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Learning practical knowledge from books and applying it
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Learning practical knowledge from books and applying it
I know there are a lot of guys here who want to improve themselves and read a lot about various topics. I do so as well - I read about nutrition, finance, public speaking, time management, etc.

I was startled recently by a realization that all this reading was largely useless. I would read a book about finance and then move on to a next book about finance without hardly applying anything from the first book. So I thought about what would be the best way to gain the most and I came up with this framework that I am going to apply:

Step 1: Make a commitment. Internalize that reading a book is barely a tip of the iceberg and that you have to follow through with the knowledge learned from the book. It is likely going to be a long process.

Step 2: Selecting the book. Be very selective about what you read. Choose an area for improvement which you believe will have a highest impact on your life. Then look for the best book in the field with the content relevant for your goals. Look through reviews and pay attention to negative reviews. See if there is a pattern in criticism.

Step 3: Read the book. Make notes and focus on things that you can apply and that would have a significant impact.

Step 4: Organize your notes. Make your notes as concise as possible and assess the importance of different pieces of the material.

Step 5: Learn the material. Memorize the notes and quiz yourself on it. If you are not able to describe something out loud or write it down, you haven't learned it.

Step 6: Make an action plan and execute Plan action to implement the knowledge that you learned in your life and carry out your plan.

Step 7: Monitor and assess progress Gain insight through doing about what is working or not. Reassess your plan and decide what actions will you keep as a regular routine.

So my resolution for 2013 is to drastically limit the information that I consume and instead to focus on application. I don't think I will read more than 5 books of practical knowledge next year.

What do you think? How would you improve my framework?
12-23-2012 07:25 AM
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