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The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
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RE: The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
(10-01-2012 08:44 AM)chyamor Wrote:  You should work in IT. I havnt worked in about 3 weeks. Just show up and surf the web all day. listen to xm/pandora. Cant fix anything if nothings broken.

Thus why Im always on here. I do wish I could think of a job that I can do remotely over the pc. without raising any eyebrows.


I've been in IT for +1 years, and can attest that this is true.

However, if you have desire to move up and become a highly paid technical master/consultant this is not true. There is too much shit to learn to keep up with the field.

However, shit, I think I can go by weeks not getting done productively when I'm not studying if I wanted to. It gets boring pretty fast.

I'm putting up a business once I get into my specialization and it's going to be sweet.
10-08-2012 11:26 AM
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RE: The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
This shit is too funny.

Reminds me of when I was in high school. Had a job at the grocery store bagging groceries and had that whole place on lock. Who would have thought that hard-working kid who was so polite with the old ladies could be running the place behind the scenes. Every one loved me and thought I was a damn hard worker. Little did they know...

On the second story of the building, there was this big warehouse-type room with stacks of cardboard boxes that went about 20 feet high. Inside these boxes were multiple packages of paper towels, so the boxes were really big. You could stand on top of the stacks, which were all pushed together making a mountain of boxes, like it was a hardwood floor. It was that sturdy.

Anyways, I rearranged some of the boxes on the edge in irregular stacks so you could basically bound up to the top really quick without it being an obvious set of stairs. Then I hollowed out the middle of box mountain to make this little room big enough for about 4 teenagers and left a couple boxes in their as seats. Stashed a bunch of shit I stole from the store up there - I cut into one of the boxes and removed some paper towels, filled it with junk food and liquor, and then put it back in the wall turned backwards so even if we got caught you wouldn't find it.

Me and the other kids would sit in there grubbing food, drinking, and horfing whipped cream for hours. lol They'd call you on the loudspeaker sometimes and you'd have to run down real quick and start bagging groceries (still zorbing off the whipped cream sometimes).

One of us ended up getting busted up there one day and took the rap for everyone. Poor kid got fired but didn't say a word about anyone else.

After a while they put me in charge of the beverage cooler. It was cold in there, so I'd come in with this big snow jacket over my apron and it was so bulky you couldn't tell when I walked out with bottles stuffed in my pants to round up the carts in the parking lot. Slipped them behind a wall and it was drinks on me later on.

Here's some other shit my theiving ass used to do. They had cameras all over the place but word was they were decoys with no tapes running. On night shifts I'd throw all the trash away out back, then fill the empty trash cans around the store with clear plastic. Then I'd walk around the store on a shopping spree and shove all the goodies under the clear plastic.

Once they were nice and full, I'd take out the trash again. lol

Later that night, my roomate and I (moved out of mom's place at 17) pulled up in the staion wagon and loaded up the bags with the groceries and took all that booty home.

Damn did we eat good in those days. Refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards stocked like we were kings and always tons of beer and liquor. Pretty nice for a couple of poor teens living in the trailer park. What a couple delinquents though...

Sometimes I'd take rolls of chew from the store and sell them by the can to the rednecks at school.

I even had a plan to get in the safe for a while when we still had the "room" upstairs. Plan was to let a friend in and hide him there till after closing, at which point he'd empty the safe and smash down the front window to get out (so it'd look like a break-in).

I was always looking over my shoulder for that combo when the manager got in the safe, but never could catch the numbers. Smile probably better off as it would have landed me in a lot of trouble if I got caught. Wasn't old enough to do real time then though - that was my thinking at the time.

For the record, I don't steal anymore and have not for ages. Those were definitely my punk kid days.

Good memories nonetheless...

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10-12-2012 06:12 PM
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RE: The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
I read an article yesterday in the coffee shop from Harvard Business Review, basically said how people who work from home often score less on performance reviews than people who work in the office, even when objective performance indicators indicate that the home worker is more productive, and even when office workers are slacking.

The take home message from the article was that, "Visibility often gives the illusion of performance." Going to work early, leaving late, and being all over the work place are all things that give the illusion of being busy, even if all you're doing is browsing facebook.

If you're at home, but you're not making your presence felt, then even if you make great contributions to the company you will still be assessed as lazy and underperforming.

Anyway, I thought that would make a relevant contribution to this thread. I forgot to note the title and author of the article though, and I was unable to find it on the net. Next time I'm at that coffee shop I'll try and find the reference.

A beginner's guide to jobhunting and networking
10-21-2012 03:02 AM
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RE: The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
Basically you're working a job which only requires 2 hours of your day. So whats the big deal?

Not hating or anything but in fields like i-banking there are things you must finish and take up minimum 10 hours of your day. I could make a post and say "how I do 10 hours of work in 16 hours" and tell ppl these strategies. Just doesn't make sense to me.

With that said, i do like your comments about not asking for more work all the time.
10-22-2012 10:17 PM
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RE: The ultimate slacking at work guide - tested
This is a truly great thread - I just found it. I also consider myself to be a virtuoso of slacking. I work in a programming job.I actually work 1-2 hours in an 8 hour day. My main technique is to make out that things take 6 hours to complete, when it's really only 1 hour. I provide timely updates, leave later than the boss, and work with people occasionally who do most of the work, but I get half the credit. Perception is reality (as someone already said on the thread).

There is a very good reason for this slacking: I am a budding author. I write science fiction books. So, when I can tear myself away from Facebook, I'm pounding out another novel. I will sell these as a series on Kindle, and hopefully make enough to quit the rat race altogether. Here's to having a passion that can be done at a computer!
02-04-2015 06:00 PM
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