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Player's Log / Lounge
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RE: Player's Log / Lounge
But on another note...two girls I matched off Tinder and got the digits for, who then responded to texts, who I showed slight hesitation with meeting up (and by slight I mean I didn’t completely make my schedule fully accommodative for them) didn’t respond to my hit ups on tuesday and Thursday.

Yeah...both of which are girls I wouldn’t pursue IRL. Great example of why Tinder should be treated purely as a pipeline. Like, I just don’t get “ghosted” by women that ugly when I’ve cheated on women more attractive.

No. Just no.
Yesterday 10:31 PM
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RE: Player's Log / Lounge
Had a date lined up immediately after work this evening. Got a text early this morning saying she's still sick (been sick since Monday) and asked if we could reschedule to next week. I'll hit her up in a couple days because I believe that she's been sick and has apologized profusely since I wrote in the I-Just-Got-Flaked-On Thread. Also good when she wants to reschedule.

Since that happened, I had two other girls who wanted to hang out tonight. Texted both of them to see if they wanted to get together. We'll see which one wants to hang.

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Today 08:46 AM
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RE: Player's Log / Lounge
Anyone date a taller girl? I'm 5'7" and she's at least 5'10".

I don't mean a bang, I'm actually interested in this girl. She's 20 but seems to have a good head on her shoulders and decent morals. I'm not holding my breath but I'm open to spending more time with her.
Today 09:59 AM
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RE: Player's Log / Lounge
Does it bother you that she's taller? Even a little bit?

If it does, she'll smell your insecurity and you're dead in the water.

Have a true No Fucks Given attitude and it won't matter to her....and you.

Most of these Tinder skanks say they want a guy 6 foot plus...but the funny thing is, they don't know what the fuck that is. They are just spewing the same garbage other thots are. Don't listen to it.

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Today 12:24 PM
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RE: Player's Log / Lounge
@[email protected] is absolutely right

I fucking love taller girls, I literally call them "breeders", I've noticed most tall girls were/are athletic and have decent bodies.

Making her comfortable with her height is probably the most important thing, because females always worry about their perception from others.

The more confident you are and don't care about her height the better.

Tell her to wear those heels, if she worries, tell her you love heels on those sexy legs of her.

Then slap her ass, and tell her, "besides, height doesn't matter laying down"

Chicks eat that shit up.

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Today 01:03 PM
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