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Best Youtube Fitness Channels?
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RE: Best Youtube Fitness Channels?
(09-25-2017 06:22 PM)General Stalin Wrote:  Anybody in here think there is a demand for a legit novice-to-intermediate level lifting channel?

I follow a lot of fitness youtubers who give all manner of great advice on everything from proper form and technique, diet, programming principles, an everything technical all the way to more abstract topics like fitness philosophies, motivation, life goals, etc. There are a lot of channels that are fairly different and have their own flavor to offer, but the one thing that is common among all these channels is all these guys are generally very seasoned lifters with 10+ years under the bar.

Was thinking of starting up my own channel cataloging my own experiences being somewhat of a newbie. The thinking here is that there is something to be said for being relatable. Maybe there is some value in watching traning videos and hearing feedback from a guy than can't bench 315 for reps, a guy that can't squat 225 for a set of 20, a guy that can't pull 5 plates off the floor.


I think you could pull something off if you come off as humble and informative. Too many d-bags in the fitness industry, taking glam selfies and posting them on Instagram. Just make sure you have a decent level of strength and look pretty good!

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09-25-2017 08:46 PM
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RE: Best Youtube Fitness Channels?

This guy seems pretty good. I like his idea of doing rows before bench and pullups before ohp. Get those antagonistic movements working together to prevent shoulder issues. I've implemented this with good results thus far, my pressing has been better with the "warm up" of working sets of pulling motions.

Stalin that sounds like a great idea, sort of a documentation of someones fitness journey from the ground up. Might be kind of janky filming yourself in the weight room all the time but it would be kind of cool if you had a few hundred views and guys in the comment section could offer critiques, as all Youtube commenters seem to love doing!
09-25-2017 10:16 PM
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RE: Best Youtube Fitness Channels?
Athlean X is my favourite channel at the moment. Sean Nalewanyj would rank about second. I also like Alan Thrall, even though his videos are mainly pure strength based and I'm focusing more on bodybuilding at the moment. Buff Dudes is also a decent channel. I used to watch Elliot Hulse a lot but haven't for a while.

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09-26-2017 05:53 PM
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