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The Approach Thread
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RE: The Approach Thread
Jetset, RunsWithScissors, why didn't you fellas try to close! As ksmbs says, you miss every shot you don't take. Especially your #2 Jetset, that sounded fuckin' hot--did you want to avoid shitting where you sell?

Anyway, dear diary (scroll to end for lessons learned and see bold for key moments),

I went out tonight (night of Friday 20th) where I live in London. No close but had a solid go at it and had a good night. Felt recently like I've been heading towards a cynical phase as regards night game.

Part of the issue was probably a vicious cycle in which I was waiting too much for 'the right opportunity' or unmabiguous 'signs' and then beating myself up for not approaching. Then blaming the young girls (most of the girls where I was going out) for being too 'stuck up' and occasionally approaching older chicks with bad attitudes. (The difficult thing is that, although this is hamstering to some extent, there is some validity here in terms of girls playing bullshit games, and younger girls fishing for bites in order before rejecting harshly.

This sort of peaked last Saturday. Went to a bar that's usually relatively good for opening sets, and opened some middle-aged (but mostly bangable or even cute) women, after hamstering that all the younger girls seemed closed off or 'glued to their phones'. Put my foot in it a bit with the two I initially opened but didn't realise because they were passive-agressive about it and only whined behind my back to their friends who then gave me shit about it. Moved on to one of their friends so they basically acted pissy and cockblocked me on her, leaving the bar in outrage and snitching to the bouncer on the way out that I was 'acting drunk'.

Bouncer told me I needed to leave but I somehow managed to pull some *very* tight game on him. Remained calm and well-spoken (NOT drunk) and apologetic and put my hand on his upper arm and shoulder in a way that communicated non-violent confidence and basically 'assumed the sale' that it was just a slap on the wrist and that I could stay, and actually thanked him 'for letting me know'. Thereby managed to not get chucked out/banned despite the seemingly unwinnable situation (everyone in the bar was watching expecting me to get canned) but it ruined my vibe on the place for the night. (Rather than get butthurt, what I should have done was cheekily grin about it and use it as a situational opener on the set of all hot young girls that watched me defuse the situation.)

After that I just headed to a new club that I'd been to the previous day. Chilled with the staff and observed but couldn't will myself to go to a busier place or even bother approaching the couple of girls there.

In the intervening week, I revisited some WestIndianArchie. One thing he mentions is how many guys never just make the first move of approaching and doing *anything*, almost like a denialism that cold approach ever works--like they just can't take that leap of faith of trying it a few times and re-calibrating off what they experience. I saw some of myself in that point, and thought hard about what Mystery or Giovonny would say to me, or some of the shit the guys in The Game, or the old DC crowd, put up with and the brass nuts they had to deploy. Figured there was some merit to the hamstering, and that I was facing difficult situations and possibly nightgame has gone down the tube, but not enough that I shouldn't have a crack at opening more sets and trying to open younger, more conventionally attractive girls.

That said, this Friday afternoon I really wasn't feeling like going out, but forced myself to shower and eat and start pre-drinking to get in the mood. Figured I'd pop into the bar from last weekend that I nearly got kicked out of. En route, I briefly held up a taxi without realising on a narrow road then let it pass. A bunch of girls got out, so (Approach #1) I joked about them being too laxy to walk down the narrow road from the main road. One of them shot back that I was intentionally holding them up 'showing off my muscles' and seemed a bit miffed but I laughed and carried on and went to the bar. (Did not continue because I intuited that they were going in too and would ditch me at the bar after cutting ahead or just try to get drinks off me.)

Joked around with a couple guys in the queue. A girl they were with came over so teased her a bit with them. (Approach #2?) Somehow ended up bantering about with some guy who commented on my size (physique, not height)--another WestIndianArchie point I've been trying to internalise is that a lot of us don't realise the effect we have on girls--in our heads, we're these awkward, shy guys desperately running nervous game, but maybe the girl sees a guy way out of her league that she wasn't ready for and has her own insecurities. I know objectively that in the right clothes I look, pound-for-pound, as big as, or bigger than, 99% of guys. I know objectively that I'm attractive, and that to many girls I'm at least a '7'. I know objectively that when I'm feeling good, or often when I've had some drink and loosened up, my posture stands out and draws attention/respect.

