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NFL QB's Pic With Wifey: Is It Beta?
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RE: NFL QB's Pic With Wifey: Is It Beta?
I'd say there's a slight distinction between the status boost you get from being a member of an elite, famous organization vs the status you get from being famous in your own right. Both are valuable in their own way.
12-09-2012 10:11 AM
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RE: NFL QB's Pic With Wifey: Is It Beta?
This guy is a great example of what I keep referring back to. Chicks take the desirable guys out of circulation fast in high school and college.

Especially pronounced if you don't live in Cali or New York.

Those other QBs (Mannings, Brees, etc.) got chained pretty young too. Brady is the exception 'cuz he's from the Wes syde.

My Rating Scale for Chicks
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12-09-2012 02:41 PM
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RE: NFL QB's Pic With Wifey: Is It Beta?
Well honestly I dont see the reason to get married as a pro athlete given you could effortlessly slay endless 9's and 10's. but not really beta

Said she only fucked like 4 or 5 niggas so you know you gotta multiply by three
12-09-2012 03:21 PM
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RE: NFL QB's Pic With Wifey: Is It Beta?
A lot of pro players don't have game.

@Althone went in and broke down well the levels of status and how all the top 2% of Collegiate athletes whom do make it pro are more or less on the same level aside from the top tier global stars. This is true.

But I have said many times that being a Football player is some Beta type shit by default. You may be an impressive physical specimen but from HS to the Pros until you get onto your second contract really and still after that until you retire you are property of somebody else. Somebody else dictates your life from age 16 until 35.

Many Pro Athletes use P4P and many pro athletes fuck the same rotation of booty of females whom frequent these circles. Unless you get them while they are young or when they are hella nieve most women unless they have some status them selves won't give a shit all that much. The only Pro athletes I have seen kill it in the field has been Hockey players. I have no idea why I assume from the fact that these young men are "pros" by the time they are High School and playing Major Junior prop hockey. They are not getting a pay cheque but they are getting the perks of being a low-budget pro athlete and are far above any status levels of their High School mates. Plus the boony hill-billy towns they play in after High School until they get drafted they are the main players in town and are virtually gods. This is the same in College Football for sure but the difference is that the young 18 year old Hockey Player now is a "paid pro" versus the College kid whom is a whipped and still has a host of rules to live by. He can still live his life and have his fun but there is a difference when you are a "paid pro" waiting for your draft call to go make millions versus a regular College Athlete.

In the end is this guy Beta for locking down his HS sweetheart? I don't think so at all. Was he tapping bitches on the side? LMAO only if it was p4p. We should all know on this forum how much time it takes to game women. How this guy found the time to go chase tail when he was trying to stay in the league.. not even play in the league.. jsut simply stay in it. Which IMO is way harder then reaching that level of consistent starter level talent. When your in that 2nd, 3rd, or reject string they are trying to replace you and you are fighting for those empty slots. Your life is on the line and IMO you will work way harder then that youngster whom thinks its all kinda easy with all his physical abilities still intact.

Locking down your HS sweetheart if your a pro is not beta just make sure she hot as hell. Because yea I respect dudes locking down girsl that won't be after their money and have been ride or die with them while they devoted 90% of their time to Football or whatever sport they excel at.

Growing up around "pro" athletes I seen how wack they were with women. It does not matter if this is Canada these "Pro" Football players still came from the top 2% of College kids in the NCAA, many came from top flight programs like your Flordia's, U of Texas, and Ohio's of the like. All had the same mediocre game. I was hardly ever impressed. They got tail don't get me wrong but it was a automatic DLV for chics that messed with them and they ended up getting stuck in the cycle of just fucking around the whole team because no regular dudes wanted them after. The team even had a 'hit list' of hoes numbers and Facebook info that they could go after if they needed to get their rocks off. These girls knew the game and these dudes knew the game.. but saying these dudes had great game is a stretch. They were good at football but chasing tail.. I'd rather learn from the Vets on this forum then a 2nd string NFL QB
12-09-2012 07:41 PM
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