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Poll: Will mass 3rd world immigration turn Western democracies into 3rd world nations?
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Will mass 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism destroy the Western democracies?
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Will mass 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism destroy the Western democracies?
Mass 3rd world immigration and official multiculturalism are government policies that have affected my life profoundly... and for the worse. During the last quarter century, I have witnessed the radical demographic transformation of my city through massive and indiscriminate 3rd world immigration; this has continued to the point where my city resembles a filthy, disease-ridden and feces-encrusted Mumbai or New Delhi slum, rather than a thriving western metropolis. Every day, hundreds of invading 3rd world immigrants and foreigners are being dumped into the city; these worthless 3rd world immigrants are essentially medieval agricultural pastoralists, speaking weird kluck kluck languages, with bizarre customs and primitive, superstitious beliefs. The government falsely claims that massive and indiscriminate importation of 3rd world trash till Kingdom come is supposed to make us wealthier; this is because population growth means greater economic prosperity, according to the prevailing neoliberal orthodoxy espoused by our transnational elites/NWO. Unfortunately, I have yet to experience this; instead, the only thing massive and indiscriminate 3rd world immigration has done is dramatically lower the standard of living, put downward pressure on wages, roll back labour rights, accelerate slum formation, create hundreds of ethnic ghettos, and increase the amount of government corruption; it has also lead to more gang activity and job creation for the police, increased poverty and homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, more traffic congestion, longer hospital wait times, urban sprawl, more pollution and environmental degradation, loss of social cohesion and national identity, more racial hatred and discrimination, more residential segregation along racial lines, more white flight, loss of biodiversity and valuable agricultural farmland, and more human feces in our lakes and rivers. This isn’t even an immigration program any more; it’s more like a state-sanctioned ethnic cleansing and population replacement program, except that whites are using their taxpayer dollars to foolishly subsidize their own demographic and cultural genocide; I call it genocide because mass 3rd world immigration makes affordable housing scarce by putting upward pressure on demand, as well as depressing wages, retarding economic productivity and reducing living standards; this has the pernicious effect of decreasing the rate of native fertility. OTOH multiculturalism is the attempt to wipe out western culture by replacing it with some incoherent, primitive and superstitious 3rd world mishmash.

With the massive 3rd world foreign invasion well under way, destroying my way of life, culture and standard of living in the process, I can see no future for this country, except as an Islamicized 3rd world country ruled by fanatical mullahs or (taking a more optimistic view) a very multicultural and impoverished banana republic that looks something like Brazil, with whites, hiding out in armed compounds, ruling over the brown and black masses in some nightmarish totalitarian police state where “diversity is strength” and “we are all equal.” In the next 20 years, when this western democracy becomes a 3rd world nation drowning in its own feces, many refugees, especially whites, will try to flee this hellhole and start a new life elsewhere, probably in the nations of eastern Europe, which have remained untouched by massive 3rd world immigration and the destruction it brings.

I know this subject may be too politically incorrect for the site, but does anybody feel the same way? I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s feelings.
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09-10-2013 12:22 PM
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RE: Will mass 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism destroy the Western democracies?
(09-10-2013 12:22 PM)Superstar Playa Wrote:  speaking weird kluck kluck languages

Can't front, I laughed.
09-10-2013 12:30 PM
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RE: Will mass 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism destroy the Western democracies?
Brian, is that you race trolling again?

An indirect race thread for a first post...fishy.

"May get ugly at times. But we get by. Real Niggas never die." - cdr
09-10-2013 01:24 PM
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RE: Will mass 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism destroy the Western democracies?
Don't feed these trolls.

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09-10-2013 01:26 PM
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