Similarly, normally I'd downplay this stuff for fear of seeming try-hard or drawing unwanted attention/challenges, but this time I was fairly open with the guy about 'being a boxer' and used it to shoot the shit about sports and his running.

Spoke to a couple of other guys. The second guy, I realised, was the kind of guy that can derail a night out for me--had his girl at home and was basically the sober one of his lot, so he was interesting to talk to but probably would have killed my game for the night and used me as his sober conversation buddy/venting board. So I brought back his drunk friends then detached.

Approach #3: While talking to the guys, a cute ambiguously brown (best guess Indian) 6.5 looked at me for a second or two even after I caught her looking. Looked away and this repeated a couple times in quick succession. She looked like the third wheel with her white friend being hit on by some guy, so I figured I'd wing him and make a play on the brown girl while he dealt with the white one.

Contra golden-era game, I opened mostly on the target (brown girl) by asking 'Are you the third wheel?' but also turning to the other two a bit. Turned out they were actually all together and that the guy and the white girl were married! It seemed to be going okay then the girls went to the toilet (this happened a lot during the evening! been so long since I nightgamed hard that I forgot this bullshit move), leaving me with the guy. He somehow didn't seem 'solid' and seemed a bit beta/'cuckish', and this feeling was vindicated: We seemed to be having a solid conversation waiting for the girls to come back, and he was mid-sentence, when some ugly fat girl he worked with hugged him and dragged him to the bar, presumably to buy her a drink. I tapped him on the shoulder (more just to see if he would even acknowledge me than anything) but the fucker ignored me. Hah!

The girls were apparently taking huge dumps or doing fat lines or something since they were nowhere to be seen, so I took a seat. I spaced out for a second until some HB6 girl walked by staring at me right near my face in an obvious and goony fashion. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at her and felt a bit bad. Saw she went over standing near the door with a couple of guys but felt like I couldn't not approach given how hard she'd mired and that I'd laughged in her face.

This decisiveness inadvertently came across as command presence when I opened (Approach #4) them with 'Where are you guys going tonight?' and they fell right into frame. Unfortunately it turned out they were German visitors who were clueless about town. I told the guys (while shooting glances at the chick and speaking just low enough that she had to lean in to me to try to hear) where the club was. They seemed undecided if they'd go so I told them to fetch me if they did go, since I couldn't get in on my own. (And, of course, so I could try to bang their friend.)

(Approach #5): Opened a 7+ brunette (that one of the guys had specifically pointed out a bit before and I'd played it cool) on her phone, probably a best-looking girl in the bar. Her 6.5 blonde friend came over soon and they did some weird routine where they said they were a couple. I smelled bullshit but played along.

Blonde girl went to the toilet. The brunette confessed their ruse and so I told her I already knew and converted it into a mini-best friends routine. The fact she told me this was probably a hint she was interested. Blonde girl returned and they asked if I smoke. I said no so they asked me to watch their nearly-empty drinks. At first I agreed and they thanked me but then I decided to stick with them to keep gaming and went outside with them. However I could tell they wanted privacy. and they asked me to go back in and point their friend to them. (In retrospect, I should have cut my losses at this point since they were probably just exploiting me.) As I headed inside, one of them said 'Cheers mate' clowning me so I shot back at her and she backpedalled pretending she'd said it to her friend. Their third friend was nowhere to be seen so I exited the set until I suddenly noticed that all three had materialized. Re-entered but they did the silly lesbian charade again and the new, second blonde girl derailed the convo/vibe shit-testing me extremely hard about rolling solo and 'seeming to have a problem with them being lesbians'. The vibe had disappeared so I exited the set again. Feel like a mistake here might have been playing along too long with the 'lesbian' routine and being indecisive who I was targeting and hedging too long. But maybe the blondes were just cockblocks/envious/socially retarded.

