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Wall Victims
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RE: Wall Victims
(07-15-2017 04:17 PM)Stirfry Wrote:  A quick note about the wall, from personal experience:

I had a barbecue last weekend with my ex and our kids (we get along pretty well and occasionally have barbecues or do Christmases together for the sake of the kids) and her friends, all women in their 40s, some of their kids, and a few of my friends. It was a nice time and I really enjoy grilling, talking care of people, having a cold beer and hanging out.

These women were good looking and in decent shape. They are probably better looking than many of their peers, not fat, but you could still tell that they are in their 40s, pushing 50- you know, a little too much makeup, and an obvious effort to wear clothes that would be more appropriate for someone younger. Two of them were Brazilian, which probably explains it, but the best looking one of all was American, though she is very tall, which detracts from her appearance, at least in my opinion (she's about 6'2").

All of them were sitting around talking about their divorces and their recent sexual exploits. The entire conversation revolved around what bars or restaurants they went to (I'm in DC and there are literally hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs around), the guys they meet online, the guys they dated and dumped, the places they have traveled, where are the best beaches etc. While at the barbecue, one of them asked me if it would be ok for her to invite a friend over. I said sure, the more the merrier, and the next thing I know a tall young black guy shows up, apparently her latest conquest.

Flash forward to today- I'm at the airport, and while waiting at security I see this enormous land whale ahead of me, folds of fat on her belly almost drooping down over her waist. A few more pounds and the button holding her shorts on would pop off with enough force to depressurize her plane, and what do I see wrapped around her knockwurst fingers? An engagement ring. Some guy got down on one knee and proposed to that thing.

My point is: there is no wall. These old women are getting more sex now then they probably ever did in marriage, and certainly more male attention, which they are lapping up. They have no financial consequences from divorce, considering all they were talking about was bars, restaurants, vacations and boyfriends, and one of them even had a good looking normal young guy hanging all over her. My ex has told me that the tall one has guys hitting on her all the time. Then today I see this enormous, disgusting wildebeest in front of me, sweating her way through security, with a boyfriend/fiancée/husband at home somewhere waiting for her to return.

I guarantee that there are guys who would fuck all of the hags shown here in this thread, from saggy worn out Lindsay Lohan to zombie Cher, all of them, without exception.

Men are responsible for all this. For allowing and pushing feminism, to dating and fucking these shriveled up dusty Egyptian mummies, it's our fault. From every article we click about how "50 is the new 30", to every childless female politician we vote for, it's all our fault.

Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but sometimes I fear that this stuff about "the wall" and how "people are waking up" and all that sounds a bit naive and unrealistic to me. Believe me, I wish it were otherwise.

Had to dig up this old post, because you seem to believe what you write and it's simply not true. Women WILL face the wall and it WILL have (huge) consequences for their SMV.
Those women you talk about are not the norm, they're ABOVE average in looks - MOST women are average, that's why it's called *average*, and these women will certainly face their decline, compared to the enormous power they had in their early 20's.
And your women at the barbeque have also faced a decline. since their 20's, albeit more mildly.

You say there are men who'd fuck anything, sure, but is that REALLY the men that those women truly want? I don't think so.

And that extreme land whale example is extreme. He can have her, lol, he probably enjoys her sitting on him. And, yes, she has faced an EXTREME wall! Some idiot outlier chump supplicating to her, doesn't make that fact any less true.
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RE: Wall Victims
Her heart may go on, but her skin and muscles already went.
04-13-2019 05:41 PM
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RE: Wall Victims

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