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"I don't normally give my number to strangers" (text message)
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"I don't normally give my number to strangers" (text message)
I met a 23 yr old redhead, (7) on new years eve at closing time. Three sheets to the wind, I approached her as I was passing through on the way to the bathroom. I walked up, advised she was cute, and looked like she needed a drink. So I bought her a drink, chatted for a couple minutes then ran off to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I found her again in a back corner of the club. I have no clue of the conversation except that she said I was cute, and I immediately landed a deep kiss. After that we exchanged numbers. I was so drunk I had forgot about the whole incident until noticing the strange number in the phone.

2 days later, I shot her a text, and received positive response, although she completely forgot about it too, but remembered upon seeing my facebook photo. Here is where I don't know how to respond.

I asked if she'd like to meet up again at an "80% less sober environment" in the near future.

Girl: OK
(1 hour later)
Girl: lol, I'm still embarrassed. I don't normally give my number to strangers. Smile

My reply next day: LOL, me neither, especially after 5 minutes, haha. there must have been something attractive about you.

You can probably tell that I'm fairly new at the texting game. I already feel like that sounded needy.
01-04-2013 02:25 PM
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RE: "I don't normally give my number to strangers" (text message)
You didn't sound needy. It's fine. You approached directly. You were kissing passionately. She knows you want her. Intentions are clear so compliment here was fine too. Besides you offered her meeting right away and set up a meeting and that's what count. If something fails along the way it's because of you went directly like you did.

As for phone game in general if you like some info this is what I like to do..

My phone game in a nutshell

Gaming a girl over the phone is my last option. It's much better to set things up on the spot when I'm talking to the girl face to face and use phone later to tell her when and where we both meet. Only if that doesn't go anywhere I try some fancy shit. Ok so.. we meet and I lead the interaction as far as I can cause I want the girl not her number. We get to the point of mutual attraction and more/less comfort. Interaction is quite solid. It's clear for both of us it leads to intimacy. For whatever reason [accident at a party, duties in daytime, no time, logistics, etc] we can't go further. We exchange numbers. I make her save my number asap and I judge where it can go...

- Later same night/day - If we can meet later same night/day I tell her bluntly that we're meeting later. We split and when "later" comes I call/text her just like I told her and we meet up and it goes from there.


- A date - If we can't meet later same day/night[/u] I set it up a date on the spot. I tell her that we're meeting on X day. We split. Then the next day [or two] I text/call and go straight to the point. It's not needy cause we already set up that date. She expects me to call her and take her out. I execute simplest plan first..

No pleasantries. I don't have to wait x number of days/hours to appear this or that way, it's already "on" so I act accordingly. It's pure logistical. I just send "are you free tomorrow?" and then set up a date close to my/her place. if she doesn't get with the program only then I take more fancy road..

I flirt a little bit over the phone and I end it with specific offer like a message from plan a. So even though it's more flirty the purpose is still there. If she's still not really down for that then something is off. It's likely to take more time. Time to for some work..

I go even more fancy and flirt a little bit more and send her invitation to where I'm already going in few days. It can be anything even shopping. So it's like she gets invitations and joins me. It's very casual and kind of more appropriate here since she didn't wanted to come out 2 times before so apparently she needs to see more from me to get more attracted and comfortable. If this doesn't go also then it means I probably picked the wrong girl. Oh well, I repeat similar offer week later but that has low chances in general. Although it happened sometimes.
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01-04-2013 04:35 PM
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RE: "I don't normally give my number to strangers" (text message)
at least she replied haha

I met this girl on nye at a home party. made out, got her number. sent her a text on the 2nd (and then on the 3rd) with no reply.
At least I partied well enough, but I have to admit that I do feel bad about the sudden rejection.
01-04-2013 10:17 PM
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