Got speaking to an Australian guy who brought me over to his (male) friend. We chatted for a bit then four girls (7, 6.5, 6, 5.5) sat down near us on the same bench. His mate opened and seemed to target the worst-looking, chubby one. I played it cool for a couple minutes and encouraged the first guy to open but he was being a pussy so I told him to swap seats with me and (Approach #6) opened the brunette-redhead 7 of the set. Seemed to be going well but the second Australian guy was too drunk and (although it didn't really hit me fully at the time and cause me to ditch them like I should have) cockblocky of his mate (mentioning he mate was married, which apparently he always did).

It was approaching closing time and time to hit the club. Despite the anti-game of the drunk Aussie, I managed to get the girls on board to go to the club, so told them I'd be back in a minute and went to take a leak. Came back a minute later and the girls seemed to have teleported out of the neighorhood. The guys tried to convince me to lead them to the club without the girls (another red flag--all they had to do was not fuck up for literally a minute, so the least they could do was help me retrieve the girls) and evasive when I was asking them WTF the girls were. Eventually I convinced them to stay (since I was worried if they disappeared and I didn't find the girls, I wouldn't get in the club alone) while I checked the ladies' toilets. Got the barmaid to check but she lied (I saw one of the girls in there) and said they weren't there after a suspiciously long time.

Found the two Aussie guys and started heading to the club. The first Aussie guy had seemingly joked to his mate about there being a 'catch' to me taking them to the club (i.e. I couldn't get in alone). Now, on the way to the club, he 'just put it out there' that I should get them a round of drinks in return for getting me in. I held frame and calmly pointed out that I had given them the lowdown on the town and was leading them to the club, so the least they could do was go in with me, and were free to fuck off after if they wanted. A harsher response wouldn't have been undeserved though, to him trying it on like that.

Got in the club and got a drink then (Approach #7) sniped a 6.5 from an Oriental set (partly because she was cute, partly to get the other girls hamstering). Went up confidently and put both my hands out to take hers. She was actually not a terrible dancer but it didn't really go anywhere so petered out (same story with all my dance approaches tonight and in general--need to mix it up to figure this out).

At some point somebody (I think a guy I chatted to) introduced an older (but still HB6) chick to me and she seemed a bit shy and endearing, which was probably a massive green flag, and possibly she asked him for the introduction. But I was on the way to the toilet or something, so I stupidly just shook her hand, said nice to meet you, and moved on. (Conversely: When girls reject us, yet another reason it's not necessarily personal is that they might be in the same situation I was i.e. just be distracted or need to piss or something, even if they're DTF.)

I took a seat and a chubby but bangable Indian 5.5 sat a little bit down the bench from me. She was with one other (white) girl, who was dancing in front of her as she sat. The white girl was a 6 but seemed less open, and I sensed the Indian girl wanted me to open her, so I opened the Indian girl (to gauge interest and pawn her if an opening presented itself) by telling her she needed to join her friend. She liked this and told me to dance with her friend who by then her friend had already started leading on a bouncer so we laughed about it. Then (Approach #14 since I only just remembered it) I danced a bit with her friend who started doing some weird jump-rope-type dance move. I took the piss and asked her if she was jumping rope, so she joked 'Yeah, get your rope out'.


Understandably she asked WTF so I just told her it was for 'training' (better would have been "You'll find out *wink*") and hooked her round the neck with it and led her for a bit with it.

There wasn't really any tension, so after that, the Indian girl literally told me she'd be my 'wingman' and asked me which girl I wanted. I probably should have been more decisive here but intuitively trusted her judgement so (Approach #8) she picked a cute blonde 6 and occupied the friend. The blonde seemed receptive but then her friend fucked off the Indian girl to grab the blonde. I regrouped with wing-girl and then noticed that the cockblock had been the brunette-redhead I'd opened earlier and been seeming to vibe with! Wing-girl of course loved this revelation.

I tried a couple more times on the blonde but her friend kept cockblocking and the vibe seemed to dissipate so I forgot about her.

