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Comparing US & world covers of TIME Magazine
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Comparing US & world covers of TIME Magazine
Thought this was pretty interesting, have a look. Even TIME has fallen off the deep end in catering to self-absorption.

[Image: 6402664363_468370d59e_z.jpg]

[Image: 6402664409_e51d14746b_z.jpg]
08-27-2013 02:50 AM
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RE: Comparing US & world covers of TIME Magazine
First off, I hate DailyKos. Pretty sure my IP is banned there because they don't allow dissent there, only liberal opinions.

DK is one of those tone-deaf left-wing websites that brazenly feature needlessly sensationalist "news," all the while incessantly bitching about Fox News while never doing anything but slamming the Republican Party for having too many white males in their fold.

Just on the front page, there is an insipid comic about Bradley Manning in which white people apparently don't care about the issue until he claimed to be a woman. OH - that's against the rules claims the white man, only to have the shrink diagnose him with douchebaggery and learn that gender is complex and the white woman learns war crimes are wrong.

Huh? Gender is a fucking social construction and apparently complex so I need to learn that some men are really women? How is that a social construction? What crimes did Manning commit? I assure you half the readers don't even know, just that Manning is a war criminal who society socially constructed into being a man when she was actually a beautiful woman.

The constant bitching about white people, men and heterosexuals belie a group of highly charged and bigoted folk who think it is okay to be the other side of the hate coin because they don't have the power or privilege to abuse that hate. Like the shrink above who diagnoses the man with douchebaggery, they have a weak grasp of reality and an even weaker grasp on pyschology and how society actually functions.

As far as OP's post is concerned, all I can do is laugh. Narcissists moaning about narcissism in the media. I am sure they think the cure is more liberalism.

It is not. The cure isn't listening to authority figures, but learning to think for yourself in ways that treat others are actual people, not objects in your life.

Trust me, that is 100% beyond the ability of dedicated readers of the site. They need Big Brother.

Old Chinese Man Wrote:  why you wonder how many man another man bang? why you care who bang who mr high school drama man
08-27-2013 12:49 PM
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