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Thank you ladies for keeping me red pill
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Thank you ladies for keeping me red pill
I've got to hand it modern women. I'd really to really live in a dark world of cognitive dissidence to seriously consider getting serious enough with a woman for our relationship to reach any sort of sense of achievement.

Us men have biology that can make us stupid sometimes, but its been good for the development of the human race. With the modern era's arbitrary morality to inform us of our responsibilities to everyone but ourselves, it seems like a given that letting a woman share a residence with us and caring for her financially would be a given.

But not for me.

100 years ago, I would have totally gone for the marriage thing. In fact, when I started university at the ripe age of 19, I knew it was the way to go. I was dead set on it as the default option for my life up until I went PUA out of desperation at age 22/23 and slowly began to learn the inevitable truth:

I'm not having trouble meeting the right kind of woman -- they really are all like that.

The good news is that Western women are really f***ed up enough to believe their own bulls**t and this helps them keep it real.

And by keep it real, they insist on living publicly as strong, independent women.

They put time and money into developing themselves into women with a career future, women that can take care of themselves. "I don't need a man."

But biology doesn't lie. Because, after yet another night out on the town with friends, in the public eye, Susan still goes home with me.

Willful Jenna has everyone convinced that she don't take no lip from no man, but she still goes home with me.

Tough childhood Cynthia is five feet tall, but she's got a personality that will remind you that she could easily kill and dismember a rapist twice her size! She still goes home with me at the end of the night.

Mary, Wendy, Laura, Dana -- the names change but the story never does.

After spending the day, the evening, the early morning in the public eye and being independent and strong, she falls into my arms...soft...weak...desperate to feel my arms around her.

She wants to fall sleep knowing that I'm close, believing that she'll never be alone.

And then she goes out the next evening and proclaims to all that will listen,

"Game would never work on me!"

Society tells her that she doesn't need a man and she listens and believes. But her predictable textbook responses to my textbook game tell a different story.

Like most men, I would like to be respected.

If I was to marry, I'd have to be with a woman that participated in boosting other's respect for me.

But the women I meet constantly s**t test me in public and while I win every time and they become soft and mellow in my arms later that night, its only after they've declared to the world that they don't need me.

I sure as hell ain't going to combine my finances with a liar who insists on living in two realities.

One where she is a strong, independent career woman, and two, the other where she still gets to feel safe, protected and cared for at the end of the day.

Sure, we'll both have our fun for a little while. You'll get to be all tough in public and I'll get a feminine lady in my bed at the end of the day.

But sooner or later, I'll say goodbye when I've grown bored and I can just about guarantee you that'll it'll happen sooner that you wanted it to.

Now that I've upgraded to the newest hottie, do you still feel strong and independent?

Of course you do. You don't need no man to take care of you.

Enjoy the wall.
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