At some point (Approach #9) I danced with another of the Oriental girls. She started off trying to drag me and lead me, but I planted myself and eventually forced her to turn. She still tried to out-muscle me, so I eventually thought fuck it and moved her by force and finally managed to lead her agressively/violently, which she loved and which impressed a few people even more due to the explsiveness and energy. I find these kinds of quasi-masculine, agressive, dominant, all-over-the-place girls very hard--maybe I should just go hard caveman? Can't help but think girls like that will be sloppy kissers with sloppy pussies and sweat like a man in quantity and odour... Later (Approach #10) I danced with a third Oriental girl at the behest of a guy who seemed to be with them but again it didn't really go anywhere.

At some point (I think while dancing with the blonde on whom the brunette-redhead cockblocked me, as if that wasn't enough), the drunk Aussie guy cockblocked me by trying to pal up and hug me while I was dancing with the blonde. Fortunately, when the lights came on at 02:00 (an hour earlier than I expected!) neither Aussie guy was to be seen.

I spotted outside the blonde on whom I'd been repeatedly cockblocked and opened her asking where was open for food but she was dismissive so I moved on.

Hit a chicken shop and (Approach #11) opened a 3-set while standing waiting but they headed off fairly soon. Sat down at a four-person table hoping I'd oh-so-unfortunately have to share it with some chicks, and sure enough two Irish girls and an Irish guy joined me so (Approach #12) I opened them. One of the girls was bangbale--solidly cute, even, but it turned out she was with the guy. Their (decent-looking) female friend with a nose-ring was at another table giving a guy her number then joined us. Even though it looked like he was running solid game, it turned out she wasn't into him and she sat down at the table and put her leg against mine.

I chatted them all up and it seemed nose-ring girl was probably digging me, but suddenly their taxi arrived and they left.

At some point, wing-girl rocked up with her friend so I re-opened and she literally called the brunette-redhead a 'cockblock' and commented on how weird and bitchy she found her, which was fantastic. (Goes to show lads, even girls can't predict a promising set, or sniff out/comprehend a cockblock.) I tried to get her to add me on Facebook (to try to bang, as a wing, to fill out numbers on nights out, or for social circle) but she said her phone was dead and I couldn't get on my Facebook so I made a note of her name as she left, but I felt like all the technical hitches made it seem less spontaneous and more needy. She hadn't lied about her name though (and I'd 'jokingly' checked with her that it wouldn't be 'some random girl in Calcutta'), so I've shot her a message (she has Friend request disabled).

A couple of other girls overheard my conversation with the Irish lot and shot a comment about it so I got talking to them. They were both married; one was a bangable 5.5 Indian girl; one was a non-bangable Jamaican girl. Got talking to them and they were actually really lovely girls and it turned out I had a weird amount in common with both of them and the more I talked to them, the more bangable they both seemed. They were both on Facebook but basically never used it, and the Jamaican girl lived in Brighton anyway, so I made a move to leave but then we got kicked out of the chicken shop anyway as it closed. They headed to a cab outside so I gave up on any idea of trying to get the Indian girl to mine 'until her husband could pick her up' and set off towards home.

A block from mine, I spotted (Approach #13) a girl sitting on the kerb behind a building so I walked towards her and asked her what she was doing there at that time (about 03:00) sort of telling her off. She wasn't waiting for a train or Uber, so I half-jokingly asked if she'd broken up with her boyfriend and run away. She actually on! She lived with her boyfriend right near mine so she was hanging around the area anyway. I ran some (as far as I can tell impeccable) game managing to indirectly ramble about how disappointed I was that the night was over and how I'd picked up some ice cream to have a drink with and play some music to chill a bit longer. Mentioned how the radiator is broken so it's really warm at my place and 'joked' she should come over and make coffee for herself. I almost feel like I was too smooth because even though it seemed to be going well, after a bit she seemed to settle down too much, gather her thoughts, and decide to talk things over with her boyfriend, so she left on good terms.

End report.

