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The NBA Thread
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RE: The NBA Thread
Coach Pop's theory about the death of defense confirmed : Celtics beat the Bulls by 56 points lolz

In other news, Houston is in free fall. Kinda crazy that they were title contenders just recently.

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RE: The NBA Thread
I keep grinning at Luca fucking things up with his impressive Rookie year thus far. For reasons, I can't explain, why teams thought that a kid that has been playing professional basketball against grown men since age 16 would not be ready out the box to be an impact player in the league. Sure, maybe, others have more "upside" but Luca is a beast already! With weak conditioning and a ceiling still to hit physically with his body. The touch, vision, and pace with his game are already there so once his body catches up he will be at another elite level.

I bring this all up because the NBA will soon switch to letting 18-year-olds back into the league. I am against this because I don't think 18-year-old boys are ready to play a grown mans game. There should be a system set up where these 18-year-old prospects are seasoned in the G-League prior for 2 years, with the ability to get called up if they show they are ready. Many do not want this because grimy G-League men who live and die off these paycheques will make it hell for blue-chip babied prospects. For an extreme example, look how badly the young Ball brother (I get Lemello and Lianegelo names confused) struggled in Europe. He was supposed to "dominate" that fixed league and still, grown ass men put the guy to shame every night making him average and exposing his flaws in his fudenementals.

Luca is proving that taking the time to learn the game has its merits. In a perfect world, those who want to gamble to get paid can get seasoned in the G-League while the rest go and commit to College. It would be great to get kids doing 2-3 years at least in College while the rest go and explore an option with the NBA.
Yesterday 11:08 AM
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RE: The NBA Thread
(Yesterday 08:53 AM)Built to Fade Wrote:  
(Yesterday 08:24 AM)JimBobsCooters Wrote:  
(Yesterday 08:15 AM)Built to Fade Wrote:  I think that Wilt Chamberlain would've thrived in any basketball era. Remember, he was so dominant on the court that the league had to change the rules in order to mitigate his on-court dominance.
"Men lie, women lie, but buckets don't." #225

I don't disagree, just really hard to compare him now, but realistically he's like Anthony Davis on steroids, the question obviously being could he develop the range the modern game asks of its centers? The rest of his game was proven and just imagine his athletic ability harnessed by modern training.


Interestingly, Wilt claimed he was reasonably good at free-throw shooting during high school, shooting 80%. I suspect that the free-throw issues were mainly mental, as was the case with Shaq.

The Video Description Wrote:"Wilt Chamberlain says he shot 80 percent from the foul line in high school. The stats say he was a 62 percent free throw shooter in college, 58 percent as an NBA rookie and a career-best 61 percent in 1961-62. For his pro career, he was a 51 percent free throw shooter and shot under 50 percent in six different seasons, his worst being 38 percent in 1967-68. In the NBA playoffs, he made only 46 percent. Yet he holds the NBA record for most free throws made in a game (28), which happened the night he scored 100. A Philadelphia Inquirer story of March 18, 1991, listed six reasons given by Chamberlain over the years for his poor free throw shooting: 1. Arthritic Knees. 2. Too much English on his shot. 3. Too tall, which ruins his shooting arch. 4. Lifting weights made him too strong. 5. His hands are too big. 6. It's all in his head." - Tall Tales: The Glory Years of the NBA

For more information and testimony from this book check out the links below:

Link for book purchase:

Wilt Chamberlain's basketball reference stats:

The fade-away video is the only possible indicator of Wilt's potential shooting range. But he also did this:

"Where's all the game footage pre-1992? Maybe the league doesn't want the fans to know that there's nothing new in basketball (except for the 3-point shot)." #226

Those hook shots don't mean anything. And all that talk about being too strong and too tall is nonsense. There were players who were taller with bigger hands who could make free throws i.e. Yao Ming, Mutombo, Gheorge Muresan, Rik Smits. Being too strong would translate to many other things such as crushing hands by mistake, breaking things etc. All that stuff is just marketing hype. It boils down to something mental.



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RE: The NBA Thread
Wilt shooting a basketball is like you or me shooting a volleyball. Think you couldn't adapt to shooting free throws with a volleyball?

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”

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Yesterday 01:31 PM
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