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Tools Lessons that life has taught you?
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Lessons that life has taught you?
I have been reflecting on a lot of shit recently, so thought I would try and summarize what I've learnt over past few years. This post probably is for the younger cats but hoping it adds a bit of value to everybody in some sort of way. I don’t expect you to agree with it all, it’s merely my opinion based on my experiences, thus far.

As you know, we as humans are constantly learning and changing our views as time passes based on our experiences. Life as whole is very subjective due to the infinite variables that are present in our day to day lives; the way we have interpreted and reacted to each individual variable that has arisen and continues to arise is generally what shapes our current mind sets, ideologies, and principles resulting in who we presently become as a person internally, and if action is taken, externally.

Now as we grow older, we tend to have a lot more LIFE EXPERIENCES. I am talking about those who have gone out there and faced the REAL world alone with little or no financial support. This journey begins once you start hustling and fending for necessities by yourself. Some step in the ring at an early age, this carries high risk, high reward depending on if they wake up after each knockout. For others it begins after that paper degree, early, mid 20’s, where they are groomed into a system that blinds you and for others even later.

It is the accumulation of these real life experiences that will make you truly WISE and this holds true for any particular thing you do!

Reason being:

1) It is necessary to make Actual mistakes with respect to the way YOU as a person think, act , behave or respond in any particular kind of environment(s), situation(s) and person(s). With repetitions of similar scenario’s your mind will keep adjusting itself in the best way possible in order to be able to attain whatever you are trying to achieve.

Think about it like going to practice for a sport or riding a bike or approaching. It’s the same type of thing except in life it’s these experiences that mould you either in the right or wrong direction. You must also decide what is right or wrong for yourself.

2) Your mind will associate trends with the way people in YOUR particular environment(s) or situation. Think, act, behave and respond. With repetitions of similar scenarios your mind alerts you of the hindrances and the path it thinks you should take in order to attain whatever you are trying to achieve.

Think spotting a girl, who gives you a certain type of look, and you’re automatically able to acknowledge that any type of game your about to spit will probably not be worth it.

Reading books, forums, and blogs on any subject may provide you a platform or a foundation to build upon. Heck, they will also give you more knowledge, if say you wanted to sit an exam or debate or feel like an expert when in reality you are not. All the information you assimilate, if you actually attempt to incorporate it, consider it a form of adjustment, accepting that it may be rejected in your world depending on how the variables of your situation react to you as a person.

Unfortunately, because of the way we are wired as humans. It is very easy in today’s day and age to fall victim to your own mind’s mechanism and become a beta male or a victim to Materials at the expense freedom, happiness and comftablity which is what I believe we should all strive for and women of course. Anyway I am starting to sound like some self-help book which was not the intention of this thread. So I’ll get to the Point now.

There are overall ruling laws in life, principles and lessons in life that each and every one of us will value based on our own experiences, these of course will change as we grow. But I just wanted to drop a few of mine in no order of preference that I believe are true and encourage all of you to share yours. Even quotes will sounds cheesy at times but when transcended to reality are COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

Here it goes:


Personally, I believe every Man should be proud; it is an Alpha trait that shows in your confidence, it is that inner belief that ignites the flame. However, don’t allow your pride turn to ignorance. Humble yourself and listen to what others are saying, especially the elders who may not even be bothered to argue with you. But I can bet you they have enough life experiences that you will eventually understand why.
Try and take your pride down a couple steps and you’ll be better off.


Do not make irrational decisions as a Man when you are angry. This should be common sense but you’ll be surprised. Similar to how you lose all your senses, when you are undressing a sexy horny brunette
Hit the gym, hit the bags, do something your passionate about, get out of that environment If you get angry, it happens to the best of us. Try and Channel your anger into something of importance if it’s taking some time to subside.


people don’t even realise when they are doing this, they are blinded, Wake the fuck up. They forget themselves for their need for the $$. Strive for freedom and comfort first. Don’t kill yourself over materialistic status.
‘Money can’t buy happiness but I would rather be crying in my Ferrari’
this mentality may seem cool, but you’ll be surprised how many guys are actually crying in their Ferrari’s at an older age when they reflect on their lives.


self-explanatory. But take this as a warning. There is always an interior motive; even in business you may think you the deal is good. You could have gotten a much better deal most likely. So learn to haggle if maximizing profit is the aim.


A bit contradictory to the last one, but if you want less stress, let your contacts take a higher share of the profits. Take small commissions on many deals or big deals. It’s a type of leverage that works in your favour. It encourages others to do the hard work for their profits meanwhile your receiving a type of passive income. It's hard to pull off and it involves knowing the right people but it's worth it in the long run.


