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SI FIVE part story on OSU
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SI FIVE part story on OSU
I don't know if anyone has heard about the SI special on how OSU gave money,drugs and woman to their football players here but they are making a four part series on it.

What are your thoughts?

Being a college football or basketball player at a top 25 program must be awesome. If anyone has seen "He got Game" then you should all remember the scene when Jesus was shown the campus and eventually gets a three-some as an incentive to join that school.

I was friends with some footballs players during a few national championship years and they would routinely get offered up sex from some fine woman without even opening their mouths.

For instance...I went to a bar with player X to shoot some pool. There was a married couple at the pool table besides us. It's as clear as day that they are married but as soon as he walks in her eyes went straight to him. Every time it was time for her husband to take a shot she would just stare at him like he was a piece of meat. So finally, she decided to go up and talk/flirt with him right in front of her husband. It got to the point where he would tell her to leave him alone and continue with the game to then telling Player X to stop talking to her.

After a while Player X asked her if she wanted to go outside for a breath of "fresh air". So she told her husband to wait here for a second as she went outside. Husband was obedient and we waited a good 15-20 min for them to come back. After they come back her hair/outfit was a bit messed up but she goes on to try to play pool with her husband as if nothing happened (yes they had sex in her car). Worst part is her husband (at least from what I can see/hear) never even brought up about why they took so long.

Player X later told me that she said she had a "crush" on a few players on the football team with one being him. She even went as far to say that she told her husband the same thing and that she wanted to have sex with him. Her husband was not okay with it but as you can see she clearly didn't give freak..He also said he was going to rebuff her but after the man told HIM to leave his wife alone when SHE was the one doing the approaching, he decided to teach this simp dude a lesson.

I'll never forgot the moment here she walked back in and both husband/wife pretended as nothing happened.

That's the power of fame.

A man is only as faithful as his options-Chris Rock
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09-11-2013 12:16 PM
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RE: SI FIVE part story on OSU
I went to OSU in the 70's.
All the students cared about was sex and football. And not always in that order.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."
09-11-2013 03:03 PM
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RE: SI FIVE part story on OSU
Someone must really have an axe to grind against OSU. The fact of the matter is that these types of things happen at every program to some degree and are especially pervasive at the elite schools. I remember ESPN ran a column authored by a 'Recruit X' in which he detailed things like this happening albeit through basketball programs.

Below 'Recruit X' talks about 'after hours'on a visit:

Quote:After we met with the coaches and all of that, the assistants had us go out with the players and hang out for the night. They ended up taking us to a club.

Of course we’re underage, but it didn’t matter. The players had the hookup and we got in no problem. We weren’t carded at all.

Obviously we’re at a party so there was definitely some drinking and yeah one of the recruits had a few drinks, but I didn’t. That’s just not my thing, but I can’t lie -- I was thinking the whole time about how many NCAA rules we must’ve been breaking. I didn’t think it was too serious, though -- I’m just a young guy having fun.

When we got back to the dorms, the players had girls set up for us. If you’ve ever seen the movie "He Got Game" then you’ll understand better, but there were three of us and there were three girls there for us. We’d never met these girls before, but they were there for us.

I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say we had a great time with them and they were saying the whole time that we should come to the school and it could be like this all the time.

Here he talks about coaches paying guys to come to their school:

Quote:I don’t know if the coach didn’t think I was really feeling the school or that I wasn’t really listening, but out of nowhere he said that he’d be willing to pay to get me. I thought it was a joke and I didn’t respond, but then he said it again and I could tell that he was serious.

He said he would be willing to pay if I was ready to make a commitment to the school and that there were ways to do that. I was honestly a little shocked. I had heard that this kind of stuff went on, but this was the first and only time that it had happened to me.
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09-11-2013 05:28 PM
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