Something to notice here is that this area is a piece of shit for most places not letting me in alone. I prefer to hit the bar early and already buzzing and high energy from psyching myself up, then hit the club early and chat with the staff, then hit the customers as they come in (some of whom I will already have hit at the bar or around town). This 'no solo dolo' crap means half of my effort goes towards screening people who I can tag in with but who won't go so late as to ruin my night, and who won't cling to me and cockblock the rest of the night. Maybe I should just lurk near the exit of the bar or just round the corner from the club and bunk in with random girls to avoid dealing with guys. I've done this successfully at bigger clubs where such tactics are less obvious.

(In fairness, this was a very good night out even though everything happened later than I might have wanted, and the club was much better than usual.)

Lessons learned / going forward:

1. Cockblock red flag: Non-high-value groups of all guys (two Aussie guys)

2. Cockblock red flag: Bad game as evidenced by blowing a good set up in one minute unattended, or refusal to enter an already-open set (wallflowers and pussies will bring your vibe down and make you look bad by association, even if they don't actively cockblock).

3. Cockblock red flag: Excessive drunkness/sloppiness

4. Cockblock red flag: 'Jokes' about 'there being a catch'/trying to extract drinks/trying to act as if I owe them a favour when I don't. Fuck off.

5. Re. cockblocks: Don't be afraid to mercilessly ditch guys I have no obligation to who are holding me back or not providing value. Be ruthless.

6. Remember to choose a target and focus on her plus kino. If in doubt, imagine who'd seem to be the target to the girls (unless intentionally pawning). If still in doubt, choose the brunette! Wink

7. Slow down on drinks a bit.

8. Current approach to dance game (just dancing and sort of hoping something happens or she falls on my dick or something) hasn't worked much, so next time try escalating harder e.g. kissing, grind to get a boner and rubbing it on her, etc.

9. Introduce a sexual element through touch, innuendo, and touch more rapidly.

10. A lot of the above boils down to: Have more KILLER INTENT.

10-21-2017 02:52 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
Approaches from Saturday:

Pre-drank and again went solo to the same bar. Opened sets with most of the bar, searching for people who were heading to the club that I could tag along with. Just before closing most sets were acting indecisive so I left the bar to see if I could tag in with anybody about to go in to the club.

Asked a couple of girls on the street if they were going to the club. They weren't but were curious to try it so I led them there. As with the Aussie guys in my previous field report, they tried extracting drinks off me so I disappeared into the gents toilet for a bit. They again pestered me for drinks as soon as I emerged so I told them we were square since I told them about the club and they eventually fucked off.

I'd read a bit of LINUX game on the forum before heading out. I spent the next two hours at the club sitting with a drink, finishing it, then firing off a direct approach on some chick, then getting another drink, etc. I would open her with something like "You're cute. We should dance." and go from there. Opened a few girls this way. The only one that 'went anywhere' was a HB7+ who seemed into me but was with a cousin and friends and wanted to keep up appearances. I got her number but she hasn't responded to a text this morning and a call this evening.

At one point I opened a brunette chick with my "It looks like you're the third wheel" line. It turned out she was married with a kid and was at the club with in-laws so it didn't look promising. On top of that, she was pretty hammered and her breath was bad, so I gave her a "Nice to meet you" and a kiss on the cheek and exited. Returned to the same spot a bit later, after she'd left it, but she reappeared and gave me shit about being distant/cool.

Her blonde-brunette female friend sat on my other side near me, so I 'reluctantly' chatted to her. I'd thought she was with the guy, but was actually single.

In the club I gamed well, remaining aloof and strategic while talking to the blonde-brunette. It ended up being me, the blonde-brunette, and the drunk-ass brunette at closing time, so I managed to get them back to mine by suggesting that they have a drink then get the night bus home.

I got home and saw my flatmate had just called me so I called him back and he'd forgotten his keys and was just down the block so he came in. I told him in German (so the girls wouldn't hear) that I was on the blonde-brunette, so he winged me heroically occupying the trashed brunette.

I found the blonde had trust and touch issues. She'd respond well to subtle touch on a subconscious level, but obvious touch she'd verbally object to. I correctly guessed that she'd had her trust broken by a cheating guy and had trust issues but kept trying to plow (on) despite this.

