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Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
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Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..

Quote: I LOVE Feminism As a Pickup Artist…

And here’s why.

But first, a minority of guys in the game seem to absolutely HATE feminism and what they call “fem-cunts”.

Not only is it a clear majority in the game, it's a growing portion of the larger western society. This was pulled out of Jesse's ass.

Quote:Their basic argument is this,

(a) Feminism has made women fat, dress plainly, and look ugly and

(b) Feminism has caused women to have “bitch shields” and love rejecting men.

© Feminism turns women into nagging, nasty bitches bent on controlling the man in relationships.

All true. Not every woman, but most of the available women in the American dating market. Fed a steady diet of shitty pro-feminist propaganda in their entertainment they have deluded themselves into thinking that sarcastic shittyness is humor and being moody cunts makes them "interesting".

Quote:… and that only if we could return to the “good old days” where Mom stayed in the kitchen and Dad was the boss of the house, us men would have it so much better.
The myth of “The Good Old Days”

There really were no “Good Old Days”.

There truly were not. But women were not always so hostile toward men, either. It was not, for instance, a social boost to publicly humiliate a man. This is a new phenomenon. Women accepted compliments with grace and rejected unfit suitors with class and compassion. No more. Now they want to Youtube themselves face-palming some guy cause he said she had nice hair.

Quote:For most of human history, women didn’t wear makeup. They didn’t wear pretty dresses, and they didn’t wear high heels.

This is just a fucking lie. The ancient Egyptians are so famous for their makeup that the style still persists to this very day. Furthermore, adornment is an actual instinct in human females. It's how they attract a mate. Piercing, garment making and jewelry making go further back than written human history.

Have you ever read a book, Fuckstick?

Quote:People lived on subsistence farming, and mass production didn’t exist yet.

Women didn’t smell nice either – they didn’t have perfume. Their nails were rough and broken… no manicures.

No irons to straighten their hair. No scissors to trim it. No razors to shave their armpits or pubes (it was a real jungle down there).

No braces to straighten teeth, and no toothbrushes to clean them. Expect a nasty mouth by your early 20s.

Clean clothes? Not easy if there’s no hot water or soap. Only royalty could afford that.

Hot water showers to clean oneself? No way. Unlike what’s depicted in costume dramas, even kings often didn’t bathe for weeks at a time.

There are two problems with this section. First of all the economy of trading goods and making things in exchange for currency has been around for thousands of years. Not everyone was "subsistence farming".

But deeper than that, apparently "everyone" lived in western Europe. None of the rest of the world existed, as he doesn't seem to account for all of the people who had warm Caribbean or African water to bathe in, and those who didn't wear clothes AT ALL until the colonist showed up.

Quote:Getting a hot blow job or trying fun sex positions? If there’s no books or media, she wouldn’t be educated and even aware of such things.

Life was generally brutal and short. Time needed to be spent working to get something to eat, and usually in the field. Or cooking in the kitchen.

Now this idiot just walked face first into his own argument. Kitchens? They certainly didn't exist in the average home until the last 400 years or so. Most meals were cooked outside in the family hearth. Moreover, in most tribal societies girls were taught all about sex from their elders at the very moment they showed signs of puberty. What do you think those women sitting around cleaning the day's kill talked about all evening?

Quote:And even if you did manage to sleep with another man’s wife (women married young, by age 16 typically) you could easily get yourself killed.

That’s IF you were rich enough to live at court or have enough money to own a horse to get around. And that’s a big IF.

And it was this way up until just 100 years ago!

Actually, "heat of the moment" was a legal murder defense up until the end of the 1980's. Just sayin'

Quote:So if we’re talking about “The Good Old Days” before feminism, and yet AFTER the industrial revolution and mass production and universal education, we’re talking about a very SHORT period of time.
The 1940s and 1950s – “when women were still women”

Guys who dislike feminism usually think back to the 1940’s and 1950’s.

