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The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
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The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
EDIT: Before assuming the thread is primarily about race, read the report first. What the policy paper predicts would happen as a result of the disintegration of the black family applies to everyone. It makes sailent points about the negative consequences of the rise and recursion of the matriarhical household and the disempowerment of the man as the head of the household. It was also a very influential policy paper for the implementation of Lyndon Johnson's War Against Poverty:

Before Bill O'Reilly's comments about the disintegration of the black family, there was The Moynihan Report which predicted the same thing. He was viciously criticised by the black community and feminists, but now with 50 years of hindsight, it turns out that not only was he right, but also the rest of America is very likely falling in the same pattern.

Choice quotes:

Quote:In essence, the Negro community has been forced into a matriarchal structure which, because it is to out of line with the rest of the American society, seriously retards the progress of the group as a whole, and imposes a crushing burden on the Negro male and, in consequence, on a great many Negro women as well.

Quote:"The steady expansion of this welfare program, as of public assistance programs in general, can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States. "

Quote:In 1940, Edward Wight Bakke described the effects of unemployment on family structure in terms of six stages of adjustment.21 Although the families studied were white, the pattern would clearly seem to be a general one, and apply to Negro families as well.

The first two stages end with the exhaustion of credit and the entry of the wife into the labor force. The father is no longer the provider and the elder children become resentful.

The third stage is the critical one of commencing a new day-to-day existence. At this point two women are in charge:

"Consider the fact that relief investigators or case workers are normally women and deal with the housewife. Already suffering a loss in prestige and authority in the family because of his failure to be the chief bread winner, the male head of the family feels deeply this obvious transfer of planning for the family's well-being to two women, one of them an outsider. His role is reduced to that of errand boy to and from the relief office."22

If the family makes it through this stage Bakke finds that it is likely to survive, and the rest of the process is one of adjustment. The critical element of adjustment was not welfare payments, but work.

"Having observed our families under conditions of unemployment with no public help, or with that help coming from direct [sic] and from work relief, we are convinced that after the exhaustion of self-produced resources, work relief is the only type of assistance which can restore the strained bonds of family relationship in a way which promises the continued functioning of that family in meeting the responsibilities imposed upon it by our culture."23

Quote:Duncan M. MacIntyre: "The Negro illegitimacy rate always has been high -- about eight times the white rate in 1940 and somewhat higher today even though the white illegitimacy rate also is climbing. The Negro statistics are symtomatic [sic] of some old socioeconomic problems, not the least of which are under-employment among Negro men and compensating higher labor force propensity among Negro women. Both operate to enlarge the mother's role, undercutting the status of the male and making many Negro families essentially matriarchal. The Negro man's uncertain employment prospects, matriarchy, and the high cost of divorces combine to encourage desertion (the poor man's divorce), increases the number of couples not married, and thereby also increases the Negro illegitimacy rate. In the meantime, higher Negro birth rates are increasing the nonwhite population, while migration into cities like Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. is making the public assistance rolls in such cities heavily, even predominantly, Negro."37
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RE: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
[Image: BQEEZaf.jpg]

You lose money chasing women, but you never lose women chasing money.
08-21-2013 05:02 PM
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RE: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
So, in this really awesome thread here:

Nomad 77 brilliantly wrote:

(08-21-2013 12:23 PM)Nomad77 Wrote:  Then there is the manosphere movement. Which is all good and well but for all intent and purposes it is viewed as a radical, extremist movement without any clear agenda. Currently, the manosphere do not have a clear agenda that the average guy can back in any public way. Most of the writers don’t even exist in the real world as real people. They write behind aliases. It is basically an underground, cult movement at this point in terms of sheer numbers. And while they do have some valid points and ideas they also have some extreme views that a lot of men don’t feel comfortable supporting and that includes me.

And I thought, "Amen. I should point out a race thread just to further his point. Naw. No need to beat that horse. And we probably won't see those again on the Roosh forums for a while, we're all sick of them and they really do nothing but divide us."

Fuck what I thought, I guess.
08-21-2013 05:08 PM
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RE: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
Post from a guy with no rep points and low post count who is posting in Everything Else rather than in the Game or Newbie section.

That does seems to be a pattern, doesn't it?
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RE: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
(Deleted and moved into parent)
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RE: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action (1965)
These race trolls are getting really subtle.

08-21-2013 06:15 PM
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