Eventually her drunk friend wanted to go home so they left despite my valiant efforts (and the even more valiant efforts of my flatmate, whom I bought a huge McDonald's breakfast feast for his troubles). I tried to get the blonde-brunette's Facebook or phone number but she was weird about it.

Thoughts / mistakes / lessons learned

1. At one point at the bar I sunk too much time at the bar into dealing with a huge set that turned out to be all coupled up with some overly protective AMOG.

2. I spent almost two hours at the bar opening sets to try to generate social proof for the club later and to find leads to get in the club with. But in the end I got in because of two last-minute girls on the street who hadn't even been planning to go out. Every set I opened either did not end up at the club or ended up at the club but had already bitched me out. Effectively, at this point, barring outcomes further down the line, all the work in the bar counted for nothing except seemingly wasted time and money. In addition, it meant I'd been drinking two hours longer before the club, making my later game there sloppier.

3. I was feeling good opening and exiting sets (exiting either due to it seeming a lost cause or rejecting the girl or number closing). My routine was pretty much: get a drink, think "What would LINUX do?", gather myself, pick next target, tell her she was cute, and tell her to dance with me then talk to her (possibly while dancing). I lost this momentum getting bogged down with the blonde-brunette chick and forgot LINUX's 15-minute rule.

4. In general, I needed to escalate faster. At least one dance approach fizzled out for lack of escalation, and escalation would have uncovered the blonde-brunette's touch/trust issues quicker and given the night a new lease of life.

5. My game was initially tight with the blonde-brunette, but it slipped as I learned more about her and pedestalised her. As she got more drunk I put up with more of her shit, even at my place. Not sure why I started letting her do that, though I have a hunch it was a general lack of practice holding frame at later stages, plus having drunk too much/being on the alochol comedown at that point.

6. A lot of the above could have just been solved by remembering to think 'What would LINUX do?', and doing it. E.g. not wasting time on the blonde-brunette, not taking shit from her, escalating sooner, etc.

7. After the girls left, my flatmate pointed out how it probably didn't help that my room is a mess. I need to get on that.

8. It shouldn't surprise me by now, but it really is amazing how important one's demeanour and how one carries onself, are (even if you're not as big as I recall LINUX is). I only got one particularly bitchy response (notably, not from a target, probably from a girl who figured she wasn't in the running). I'm sure this is because I felt like a motherfucking ice cold predator and was speaking reasonably slowly, clearly, and confidently, and approaching decently attractive girls that I was reasonably into. (Today I ran some direct daygame in Central London but was not feeling like hot shit, and mostly got treated like a creep and ignored by comparable or uglier girls than were responding positively and warmly last night.)

9. Some girls needed a level of persistence that I only really got into finally last night. As in, insisting they dance with me (even with a friend or relative right next to her) five or six times for half a minute before they'd dance (which they always ended up enjoying). Previously I've mostly just asked once and then asked if they're sure, then moved on.

10. Most guys are twats or chodes. Hate and envy are real. In the bar, two clowns with no game seemed to be bombing with three girls. They got butthurt when (at their other friend's suggestion) I opened them all to see if they were going to the club. When I walked by an hour later they mocked my open to each other but loudly enough for me to hear because they were too pussy to say it to me.

Another set I opened by asking a guy if they were going to the club. He referred me to the girls, and I had a good chat with a non-prospect in their group then got invited to join them by another girl. Another guy in the group then tried to intimidate me and claim all the girls were taken and acted all macho while his brother and friend were around. So I left them to it and went to take a piss. He walked in and suddenly, now standing next to me (he turned out to be noticeably shorter than me), on his own, his voice went up a couple octaves and all his cockiness was gone when I briefly spoke to him.

The guy on the door for the club gave me a hard time about not really knowing the girls I went in with. Then he gave them the idea that I should buy them drinks since I'd 'collared' them into getting me in. Not sure if he was whiteknighting or trying to look cool to people waiting in the queue or what. Either way: fuck off.