At this point, make up, high heels, dresses, showers, toothbrushes and the idea of feminine hygiene had been invented… but still BEFORE the feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s.

Women stayed at home, were feminine and obedient, and “men were real men”.

None of that shit is true either. Virtually all Black and Hispanic women in America worked outside the home in the 1950s. They were maids and nannies and cooked for wealthier families. So all that's just bullshit. It also ignores all the women who worked in factories during WW2. Working is not what fucked up women. Because those same women would come home and cook for their husbands and tend to the children.

Quote:And yet, this culture was NOT ideal for meeting women and dating.

Women were still expected to marry the first guy they had sex with – and they usually did.

Again, factually untrue. The teen pregnancy rate reached it's peak in the 1950's. Girls were taken to the convent, had the kid, then came back like nothing happened. Then the birth control pill was invented. Young girls CLAIMED virginity, but the reality was another matter.

Quote:The nightclub and bar scene was very tame and limited by comparison of today. Club make outs, one night stands, and kinky sex were out of the question in the sexually conservative culture of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

This mutherfucker is talking directly out of his ass right here. NYC was JUMPING in the 1950's. Dance halls and speakeasys were a dime a dozen in Chicago, LA and have you ever heard of New Orleans? Nothing about what he's written is true. It's like he watched an episode of Happy days or Leave it to Beaver and bought that shit. No fucking way was nightlife in America "tame" in the 1950's. We had money for the first time since the depression, and baby, we spent it.

Quote:Having a “good traditional wife” was little better. She went to church on Sundays and gave missionary position on Mondays. The era shouldn’t be romanticized.
A world today without feminism… yes, it exists! And what it looks like.

I lived in Colombia, South America for about 6 months.

Feminist-haters romanticize countries like Colombia as ;feminist-free zones’ where women still dress sexy and act feminine.

First, Colombian women dress sexy simply because the population is *younger*.

30 years ago, Colombian women still lived in dire poverty and had 6 to 9 children typically. Those children are now grown up and are young adults, so there’s simply more young people in the streets today – hence, they simply dress as young adults do.

More horseshit. "Young" girls in America go out in their damn pajamas nowadays and that's supposed to be "cute". Age has nothing to do with the slovenly styled fat bellied cows America calls "girls".

Quote:The climate is also WARM through most of Colombia, making it a natural given that the women will wear less and dress more scantily.

You know that's strange. Moscow and Kiev are pretty damn cold. How come their girls dress like, well, girls?

Quote:In addition, Colombia is poor enough that most people don’t own a car. They WALK. And that keeps them lean and fit and visually accessible.

For all these reasons – that have nothing to do with “feminism” – many Colombian women dress feminine.

Everyone in Korea drives. Even the ones who can't afford cars ride scooters or bikes. Why is that country not overrun with fatties?

Quote:The ugly side of Machismo

Colombia is a very “Machismo” culture. And the law favors men over women.

There are very few laws for protecting women there. A Colombian man can bang a girl, get her pregnant, and move on to another girl with little consequence. He need not fear paying child support.

And men take advantage of that. Colombian men have a notorious reputation for being massive cheaters.

Thus, you’ll find an enormous number of abandoned single mothers in Colombia… and deadbeat Dads. And as a result, women are mistrustful of men in general – and extremely jealous when they’ve got a man.

This kind of culture is NOT conducive for breeding sexually liberated, promiscuous women.

While all of that is true it doesn't explain two things.

1) Why so many players prefer Colombia to the US and have so much success there. And

2) Why so many "liberated" American women put the pussy on a pedestal like it's going to break if they use it.

Anyone can bang low-self esteem gold-diggers and fatties if you have game, no matter the county. When it comes to girls who see themselves as having status the bitch level reaches no higher plain than in America. I've read enough posts on this board from the well traveled to know it ain't just me who sees that shit.

Quote:Instead, a Colombian woman is inclined to date you without putting out for a long period of time to gauge your “faithfulness level” first. Once you demonstrate that you’ll be faithful and you’re trustworthy, only then will she sleep with you.

