but I don't think I can really pursue anything with this girl. And who knows...her and her friend may be lying and really be underage.

My wingman got her friends phone number and they were texting as well. Yesterday he asked her what she was doing and she replied with "Shopping for School supplies". Haha we both a good laugh at that one and definitely decided to not to pursue anything further. Too risky.

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08-14-2017 09:48 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
Haven't been posting of late as little was happening, weather on the downside and pretty girls fled the town... or was I just unlucky? It's Fringe and the town is packed with tourists - but mostly groups, parents, few single girls wander around, even fewer pretty ones... It's a second week and I've got nothing to show for it. A Fringe Fiasco? I was expecting to feast, not the other way round! It doesn't help I have a mild cold but today the sky is blue, the temperature is high, so I'll take the steps forward to announce myself to the girls in town...

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08-15-2017 10:21 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
Just don't get obsessed about it. It shows to other people and it's not pretty. Just go out and enjoy the nice weather and the atmosphere. I've noticed that those days where I'm just walking down the street carefree whistling and thinking life is beautiful I become a girl magnet. If you seem happy they want to be with you so it rubs off on them.
08-16-2017 03:59 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
I was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for a friend of mine, I ordered my coffee and lit my cigarette. After my first cig I went and opened them, I cold read her then she corrected my judgement. She was tall and tight like a Marlboro light, I told her that she looked like a designer. We had a nice discussion with her lawyer friend, then my friend joined me and we all talked. I got the number and suggested a date. She smiled and touched her hair, she agreed. We will see how it goes.

I approached at a rooftop in downtown a hot Latina, she gave me a look then I decided to approach. I joked with her telling her that I had a job for her as a salsa dancer. I wasn't focused because of the alcohol. I took out my phone so she could put in the digits but she was offended by my "lie". I'm a better seducer when sober.

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08-17-2017 01:07 PM
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