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What is an acceptable salary for an average man at each decade milestone?
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RE: What is an acceptable salary for an average man at each decade milestone?
(02-14-2019 08:46 AM)Donfitz007 Wrote:  I noticed this site had gotten very "anti-rich" It seems to have went the same way that the rich used to look at the poor. People saying things like "you can't raise a family while making more than 500k a year" or "The rich get divorced way more often" etc

I don't care if it's true or not but I thought one of the biggest goals of people on this forum was to get "fuck you money" as soon as possible then work a job they like without having to rely on a paycheck.

People on this forum should work to be Above average in every way. "its better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war" Its best to have millions saved up and never touch it unless you need it, than to need a million and not have anything close.

Contrary to popular belief money does buy happiness, You just gotta know how to spend it.

The biggest dysfunction with wealthy families seems to be inverting the relationship between their career/company and their wife/children. A high achieving father will treat his career like it's the main purpose of his life and gush about it like a romantic interest. Subsequently, the children and wife are seen as pawns in the greater scheme of the company. A perfect example is Trump. The forum loves to blindly adore him as a great father but if you really look into the details he was highly dysfunctional. Two divorces, affairs, five children that he barely talked to. All of his ex wives and children said that he was hardly present for their childhood. He literally would not participate in a leisure activity with them and could only communicate with them regarding his real estate business. The reason they turned out alright is because he was powerful enough to give them direction and purpose into an extremely high paying career. Your average middle manager or small business owner who has his mentality is a guaranteed disaster.

You can see this a lot with wealthy families in NYC that hire au-pairs to care for their children in the summertime and send them to boarding school during the year. I've dated some of these au-pairs and the way they describe it, the parents are so caught up in narcissistic activities such as attending social events and being on the board of twelve different companies that their children takes a backseat to the parents glory.

One of my goals if I hit a seven figure income is to never become more emotionally attached to my source of income than my family. I love my career success but I'll never look at my company as a loving organization that is my purpose in life. I like material things as much as the next guy but I'll never be sitting at the country club having a passive-aggressive conversation with the Restonburgs on whose children are more successful.

Another thing that I see in working class families vs wealthy families is the priority on academic and financial success. Working class families typically put less pressure on their children to achieve academic and financial success as opposed to the boiler room environment that wealthy families give their children, but in reality the reverse should be true. Working class kids don't have as much of an option to be below average financially while wealthy children do.
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