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Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
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kerouac Offline

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Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
There are a string of modern femme-fatale who take it upon themselves to spend their me-time reading about the subcultures of society which could be labeled as the "sexually-devient" and it is their aim to understand and, in a sense, identify with these various subcultures.

I don't know how often it is now that I read the opinion section of some online newspaper only to hear how some prostitute is an amazing character who has traits that all women should look up to (sexual and financial independence) and this just strikes me as extremely odd.

Do we, as men, look at the various perverts, voyeurs, trench-coat wearing exhibitionists (also, mind you, a part of the sexual-devient category) and think to ourselves, "hmm, that guy is so courageous for showing off his ding-dong to that random poor girl sitting on the park bench eating her lunch sandwich!"?

No, most likely we don't. So why is it that the women's lib movement finds it alright to look at a prostitute as a role-model? How did feminism go from the want of equality under law, such as the right to divorce, the right to vote, the right to property, etc., to trying to identify with the prostitutes and porn starlettes?

This is how "feminism" went from being known as a righteous cause to a joke. And, this is most likely because feminism lacks a strong male leader to slap it in its place Banana (hey!).

In a sense, I think feminism needs a new leader, a leader to penetrate the all ladies club and bring some much needed testicles of steel!

Who's with me?!?! CheerleaderTreehuggerPunchballs
07-22-2010 04:48 PM
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Mrs. Chocolate Offline

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RE: Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
Huh? I didn't get it at all.

Deixa que essa fase é passageira, amanhã será melhor você vai ver a cidade inteira seu samba saber de cor!
07-22-2010 05:58 PM
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Kona Offline
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RE: Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
I was reading some internet thing the other day about a whore who for some reason was almost painted as a role model. I can't find the article, but I know it was on something from California, and maybe it's the same thing you read, Kerouac.

When I was reading it this was my thought: Except for Mrs. Chocolate, and all of our moms and sisters, women are stupid.

Anyone who knows anything about prostitution knows full well there isn't an "independent" prostitute on this planet. Would the girl in the article I read's pimp be perceived as a role model if the article was about him? No way.

07-22-2010 06:54 PM
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beebopaloo Offline

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RE: Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
Hahahaha. Sounds like your the man!

On a sidenote, I wouldn't mind if girls actually started adopting the porn star mindset (and of course, I don't mean charging for sex...)
07-22-2010 06:56 PM
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OGNorCal707 Offline

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RE: Focusing On "Sexual Identity"
I'm not sure which articles you guys read, but there's an article I read about a BDSM porn star in San Fran in the SF Chronicle, I think her name is Lorelei Lee or something like that, and it portrays her pretty positively, as an independent, open-minded, artistic, strong woman. I've seen her porn work and it's pretty good shit, but I'm trying to lay of the porn these days, not sure about her being a role model though.
07-22-2010 07:24 PM
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