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White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
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White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
Anyone see this?

Apparently a Georgia Tech frat kid wrote an email on how to escalate and build chemistry to try and bang girls (but he wrote it in dipshit frat speak) and now he's coming under some serious fire.

This particular blogger is a mangina male feminist but the comments I read are hysterical.

Seems like half the forum is on there already.

We were meant for far more than to suffer in our self created prisons only to die alone. It doesn't have to be that way. It never did.
10-07-2013 11:34 PM
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Kabal Away
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
Unfortunately, even TotalFratMove is eking out a Jezebel-esque stance on this:

Quote:Our news tip line just exploded. Apparently, an active member of Phi Kappa Tau at Georgia Tech sent an email to his chapter that is beginning to spread around like wildfire. In almost every one of the tips we received, the words “rape” and “creepy” were included. Upon further inspection, the email was, in fact, decidedly rapey and creepy.

I suppose I shouldn't expect anything more from a site that also allows a "Total Sorority Move," and not as a form of lampooning.

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10-07-2013 11:41 PM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
Fucking pathetic article - writer who probably cries when he jacks it to feminist porn of Lindy West pegging Hugo Schwyzer.

Jesus, these fucks are so insistent on proving "frat bros" (let me guess, feminists are against labels) are all raping-loving scum it is just mind-blowing. The women on Jezebel are just straight up pissed that many men need to learn how to interact with and vibe with women - what, mothers can't raise their men into being sexually attractive men? Other men have to help men learn the game! Ugh, the misogyny!

Further, this rape obsession is born out of what I talk about in my posts on narcissism - casting off the chains of sexual repression without no consideration of American collective psychology was a fucking stupid Have they realized yet that America had and has some SERIOUS rage and anti-social issues buried deep down - women, especially?

Look at those comments on Jezebel. Some dude stepped in and commented that the techniques are effective because they work. A shitstorm developed with women advising him to seek counselling for seeing women as object of rape and objectification. What the idiots don't realize that if a man sees women as objects, then he sees men as objects as well because he is a narcissist and the reason he doesn't treat men like that is because he doesn't fuck dudes. Dude actually engaged the women for a long thread. Handle is mhenry.

The rage is palpable and real. Finally, women have a socially-approved man and frat to express their repressed rage onto. Look at those broads pulling out the pitchforks and are straight ready to explode - but only on the Internet. In real life, they are far, far more likely to look the other way if they see a woman being pressured into drinking or sex. These bitches are just keyboard warriors who never do shit to help anybody, especially other women. They just gather in public spaces and forums and talk all those feminist talking points, pretending everybody hates them and is conspiring to rape and kill them off.

I mean think about it, that is what feminists are arguing here. That guys in frats trade rape tips and conspire to own and violate women's bodies. How fucking crazy is that? Every argument is based out the idea that women are lesser than men and we should expect less of them. It gets repackaged as "male privilege" but is the same idea - that women need all this extra help just to exist - especially in the sexual arena.

What is the worst, here, is the complete and utter inability to understand men are not the enemy. We aren't trading tips on from whom to buy date-rape drugs or how to get a woman drunk (if you need help for that, I have nothing to say). They take all their resentment, anger and anti-social energy and port it onto men so as to pretend they hold no hate in their heart. Also, it serves as a way to get hatred from men, because no man they would want to be seen with in public would give them worship. Manginas that cough up this rhetoric are just self-hating losers who got beat up in high school and get ignored by women in college because they just suck at life.

I wish I was back in undergrad. I had fucks like this in my classes and around my social circle. They are all wimpy losers - they rarely get challenged. Trolling Facebook just ain't the same anyone with everybody getting married.

Old Chinese Man Wrote:  why you wonder how many man another man bang? why you care who bang who mr high school drama man
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10-08-2013 12:00 AM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
They fucked up by circulating that article, becuas some dudes are going to read it and go get themselves some pussy.

10-08-2013 12:18 AM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
I had a house with a bunch of buddies when I was 19 first starting college - big party house - and we had a whiteboard in the kitchen with a list of "house rules," most of which were just jokes about partying and women, etc. One of them was essentially that once a girl stepped foot in the house "No always means yes" and she relinquished the right to make her own decisions by being there. Don't remember how it was worded but it was pretty hilarious, especially in the context of all the other joke rules that were on there - it was clearly obvious we were just fucking around, being sarcastic.

None of the women we had over ever took offense to it, unless you want to call a flirty shoulder slap halfway through the list taking offense...until we had a group over that was more than half-composed of black chicks. lol

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you'll be lonely often, and sometimes
frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Kipling
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10-08-2013 01:37 AM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
I read the whole e-mail without any of the commentary in an attempt to view this as objectively as possible and I can't imagine this being controversial even among regular blue pill types. The guy even straight up said NO RAPING in the e-mail. Also at no point does the guy recommend plowing through resistance (ie. still trying to go for a makeout when the girl is resisting). He suggests de-escalating and going back to square one if the girl doesn't seem comfortable with moving forward ("If for some reason they aren’t down for a cheek kiss, just dance through it or say you are going to get another drink and see if they want one. And then repeat from the beginning.")

I'm assuming this guy has never studied any game material and is just breaking down what he's always done naturally. It just shows how hollow complaints about studying game are. The stuff he's recommending his brothers to do is pretty much exactly the same as any game system you see out there (Open - Make Conversation - Escalate - Isolate her - PROFIT) but for whatever reason some people think that having to actively study what other people do naturally is weird. I'm guessing these people also think you should never practice playing basketball/playing an instrument/practicing any other skill because that's for tools and instead you just do every from instinct.
10-08-2013 03:06 PM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
I'd forgotten how dorky GA Tech guys are. Even the frat ones.
10-08-2013 03:25 PM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
Hey, my alma mater. Neat

The school is filled with 70% dudes and girls with "tech bitch syndrome", or TBS for short - the increase in attitude when a girl goes to a 70% male school and her "competition" are the types of girls that would go to an elite tech school. So yeah.

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10-08-2013 04:01 PM
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RE: White Knighting Writer Get's Mocked
But women also complain that dudes DON'T step to them and try to initiate. That men "aren't men" anymore. Roosh has written about it before - that men don't get punished for trying to get the pussy. She'll like you even more, even if she rebuffs you at first. She simply wants to make it seem like SHE decided it was going to happen, and not you.

The whole drinking issue also annoys me. College kids, be they male or female, don't need a lot of coaxing to imbibe. Chicks talk the whole empowered shit, but they're actually admitting to the opposite. If you're already buzzed, and a dude that's all over you asks if you want another drink and you say YES, and drink the fuckin' thing, YOU made that decision. If you end up getting fondled, fingered, and/or fucked after accepting the invite to his room, the bathroom, closet or wherever else he asked you to go to get you alone, that's on you too. You can't then blame the dude for something YOU decided to do, but regret later. That's the opposite of being strong and empowered.

"The best kind of pride is that which compels a man to do his best when no one is watching."
10-08-2013 09:24 PM
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