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Are french women overrated?
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RE: Are french women overrated?
(03-05-2019 08:46 PM)MrRoundtree Wrote:  
(03-05-2019 08:09 PM)a beer is enough Wrote:  My experience with French women has not been as vast as some of the guys on this thread but I really want to put this out there. From my experience, it seems like Southern France tends to produce the women with an inferiority complex. Maybe it is because they look Mediterranean and there is some low self-esteem involved with not looking white enough. I've had the best experience with French girls that looked more Nordic while the ones who looked closer to the dark hair tanned skin Italian types were extra bitchy.

Goes back to the point on this thread some have made, France seems to be the center of it all. So maybe Northern French girls have the pride and high self-esteem that you would find among Scandinavian women while Southern French girls not only have the looks, but worse yet, the personality and mentality of Mediterranean women.

You could be on to something but the reality is a bit different.

Northern regions of France (Britanny, Normandy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais) were traditionnally some of the poorest regions of France, people are normally there a bit more down to earth than in the south. A lot of Britons move to Paris, Lille is rich but the rest of Nord-Pas-de-Calais is pretty poor and considered retarded, girls who move to Lille stay a bit more humble if they are from the region. They have nothing in common with scandinavians women, they have flemish ancestry or are flemish. Infact, the most bitchy girls from the north are all flemish french. Most Normands and Britons look like French Canadians and are pretty friendly, we actually get along pretty well with them.
Nord-pas-de-calais is considered the friendliest region of France, it is also a region that produce beer and not wine (excellent beer). However, the bad weather can make people seem cold and moody if you catch them at the wrong moment, it really affects the mood.

And the south is vast, girls from Montpellier and Toulouse for exemple are much cooler and down to earth/down to fuck than girls from Nice for exemple. Nice is almost italian and families are important, the culture is pretty different. Also, a lot of girls from south have north african ancestry, heritage, or parents, where family is valued and are a bit more conservative. But everybody is different, the south also is more social circle oriented, and I met some pretty dtf/chill and friendly girls from the south in Lille....apart from Marseille though, the south (which is Côte d'Azur in most people mind) doesn't have any big city or University (NIce is not that big) which means that a lot of people know eachother and there's not a huge influx of students.

Lyon is the sweet spot in France to meet friendly petite girls with feminine features like in the south without the social circle stigma of getting caught with a stranger, the city is big enough and has a lot of students and young professionals.

you are 100% right I am from brittany myself it might sounds weird for non fench people but in my opinion most french people are stuck up arrogant bitches especillay in Paris and the south east)

First time I realised how weak and beta the french were was when I went to Australia backpacking. many of them trash talk you behind your back. I remember this time a white parisian faggot converted to islam was making fun of people from my region and me. One night I took him aside grabbed him by the collar and was about to fuck him up, once he realised it, he started to scream for help. First time in my life I felt ashamed being french. I consider myself a Breton before considering myslef french.
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