As a result, Colombian women are generally quite cautious about men and sex. Getting laid isn’t easy – at all.

Unless you pay for it with prostitutes, which is exactly what most Colombian men do.

This is a typical troll move. Jesse's bitch ass struck out in Medellin so now the problem isn't his game, it's the country and the women that are fucked up. Anyone who's successful must be a whore monger. And you're supposed to be a game guru? Fuck off.

Quote:In cultures where women are protected, it allows a much more sexually open society where the dating culture thrives. Which is perfect if you enjoy socializing, dating, and meeting new girls.

No doubt, many American women are fat and obese.

But is this really because of the scourge of feminism?


Women are fat because of cheap junk food and a car-dominated transit system.

When a hamburger costs 99 cents and there’s a fast food joint on every corner, women will get fat.

When the grocery store has an aisle for soda, an aisle for potato ships, and an aisle for ice-cream, women will get fat.

When television, movies, and passive entertainment are cheap and ubiquitous (a legion of thousands of computer artists, marketers, directors and producers spend BILLIONS of dollars to keep you glued to the screen), women will get fat.

And when everywhere you go must be driven too, when cars invade all public spaces, women will get fat.

It has nothing to do with a conspiracy of women to piss off men, and has everything to do with America’s unique brand of capitalism.

It’s not feminism’s fault. It’s modern capitalism coupled with a massive automobile and entertainment industry at work.

For a guy who claims to be an expert on the 1950's Jesse seems to not know a damn thing about the period. ALL of the things he just mentioned, from high calorie food, to fast food diners, to car culture all existed in abundance during the 1950's. And yet, 20 year old girls were not like bean bag chairs. Why? Because a woman was expected to maintain her figure. The term "watch your figure" comes from that era. A wife who got fat after children was frowned upon by her mother, and other senior women around her. She was corrected by her own. Today, her sickening rolls of greasy flab are celebrated by her peers. That, is feminism in action.

The root of feminism is the abdication of accountability. Feminists don't want equality, they want impunity.

Quote:The REAL reason women put their career first

Women who focus on their career has little to do with “feminists” and everything to do with the natural march of modern capitalism.

In the 1940s during World War II, there was a shortage of labor. Countries needed more workers to fuel their war efforts. Millions of men went off to fight while millions of women flooded the workforce to help produce the weapons and supplies. This was the case in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and Stalinist Russia.

Motherfucker you just got done saying, not two minutes ago, that women didn't work in the 1940's! Get your lies straight.

Quote:The process continues. Today, businesses are driven to continually expand profits. And to expand profits, they need to sell their phones, televisions, new cars, kitchen appliances, and so on, to as many new customers as possible.

And when women are working and have earning power, that’s double the amount of people for capitalists to sell to. Women working long hours with big careers is a literal *godsend* and orgy to both business and capitalism.

How many things are wrong with this statement. First of all husbands bought for both people. Moreover the dollar was worth more in the market so a single household earner in the "old days" was equivalent to two incomes today. You didn't add more "buying power" you just diluted what already existed. Now the loss of the dollar's power has to do with many other things that feminism, but let's not act like adding more workers to the force while reducing their value has helped things. It has not.

Quote:As a result, you have more and more women working long hours – and less and less “stay at home Moms”.

It’s not because of brainwashing by a small group of radical feminists, but because of the billions of dollars spent by corporations to pull women into the workforce and turn them into wage-earners and consumers.

No one can honestly argue that taking mothers out of the home has improved parenting in this country. Evidence to the contrary is legion.

Quote:The REAL reason most women are unfeminine

Because you always see feminine women on television, in movies, in porn, and in advertisements, we’ve developed a somewhat warped and unrealistic expectation of women.

Oh do tell, fuckstick, do tell...

Quote:Throughout human history, this is how it worked:

A young girl started to look naturally hot at puberty.