Feels like night game finally started to make some sense Friday and Saturday night, so hoping to make some more leaps forward next weekend.
10-22-2017 03:16 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
On Friday I was at work and went to the lobby to use the bathroom. A young girl who was apparently a student visitor was sitting there (lobby not the bathroom!) waiting. She gave me a look when I entered and was basically looking in my direction all the time I was in sight. I didn't know what to do. For one thing I work for a university and we were under the nose of the front desk woman. I thought a normal approach and number close would be risky. What would you have done?

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RE: The Approach Thread
(09-08-2017 02:56 AM)Matrixdude Wrote:  There was an info gathering for the Salsa Team/Club at my university today. The meetup location before a classroom presentation, was in an open area and loud Salsa music was playing from big speakers. The Club members were dancing expertly in a circle the crowd made around them.

I went alone and was mostly interested in dancing after reading through the salsa thread, and reading MANY infographics from top posters about getting into salsa or dancing in general for Game.

That place was a gold mine, and if my game was top notch, would have easily slayed. The ratio was like 5-to-1 female.

I made my approach on this tall (5'10), white, blonde girl blue eyes, wearing a cute black school-girl skirt and a blue flannel, hair in a pony tail, pale white legs and white shoes. While starring at the performers in the circle I approached from behind:
>Excuse me, do you know if ya need to have previous dance experience to get into this stuff?

And we immediately hit it off. I was still trying not to scare the cat, per say, but I was doing lots of conversational threading to let her do most of the talking. I got to know her background pretty well. 18, out of state, lives on campus, very innocent. We then attended a small informational lecture about the program, but they gave a free dance lesson at the end. I chose her as my initial dance partner and got some kino in, holding hands and spinning her. The instructors made the guys (leads) switch partners every five minutes or so. Danced and introduced myself to a few girls. I eventually rotated to some attractive Latina.

The Latina was a fit, wide hips, flat stomach, 5'6 height with a very youthful face, I assumed she was a freshie but she was actually a junior (21 y.o.), a definite WB though. Didn't have much dance experience but she was really down to practice the 3 salsa basics we learned that night over and over till we got it right. We would practice and high five each other. It felt great learning together. I looked at the Blonde girl from earlier and she was starring at us -- I asked the Latina for her number on the spot:
>Put your number in my phone so we can connect for the next event.
She did it without hesitation, and the Blonde one saw this. Pre-selection recognized?

I split, grabbed my stuff and headed to find the Blonde one since I didn't number close her. I saw her and called her name, she turned so fast I thought her neck would break -- it's like she was waiting for me. I saw a poster nearby for an event later this week and commented:
>Put your number in my phone so we can meet up at *X event*.
Walked her to her dorm building, and hug-closed Angel (was this beta?)

I am not sure if I will go to try outs for this Salsa Team next week but was really impressed by the number of friendly and attractive girls there.

You did well dude, also at University right now. Gotta check out the dance classes for real!

per aspera ad astra
Yesterday 10:26 AM
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RE: The Approach Thread
(Yesterday 10:26 AM)little wing Wrote:  You did well dude, also at University right now. Gotta check out the dance classes for real!

Yeah salsa is always a good idea. They will teach you that the men leads and the women follows in the first class, the ugly feminist will not come back girls who are will remain are cute submissive girls in university who wants caliente sexo con el bailero hermano.

Last tuesday it was cold as fuck in the north pole, Canada I went to buy a hat. As soon as I enter the store I see a beautiful brunette saying Bonjour with a cute south french accent. She reminded me of good times, in Montpellier. I chatted her up and tried a few hats asking her about her opinions. Her name was Stacy and I teased her until she gave me the number with a happy smile. She can't say no to a good looking immigrant.

A bientot camarades!

"Women experience orgasm first with their ears" M.D
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Yesterday 06:26 PM
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RE: The Approach Thread
I'm taking Salsa classes and there's this old chick who refuses to be lead, it's a pain in the ass to dance with her.
Yesterday 06:55 PM
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