LISTEN you are not going to become really good at something if you don’t put in the hard work. PERIOD. dedication, time and most importantly Consistency. Being consistent is hard work by itself. Adopt this trait and you will exceed in that particular field. Think about anything you ever got good at, where people congratulated you. How did you get to that point?
You can't do everything in this world, don't be a jack of all trades and master of none. Work on your weaknesses if they are relevant but focus on your strengths.


This is a Fact whether you want to believe it or not. Especially in business, sports, seeking employment. Anything you want to do or be in life, you’re better off surrounding yourself around people who are most likely to have the contacts. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK, Word of mouth, it’s how the world works. Hate it or Love it.


it’s important, not necessarily college education but the higher probably the better these days; it liberates the mind in the sense that it allows you to think rationally and adjust quicker to those life experiences. In the world we live in today it’s so competitive, that it’s starting to become almost essential. So if you have dreams go for them by all means but have some education as your back up plan. Because I can assure you if you want to be the next 50 cent, Messi or Jordan you are skating on thin ice, statistically speaking of course.


Honestly people, don’t trap yourself with narrow minded people or anybody who takes life way too seriously. They will have a negative impact on your life. And you may think you got your Shit together and nobody can influence you. But you are wrong, hang around people long on enough and your mentality will start to change. Take this how you want to, but just be warned.


I am often asked how? or why I’m not that phased to approach. Well the reason is, when I was a kid I used to laugh, joke and have fun. People used to play outside, and play on the park every day, interaction seemed a naturally normal thing to do. That park was full of joy from children, teenagers and adults all having a good time. I go there now and every day it’s empty and miserable, just like British weather. And on the bus/subways people seem afraid to smile at each other, all staring at the wall like zombies. I can’t really understand why the vast majority are afraid of interaction. It’s a healthy thing just like Sex.

A CLizzy
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04-16-2013 02:24 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
Control your anger. Fix your issues. Choose your battles wisely.
04-16-2013 03:18 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
You are not special (you are more mediocre than you think in most things)--->There will always be somebody better...Don't let pride/ego blind you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail----> Action is the easy part in life. Navigation/Diagnostics is the hardest part.- Its easy to "do something", its hard to "do the right thing".

Somehow everything in life boils down to money/power and sex. Might seem ignoble, but that what people have been about.

Find people who are better than you and trust their opinions.

WIA- For most of men, our time being masters of our own fate, kings in our own castles is short. Even those of us in the game will eventually succumb to ease of servitude rather than deal with the malaise of solitude
04-16-2013 03:49 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
If you'll regret not doing it, DO IT.

I've got the dick so I make the rules.
-Project Pat
04-16-2013 04:12 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
It's better to be alone than in bad company.

You're the average of the 5 people you hang out with.

There are no shortcuts to get good at something. It's a lifestyle change. This goes with getting laid, working out, managing your finances, and keeping an athletic body.

Small changes made slowly have a drastic effect over time. Best example I can think of is one of my friends who wakes up every morning and busts out several sets of pushups and pullups, then he goes for a sprint. He's no bodybuilder, but he has at least twenty pounds on his formerly identical twin brother.

“I have a very simple rule when it comes to management: hire the best people from your competitors, pay them more than they were earning, and give them bonuses and incentives based on their performance. That’s how you build a first-class operation.”
― Donald J. Trump

If you want some PDF's on bodyweight exercise with little to no equipment, send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
04-16-2013 04:38 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
* Time is the most valuable asset in Life ( besides health). In fact, time is life ! ... Do not waste it checking people out on FB all day, smoking weed with your basement with your loser friends or watching memes on the internet.

* Being brutally honest with yourself is necessary ! Helps you identify the problems that you have & actively work towards improving them.

* Everything in Life is a transaction. Besides the love blood related family members have for each other ( maybe a few MALE friends), everything else is conditional ,negotiable and dependent on what value you can offer.

* Let go of anger and bitterness & focus on aspects of your life you can control !

Fine ... Liberals piss you off , yes women are entitled & hypergamous , you had a nice Job but she fucked Jamaal from the liquor store ?

Accept it .

Harboring anger & bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

* Pussy is the World's reserve currency
04-16-2013 09:50 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
Don't count your money until the ink's dry.
04-16-2013 10:58 PM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
(04-16-2013 04:12 PM)ElBorrachoInfamoso Wrote:  If you'll regret not doing it, DO IT.

I think that the gayest acronym to come out in recent years is "YOLO" but it has a point.
My life lesson is that overcoming fear has its own satisfaction.
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04-17-2013 12:58 AM
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RE: Lessons that life has taught you?
(04-16-2013 09:50 PM)LibertarianBootyHunter Wrote:  Harboring anger & bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


The effect of that poison will occur subconsciously. It is released in a slow and subtle manner, every single day.

The end result hurting every aspect of your life over time.

So learning to let go, is the best thing you can possibly do for your own sake.
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04-17-2013 07:49 AM
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