Careful. One of your "liberated" women might read this and label you a "pedo creep"

Quote:She had a young face, young skin, and her boobs and hips started to swell. This was nothing she *consciously* did. It just happened, biologically.

She didn’t have makeup, dresses, nice teeth, smell clean, or “try to look feminine”. It’s just at age 15, nature naturally provides women with attractive qualities – smooth skin, youthful features, coupled with swelling breasts.

We've been over this. Adornment is a natural female instinct and has been found to predate written history. Now, what constitutes "feminine" in one culture might be a giant lip ring, a flattened forehead or a six inch neck (stretched by rings). But the bullshit idea that women didn't accentuate their appearance to attract a mate is patently false.

Quote:Some young man then fucked her, and she got pregnant. She pops out a kid. And another kid. And another kid. And another kid.

Statutory rape is a 20th century invention. Just as often as not, an older man fucked her.

Quote:By age 20 to 25, she’s looking like shit. Think breast-feeding boobs sagging, loss of muscle, hard work raising kids, and lack of sanitation. Hopefully, she lives long enough to see her kids grow before disease or famine kills her off.

Wait a minute. You said it was fast food and cars that made young women look like shit. Now it's fucking that ruins them. That is just not a cogent argument. Most young girls in Colombia with kids don't turn into the beasts you describe, so clearly you disagree with your own argument here.

Quote:The point is, women had neither the money, the technology, nor the time to “look feminine”.

So this desire of men to have women “look feminine” past their teenage years is a completely *NEW PHENONMENON*. It simply didn’t exist before.

Before when? Before then?

[Image: Geikoart.jpg]

Or how about before then?

[Image: fetch.php?media=women_dressing_ia.jpg]

Because in feudal Japan and ancient Greece it seemed women were putting an awful lot of effort into their appearance.

Quote:And it’s NOT in women’s natural programming to try to look feminine. Women only looked naturally cute in their teen years, then looked like total SHIT in their 20s, and then FUCKING DIED in their 30s.

So most women lack the sense to dress up and look feminine. It’s NOT a feminist plot. It’s just how women are fundamentally programmed – they don’t give a shit.

Oh you said it, dipshit, not me. "Programmed". And they are. To believe that they can attract a decent man, that they deserve to, without having to put any effort in to improving themselves. It's called "entitlement" and you should look it up.

Quote:Of course, some women figure out the “glitch in the matrix”. They learn to dress up, act feminine, and they get showered with attention and money from guys. Still, it’s a learned behavior that they figure out to manipulate guys, and NOT a natural impulse. As a result, most women don’t do it.

Define "most women". Most American women? Perhaps. But "most women" implies all women, and that's not nearly the case.

Quote:The REAL reason why women really have “Bitch shields”

As for women having “bitch shields”, this has nothing to do with feminism either.

Back in college I was friends with quite a few girls who were self-proclaimed “radical feminists”.

And to most feminists, feminism is a sex-positive movement that allows them to be more free with whom they slept with. And NOT a “man hating” movement to “control men.”

Another outright fucking lie. Feminism is NOT sex positive toward MEN. It's hostile to men and their innate desires. What feminism attempts to do is justify female promiscuity by blaming men for female sluttiness. According to their diatribe:

"It's the man's fault she's slept with so many guys because men won't commit. It's the man's fault she had sex because he pressured her into it. It's the man's fault because they get to have as many sexual partners as they want so why can't women do the same?"

But the minute some poor guy nails a chick as drunk as him or God forbid, falls for some young girl, they call him a sex predator and haul his ass off to jail. Sex positive my ass.

Quote:And I found the feminist girls were some of the EASIEST girls to get in bed with.

Just join up your University’s feminist group, run some game, and you’ll get laid like crazy.

Who the fuck wants a bunch of dumpy, fat, low-self-image man-haters in Birkenstocks? Perhaps ye of low standards. But not I.

