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butthurt feminist defends fatness
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butthurt feminist defends fatness
1. Stating a specific size, shape, or weight that’s less okay.

Example: “Women who are a little bigger are more attractive, but 400 pounds? No.”
Example: ”It’s okay to be plus-size as long as you don’t have fat rolls.”
Fat acceptance is for all fat people. If you draw a line – 400 lbs, 500 lbs, “apple”-shaped, people with mobility issues, etc – and say that people on one side of the line are okay and people on the other side aren’t, you are part of the problem.
2. Acting like a food coach whenever a fat person is eating “healthy” foods.

Example: (When ordering a salad): “Good for you! You’re making such a healthy choice!”
How fucking condescending can you get? You don’t know anything about that person’s regular food choices or why they’ve chosen this particular item. Even if you did, how weird is it to make this kind of judgmental comment. Keep it to yourself!
It should go without saying that you shouldn’t comment on the “unhealthy” food choices of a fat person, either, like happened to the person in this post.
3. Talking about food in moralistic terms.

Example: Reader AmandaLP suggested, “The one that bugs me the most is ‘diet talk,’ or the constant justifying of food choices. ‘oh, I can have this cupcake, I deserve it, I worked out,’ as if people who don’t work out don’t ‘deserve’ tasty treats. Or the ‘No, I was bad for lunch so I’m having a salad,’ as if they have to punish themselves for eating tasty food.”
Food is lots of things. It’s comfort, it’s calories, it’s communion, it’s history and tradition, and it’s fucking yummy. Two things that it isn’t is GOOD or BAD (unless, you know, e coli). And you are not a good or bad person for eating.
4. Casually mentioning Cheetos, donuts, bonbons, or McDonalds in relation to a fat person.

Example: “That guy must own stock in Cheetos,” as a way to jokingly say, “That guy is fat.”
Thin people also eat these foods. Gratuitously bringing them up in the context of fat people is making an inappropriate correlation between weight and certain foods.
5. Acting surprised when a fat person is active.

Example: My friend Kitty said, “[S]ometimes I get a shocked look and someone says, ‘wow, you are a good dancer’ like for some reason they had thought about me dancing before and decided it was unlikely that I would be able to.”
Example: “She’s a really fast runner for her size!”
This kind of shock at fat people being active spans a wide spectrum. At one end, you have assholes leaning out of cars to ridicule fat people who are running or riding bikes. At the other end you have people who think they’re being encouraging with a condescending “good for you!” bestowed upon the exercising person.

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04-20-2013 04:09 PM
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RE: butthurt feminist defends fatness
It sounds a lot like those thin privilege groups,they have some actually funny stuff

"Go be fat on someone else's time."
04-20-2013 04:34 PM
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RE: butthurt feminist defends fatness
Thin privilege is not having your grandfather offer you 5 dollars per pound if you’ll lose weight.

Thin privilege is not having your father offer to double it when you come home crying.

Fatter crying nothing! i bet she will spend her 5 dollars buying ice cream . And something similar with those 10 dollars

Thin privilege is your uncle commenting with “I’m glad you’re safe” on your Facebook because you live in Boston, and not having your thin cousin reply, “Were you actually worried? It’s not like SHE’D go anywhere near a marathon! LOL XP”


"Go be fat on someone else's time."
04-20-2013 04:46 PM
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RE: butthurt feminist defends fatness
Sorry lads.. I can't comment on this since I read the title "21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People".

I hate fat people. End of discussion.
04-20-2013 06:27 PM
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RE: butthurt feminist defends fatness
Quote:Fatness is a body type. It’s a shape or a size. That’s IT.

Nope, dead author. Fatness is not a body type, it is a condition, that can be cured with effort and force of will.

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04-20-2013 06:42 PM
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RE: butthurt feminist defends fatness
Good Lord, that comment section is such a trainwreck - I had to read it.

First off, for all the complaining about "morality policing" they do, the gender warriors/fat acceptance/etc. have no leg to stand on. Honestly, these sorts of people far outclass any of the mainstream bible-thumpers, in my opinion. One comment mentions, "[the field of public health] sends out moral crusaders to bring everybody in line..." What exactly would be the point of the field if they weren't educated on the appropriate standards of health, how to get people to make better health decisions, etc. Moreover, would you level that same criticism on Queer Studies students? Women's Studies? Which brings me to my next point.

They assume that the science comes after the moralizing. This right here might one of the most annoyingly feminine traits in the world. They cite the definition of morality as, "conformity to the rules of right conduct." Well, no shit if (which it is) the science that states obesity is unhealthy is correct. This probably rubs the garden-variety social constructionist raw because it limits their ability to reform the world into how they want to be. I've always thought the blank-slate mindset is often fueled by narcissism - which is clearly on display in this post.

It is clear that these pro-fatties feel guilty about being fat - they repeatedly talk about "made to feel bad about being fat." Well, first, nobody can make you feel anything if you don't already have some predisposition to it. Second, instead of healing themselves and finding ways to gain real self-esteem - in other words, outcome independence, they demand that everybody else change. Even the title is evidence of this. Half of the points are infantile - "#17 Making Any Statements About Childhood Obesity" - suggesting somebody that doesn't want to change themselves (lose weight because they clearly feel guilty about being fat) or learn to deal with any statement/action that makes them aware of their fat guilt - which drop under the umbrella term, "hate."

You could sum up the entire post and comment section with: "Science is hatred if it doesn't make me feel good about myself. Also, if you are an eco-warrior, don't drag me back in the ocean if I'm at the beach."
04-20-2013 11:31 PM
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