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Rudolf Hess - murdered?
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Rudolf Hess - murdered?
I have yet to do a full study of World War II. I have a number of interests - but have yet to fully dive into history. I guess I am saving that for the future.

Still - I always thought the story around Rudolf Hess was crazy.

Why would Hitler's deputy fly to Scotland in 1941 - on a solo mission to try and negotiate peace with the British? Was it an attempt to form an alliance with the British aristocracy who were pro-appeasement?

And why would Rudolf Hess kill himself (by hanging - despite suffering from arthritis) at the age of 93?

I always thought there was some weird shit going on around this whole story. But have yet to investigate it more fully.

Anyway - there is a story in today's papers about some newly released documents which suggest he was murdered.

Quote:Scotland Yard was given the names of British agents who allegedly murdered the Nazi Rudolf Hess in the infamous Spandau Prison but was advised by prosecutors not to pursue its investigations, according to a newly-released police report.

Thought I would pass it along - since it will enable us to start a thread where some of the more knowledgable history buffs can give their views on the weirdness surrounding the story of Rudolf Hess.
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09-07-2013 08:24 AM
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RE: Rudolf Hess - murdered?
I am pretty much an expert on Nazi Germany (if I say so myself!) and I agree that the Hess situation is an odd one. I'm a bit busy at the min, but I'll have a read of that article and come back with my thoughts later today or tomorrow.

09-07-2013 08:49 AM
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RE: Rudolf Hess - murdered?
I always thought the Russian killed him as he was close to coming out of prison. Guess i was right about the murder just accused the wrong group.
09-07-2013 10:52 AM
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RE: Rudolf Hess - murdered?
Hess was whacked in order to prevent the uncomfortable truths from coming out.

1. Hitler and the Nazi Germany were financed by the Anglo-American establishment. (Bush, Rockefeller, IBM, etc)

2. The Anglo-American establishment were actually "Nazis". i.e. Nazi's actually took their eugenics ideas from the US/Rockefellers - extensions of Social Darwinism, racial hygiene , etc.
-Prince Phillip and relative Prince Bernhard - Netherlands
-Operation Paperclip: rescuing valuable Nazi's upon victory in war.- who then worked for the US in Defense,Tech, Universities, Social Sciences, etc.

3. Hitler in fact never had a problem with England and the US - as he saw them as Germanic descended states who should be allied.

4. Hitler's real concern was COMMUNISM and the Red Threat posed by the Soviet Union.

The West-i.e. US/GReat Britain have a long history of creating/propping up regimes which they then later demonize and bring down.
for example: -Saddam
-Bin Laden
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09-07-2013 11:22 PM
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