Quote:As for “bitch shields”, if you display enough social value to a girl (leading her friends, having social proof, being clean, smiling, being positive, etc), it doesn’t matter what her ideology or her beliefs are, she’ll feel attraction for you.

She’ll throw out all of her “feminism” or, just as likely, “conservative social values” out the window to get with you.

Again I say: MOTHERFUCKER, WHAT!? All this crap you just threw at us about how women "naturally are" is supposed to just go out the window? If these feminist "values" are so important, why would she abandon them so easily?

And you mean to tell me that 20 years of self loathing and self delusion is suddenly supposed to part like idle clouds and the light of loving feminity will just shone down on her because you wore your favorite skinny jeans and brushed your teeth this morning? OH COME ON! GTFO of here with that bullshit, you CANNOT possibly be serious!

Or are you...

Quote:A “bitch shield” is really just a way for a woman to test your confidence and self-value.

If you slink away at her first snub, it’s a sign of beta behavior and lack of inner confidence. But if you hang in there unreactive, the girl will “come around” and become attracted to you. This is an *innate* female behavior to weed out weak suitors, going on for thousands of years, and NOT a cultural invention of feminism.
The REAL reason why women are spoiled and demanding!

As much as I hate PUA lingo, I'll borrow it here. The sign of "beta" behavior is you trying to sell people on the idea that banging self-loathing American sea-slugs is somehow virtuous and that nailing hotties in Medellin makes someone a misogynist.

I'm not a sexist at all. I love women, but fuck that shit she's gotta be worth a damn or I'm not interested. If she doesn't have enough self respect to take care of her body and be accountable for herself then she deserves whatever shitbag of a man she ends up with. Namely you.

Quote:Depictions of women as drama-loving, spoiled, materialistic bitches is driven by corporate media and big money.

RVFers, raise your hands if you've seen this in real life. Jesus, I've never seen so many hairy palms in my life. Put your damn hands down. I think it's unanimous.

Quote:Of course, then there’s the other kind of “feminism”, which isn’t feminism at all.

I’m talking about the superficial, materialistic “girl power” culture where the woman feels entitled to walk all over men and live rich, while contributing nothing herself.

But these materialistic “girl power” memes are driven by business corporations trying to sell luxury spending – expensive cars, posh hotels, and overpriced clothes and jewelry to women.

It’s NOT being driven by feminists It’s being driven by MEN in corporate boardrooms who are looking to make lots of money.

Holy shit. You are serious. You really believe this bullshit. I'm tempted to think you've never had a conversation with an American woman in your life. I love my mom. She taught public school for 40 years and I respect the hell out of her for that. She's also a feminist which makes her totally full of shit, and I've told her so. The woman has a Masters in education and can't master the basic principle of female accountability. EVERYTHING in her eyes is the fault of some man somewhere. And you've just regurgitated the same bullshit pathology. Rather than hold feminists accountable for their failures, you outright blamed men for them. That, is feminism in action.

Quote:The other source of superficial “girl power” are DADS and FATHERS – family men.

These men are driven to make money, and then they shower their wife and daughters with materialism and shelter their women from the real world. They treat their little girls like “princesses” and spoil them.

It’s a natural instinct as a Father to do this, but in the end it fucks women up psychologically. The woman develops a false sense of entitlement and becomes spoiled and demanding.

In either case, whether corporate driven or Father driven – it’s generally MEN creating the problem, not feminism.

Overprotective daddies are a real problem. But you're still ducking the issue here.

Quote:The REAL reason why women are controlling in relationships…

It’s not in your girlfriend’s or wife’s personal interest to have you going around putting your dick into other vaginas.

So once you’re in an exclusive relationship with a woman, she’ll gradually attempt to reign in your independence. And if you don’t *constantly* stand up for yourself, the woman will gradually begin to control you. It’s in her instinct and self-interest to do this to her man.

Just take a look at Colombia, home of Machismo culture. Once you get into a relationship with a Colombian woman, they can become VERY controlling and watchful, and jealous. They’re paranoid that you’ll go chasing after other women, so they quietly take measures to begin controlling you.

