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The Cost Of Love In North America
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RE: The Cost Of Love In North America
I agree with you that the majority of people out there are coucou and that's putting it very mildly. Of course, we from the forum are far from being like the average shmuck out there as we do understand what the game is and how the system operates. The problem is the environment is totally poisonous, corrupted and corrisive for a normal, healthy relationship to blossom in here.

As soon as the girl gets bored or when there is an argument between you and her and garanteed that there will be arguments in any relationship, if tempers flare a little bit, all she'd have to do is call the cops for emotional abuse and you'd be kicked out of your own home. Or as soon as she gets bored or doesn't feel the tingles any more, all she'd have to do is file for divorce and you'd be equally if not, more royally and ruthlessly fucked by the court.

Best thing to do for anyone who wants to have a traditional marriage is to a) get a non north-american/non feminist brainwashed traditional girl and b) get married and keep her in country. That is if you want to have a healthy family life, a loving and sweet wife and a decent shot at a normal family life.

I already told my relatives that IF I do get married, it will be outside of North America and my wedding would be also outside of NA and that I would also move out of here very soon. The best and smartest thing any smart guy can do is to either build a portable business/income or a skill that is portable or work for a few years to build a healthy capital and move to a country where the laws are more sane and the women, still women so that he can have a more fullfilling, healthier, happier life. As to the family still left in NA, nowadays, it's only a flight away.

Again, the main challenge is the environment and the fucked up laws and the women are simply a product of that fucked up environment. Trying to have a married, family life in NA is like trying to plant trees on a totally sterile ground. Simply ain't going to happen. And if by some miracle, it happens to work, the extraordinary efforts and high costs involved with it are definitely not worth the effort nor the cost. We all know all the places that are much more fertile to that kind of lifestyles.

Be careful gentlemen and proceed with caution in North America. Men have unfortunately very little rights. In fact, dogs and other pets have more rights than men in the Anglosphere.

Let's analyze the figure that was posted a little bit above:

1000$ for 15 bangs that's 66.66$/bang
1000$ for 12 bangs that's 83$/bang

Let me put it this way: why pay 100 bucks for a taco or a left over and 3 days old frozen hot dog while you can get a fresh and juicy filet mignon for 10 bucks? Think about it guys!
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02-17-2013 01:50 AM
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RE: The Cost Of Love In North America
(02-16-2013 11:35 PM)bigxxx Wrote:  A post from somewhere said it best:
if you want kids, consider marriage
If not, don't bother with it

As for the the 50% divorce rate that gets thrown about (and is true), keep in mind a good percentage of the population is made of idiots. So is it any surprise the rate is that high?

Probabaly the same percentage of the population carries monthly credit card debt. Ive never done that in my life.

So if I did take the plunge, I wouldn't group myself with the average clown who gets married and doesn't what's what. Of course still no guarantees as only 2 things in life come with that.

Of all my friends/people I know that got hitched, most that got divorced were predictable. Same with the ones doing well.

Exactly. If you aren't going to have kids, there is no reason to get married (and even then there is always adoption, although I don't think it usually an option for single guys). I do not intend to have kids and I've crunched the numbers. Even if I had a dream wife who fixed all my meals, did all the cleaning and laundry and generally tried to provide a comfortable home, it would cost me much less just to have it done by a professional. And this is before you factor in that (a) the majority of women are intolerable shrews and (b) the cost and long term financial servitude imposed by divorces and © the cost in time involved with sharing your life with an inferior creature. And to those claiming it will be different in your case and you'll beat the odds: have you seen how a woman can change after 10 or 15 years, not just in looks but in personality and behavior? And presumably you'd want to marry a young woman and these are the ones where you can least predict how'll they'll be in the future.
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02-17-2013 03:08 AM
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