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Fat Enthusiast Paula Deen Shitcanned
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RE: Fat Enthusiast Paula Deen Shitcanned
(06-24-2013 08:47 PM)Seadog Wrote:  I defend her actions on the basis of equality. If everyone is equal and everyone is colour blind, and there are zero inherent differences between anyone based on race or sex, (As opined by a good many) why is it ok for certain people to use that language, and not others, based entirely on the colour of their skin? Sounds racist to me. And why the huge focus only on language? The real race problems are those things that where all else is equal, certain groups of people still get the shaft.

In Canada here someone called the cops because there was a black postman in the neighborhood and they thought he looked suspicious. Or like I mentioned in the other post about all else being equal, black people are called back much less frequently for jobs. Those are the issues that need tackling, not language.

At the same time I agree with you she was a dumbass for saying those things in a public forum, she should have known better, and generally too when I'm around people I don't know and actually who i'm trying to make a good impression with, try to keep that sort of language to a minimum. That said, why am I expected in that sense to 'get it', while a woman who dresses like a slut, and then gets treated like a slut, doesn't have to 'get it' that that's how the world works, and she should know better?

I agree with the gist of what you are saying that we should focus more on remediation racist practices instead of regulating language.You are coming from a place of logic. However, in the real world that's not the way it works. Blacks aren't naive, we all know some Whites use it to refer to in a negative connection Blacks. But is cool, just don't get caught using it by the wrong person. But this is not what this case is about, this is about Deen using racial slurs in front of her subordinate. She assumed because her employee was white she would co-sign and be cool with it.

I understand your frustration that is not fair that Blacks use it and some Hispanics(who can pass a White) get a total pass as well. Shit, even seen American as apple pie White guys who were raised in the projects in Staten Island use it and nobody bats an eye. I can see why this would confused you. For what is worth, I dont let anybody call me that Black or White(Actually I have never had a White person called me a Ni*** in my life).

(06-24-2013 09:13 PM)MrXY Wrote:  Do you agree then that the same rules should be applied to blacks or whoever uses racial epithets against white people?

Because you know very well they aren't right?

Show me where have I posted that its ok to call White people racial epithets? Where do you work that you were called a racial epithet by a Black person in front of co workers and they weren't terminated? Show me a Black television start who says racial slurs about White people. Let's not start to move the goal post here.

I know it is a popular meme among some in the Manosphere that Blacks can do and say whatever they want and they are not held accountable. This might be true for hood folk who dont have two nickles to rub together but for Black entertainers they have to be very careful what they say. Any Black entertainer who says anything negative about Gays or anti Semitic comments and hes done.
06-24-2013 10:36 PM
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RE: Fat Enthusiast Paula Deen Shitcanned
Interesting take.

"Some people don't think it be like it is but it do".
06-24-2013 10:58 PM
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