And this is true of ALL women.

Nothing is true of "ALL women". Absolutely nothing. Jada lets her man fuck around as long as Will doesn't make it public. Some women are very permissive of wandering husbands/boyfriends. Some are not. Feminists CERTAINLY are not.

Quote:In Medieval times, even though the man had say over economic matters, at home the woman typically was very controlling of the household and micro-managed much of the man’s activities.

What the fuck are you basing this on? In medieval times you could just kill your wife and get another one. Or better yet, sell her to get more land. Now THAT was fucking machismo. This shit you're whining about in Colombia is just respect for men, which sadly is no longer pervasive in America.

Quote:It has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with the female’s evolutionary instincts.

Women have been trying to control their mates and “neuter them” throughout human history. It’s in their instincts, and LONG before the idea of feminism ever came about.
Even if it WERE true… it would just fuck you up!

Even if feminism WAS the cause of all man’s problems, would holding that belief help your game?

Only an American would write such a thing. You should believe whatever the facts tell you, not what you want to believe because it makes you feel better. That is sheepage, and no player can be a sheep. Players are wolves, and the best ones can work in packs or alone. Choosing to believe something because you want to is self-delusion, which ironically to this discussion, is the basis of modern feminism.

Quote:Absolutely not.

The best guys in the game are very positive – almost delusionally so.

Wow. Didn't I just say...

The best guys in game are realistic and prepared. They know the angles and attack them with jihad-like enthusiasm. They don't suffer fools lightly and never set themselves up for failure, as you have.

Quote:You get out of game what you put into it.

That's the first completely true statement you've made, asshole.

Quote:When you’re positive and non-judging, women will spread their legs for more access to that feel-good energy.

As long as you’re non-judgmental, self-proclaimed feminists, socially conservative Christian girls, and all the woman in between will love you for your cool vibe.

Being realistic and being judgmental are two completely different things. If you want to suicidally bang your head against the feminist wall, go for it. I'd rather enjoy my life and enjoy the women that I'm with than do all that work just to be cock-starved by a land whale in "juicy" sweat pants and Ugg boots. Life's too short. If I'm putting down the work I want the fruits of my labor to abundant, high heel wearing cocksuckers who smile though the cum.

But that's just me. Ridge Black, at your service.

(the rest of this article was redacted as it's nothing more than a sales pitch for Jesse's bullshit product)
10-03-2013 11:54 PM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
[Image: didnt-read-lol-gif-13.gif]

I can't have sex with your personality, and I can't put my penis in your college degree, and I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams, so why are you sharing all this information with me?
10-03-2013 11:57 PM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
(10-03-2013 11:54 PM)Ridge Black Wrote:  But that's just me. Ridge Black, at your service.

(the rest of this article was redacted as it's nothing more than a sales pitch for Jesse's bullshit product)

Too long. I skimmed through what you wrote and yeah I basically agree. Long story short, feminism sucks and things weren't that bad for players before it came around.
10-04-2013 12:00 AM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
(10-03-2013 11:57 PM)Soma Wrote:  [Image: didnt-read-lol-gif-13.gif]

Yeah, my bad. I didn't realize it was going to be that long until I got to the end of it. Next time I'll do that shit in sections.
10-04-2013 12:02 AM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
You could just have said Jesse Charger is a twat and I would have agreed without having to try to read a novella. He has a douche name that sounds fake.
10-04-2013 03:23 AM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
Jesse Charger sounds like a gay porn stage name.

A pessimist thinks all women are bad. An optimist hopes that they are...
10-04-2013 11:28 PM
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RE: Jesse Charger is a twat, and here's why..
(10-04-2013 11:28 PM)Capitán Peligroso Wrote:  Jesse Charger sounds like a gay porn stage name.

And you should see the dude. Anyone who would pay money for advice from such a cornball should re-examine their entire direction in life.
10-04-2013 11:39 PM
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