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The downside of high: marijuana induced psychosis
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RE: The downside of high: marijuana induced psychosis
I've discussed this at length with several people recently, that have done drugs through the entirety of their teenage years, and are still regular functioning members of society - without any limiting mental or social issues.

Personally, I love doing things high. Everything is far more enjoyable, so I tend to smoke a lot.

The real killer here, is that weed seems to make a lot of people sit around and do nothing. When you do that, you tend to get very introverted and stuck in your head, thinking about everything, etc, etc. People that do this are the ones that are at risk of any mental health problems. One could almost expect to find that these people were pretty likely to end up in such a state anyway - this is often glossed over. I've observed that people with mental disorders growing up, definitely have more of an affinity for being drawn towards drugs.

It's also important to rembeber that weed is a drug that gets used in conjunction with other drugs - probably more than anything except booze and cigarrettes. These also probably have a large affect on whatever studies.

Summary: Smoke weed all you want, unless it's stopping you from doing things you would normally do, and being active in general. It's very well possible to perform pretty much any function you can perform sober while you're high, and just be normal. Most people can't even tell the difference between me sober, and blazed off my face.
06-09-2013 12:39 AM
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