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The Movie Thread
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RE: The Movie Thread
(10-23-2019 05:47 AM)An0dyne Wrote:  
(10-22-2019 08:27 PM)antman333 Wrote:  If you enjoyed The Shining you might like this movie. The director admitted he was heavily influenced by Kubrick. The Witch... was on netflix last time I checked. A real odd, slow burning movie. Worth checking out if you're in the mood for something creepy and different

[Image: 220px-The_Witch_poster.png]

I was going to comment about this film after debeguiled mentioned he has trouble finding horror films that make one "think!"

The Witch is terrifying due to its accuracy to detail. Even the musical instruments used for the soundtrack are period appropriate for 17th century New England. But the religious content was what was most terrifying to me. If all that's not enough, as far as The Shining tie-in goes, Stephen King said that "The Witch scared the hell out of me."

It's definitely not for everyone--you have to be able to intellectually invest and have a grasp of the theological and historical subtext. It's basically a 17th century Puritan's worst nightmare. If you can't relate (and admittedly 21st century hedonistic hyper-sexualized American culture isn't highly relatable) then it will come across as dull. For guys here, it's sort of about a man's attempt and failure to protect his family from spiritual assault.


Completely different vein, but I watched a a movie called "Shadows in the Sun" today. It popped up on my suggestions on Amazon Prime Video. It's about a young (25-year-old) editor who goes to Italy to try to persuade a reclusive famous writer to sign with him. The mumbo jumbo about art/creativity/writing talent was fallacious, but something that impressed me about the film was the game the 25-year-old was running on the daughter of the famous writer (albeit in the end he got cliche lovestruck over her, but the initial game was portrayed as decidedly romantic). It also portrayed a number of men behaving like men (hanging out in community, no TVs/phones, etc.--even had a priest as part of the group!). Another positive was the mentor-like relationships portrayed between older and younger men. It was a little startling to think that only 16 years ago a movie like this was put out with all those facets in a positive light. I think today most of the male characters would be viewed as "toxically masculine."

I watched both of those films. Both films were excellent. Highly recommended.

I recently watched the film "The Mule" (the Australian film, not the Clint Eastwood one). Based loosely on a true story, I expected it to be dumb and predictable, but it picked up steam and it introduced some interesting and unexpected twists-and-turns. The second half of the film really shines.

A beta male mans-up by the end of the film and gets over on his alpha male tormentor. It also portrays one of the most disgustingly cringe-worthy scenes in movie history, although it was not gratuitous and it involved a key part of the plot. Worth a watch.

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11-08-2019 07:21 PM
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RE: The Movie Thread
(11-02-2019 11:11 AM)Teedub Wrote:  The reactions to the new Terminator on here are exaggerated IMO. The feminism stuff is minute and with the exception of that appalling "Dani Ranos becomes leader" scene, non present. The "I wish you weren't so white" thing sounds terribly woke on paper but it's fine in context as it's in terms of blending in and not drawing attention to the trio.

The Carl character is essentially an extension of the two-day humanisation of the second film. 20 years? He would be basically an actual man. It also added some levity. Arnold is a 72 year old elderly man, as sad as that sounds, having him as some unstoppable monster is just silly at this point. If he is to ever appear in a Terminator movie again, it HAS to be as the human who inspired the 'look'. But with the new timeline god knows what they'll cook up.

But, as a total nerd of the franchise I left the cinema deflated. I guess the whole premise is a lemon with only so much juice, and said juice was squeezed in the first two. Cameron doesn't care about the franchise anymore and contrary to other posters he had a minor role. He helped sketch out a three film narrative but that's pretty much it. Genesis is the second worst film I've ever paid money to see I think, and this was a significant upgrade. But I think they should call it a day. Or go in a whole new direction.

It's just a popcorn movie essentially. And the CGI is rubbish and "that'll do". The franchise is done IMO, there's just nothing else to do with it apart from a really gritty future war film, preferably helmed by a top tier director, who most likely wouldn't touch the franchise with a barge pole. I'm open to disagreement.

Honestly, the Terminator story ended with Terminator 2. There was an Alternate Ending for it but it got canned for some reason.

Most of the sequels (with the exception of Salvation) were just T2 done over to reflect different times but just repeated the time travel bit.
11-08-2019 11:34 PM
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Rainbow RE: The Movie Thread

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