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Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
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Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
This piece just began appearing on my Twitter feed.

It claims to be magnanimous in arguing that it's not just women who are "oppressed by the patriarchy" but men are too! Men can't help it if they're terrible people, it's because they're all rape victims too.

Quote:And we wonder why our boys grow up sex-obsessed, equating violence with pleasure (“be a beast at it”), and imagining that rape is only something that happens to women. We wonder why they grow up hating women; women who might look like their abuser, or women who were raped and actually had their violence addressed by a society that believes men are immune from that kind of crime, a crime that when committed against a male goes woefully under-reported.

I guess the only reasonably part of that is that rape against men (mainly in prison) is indeed underreported.


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10-09-2013 08:16 AM
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RE: Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
Quote:equating violence with pleasure (“be a beast at it”)

What's hilarious is that I'd prefer gentle sex with lots of cunnilingus and cuddling but all women in my life have thoroughly made me understand that they prefer the "beast mode". I haven't been dumped once since adopting the roughness in bed as my modus operandi.

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10-09-2013 09:06 AM
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RE: Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
The thing about this sort of feminism is that it doesn't have to be true in any verifiable or falsifiable way. It just has to make the reader feel whatever the intended emotion. In that sense, feminism is a regression to the time before human beings learned to use the scientific method.
10-09-2013 10:01 AM
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RE: Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
The bitch deserves a sharp crack to her supposed intellectual prowess and her alleged psychological insight.

Here is a simp with his "insight"

Quote:Another male, admittedly, weighing in (in case there’s any doubt regarding potential bias). This is a challenging, and fascinating, issue, though – for both genders.

This sort of shit reinforces my worldview. Is this the state of modern masculinity - that we are even afraid to weigh in on issues that directly affect us? Jesus, what a fucking pussy. Dude probably can't even commit suicide - I bet he swallows just enough pills to garner medical attention for his lack of stable identity. Just like a girl.

Quote:Why are all the people who are personally offended by this article are men? Did this happen to you as a child and now instead of being a pre-puberty stud you are now a victim with issues? Being a man in this world must be really difficult. You cannot admit to being vulnerable. You cannot come out of the closet. You can’t let anyone see you cry. You can’t play with dolls. You can’t wear pink. And you can’t tell your mom that the baby sitter raped you. You certainly cannot tell your friends. You better not tell your dad. It really isn’t fair. Men do make more money and have more political power. That must be the price men pay to even things out.

Here it is, in all its fucking glory. If now it is considered that being a man is supremely difficult in modern society, masculinity - broadly considered - has jumped the shark. Congrats, you fucking retard MRA's. This is what happens when your mindless, self-absorbed rhetoric goes mainstream. Remind me again why I say that if it is in the mainstream - i.e. feminists are making the argument - it is inherently meaningless and really only serves a therapeutic end by supporting people's narcissism.

For the last time, I don't give a shit if you live in a remote country area - you can be whomever you want. I used to wear pink button downs in a rural high school. Sure, I was called a faggot by a few. However, the only people really shit on are those at the bottom of the social hierarchy. This is what I mean when I say this "power & privilege" types don't understand power. The most popular dude in school could really do whatever he wanted. Homosexuality might be the most diciest decision, but many things can be done. The trick is that no man really wants to the do the things this faggot lays out. Play with dolls? What is he - a girl? Wear dresses? Already doxxed that bullshit last week on RoK.

Fuck, if you can't tell your mom or father that you were raped, it isn't about patriarchy, misogyny or rape culture - it is because you know your parents only care about themselves - ding, ding! - they are fucking narcissists. Shit.

The poster above says all this nonsense that boys can't do X, Y or Z. Huh? That patriarchy at work again, huh? What he seems to imply, I guess, is that if you do all that you will be seen as weak - like those women. He seems to think that is because our society hates women, but breaking down crying regularly isn't a sign of strength, but weakness. When dipshits like Sheryl Sandberg "fight" for workplace crying to be normalized, they are simply fighting for lowering the standards for female's behavior. Yeah, the women fighting for equality are actually fighting for being treated as lessers. This is why they seek to bring men down. Or, truthfully, men want to be brought down. You have to consent to anybody bringing you down, so these men who take to this rhetoric want to be victims.

The narcissism of feminist rhetoric and utter inability to fix dipshit, entrenched rhetoric of left-wing dogma precludes men from truly being victims like women. Rickety bridges like this blog post have to be erected but still need to uphold male privilege while allowing women and men space to believe, deep down, everybody just hates women. Look at some of those comments talking about historical abuse of women and children.

All this violence and rage? Gee, I wonder what you are repressing if you think society was so absolutely violent. That is why narcissists like feminists have to rip up traditions and connections to the past, so they can fantasize about how fucking evil and rapey the past was. Now, of course, rape is still as endemic, but has tapered off a bit as a result of their and the Federal Government's intervention. In the future, the glorious future, awaits a violence free world. In other words, they are putting off dealing with their intense personal issues until after the revolution.

Good luck with that. I would hate to see your psychology after the revolution.

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10-09-2013 03:11 PM
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RE: Hamster claims boys who have sex early have all been raped
what is amazing is that feminists cannot see (or dont care) that when they emasculate husbands and drive them from their homes, it exposes the children to far more abuse/molestation/rape.

Where's the fucking father?????

Oh yeah, you cut his throat and robbed him blind.

Could it be that there is some correlation between a Patriarch in charge of his family, and his children being more protected?

Can't have it both ways, of course, so the femmes sell their own children down the river to Uncle Chester by slashing their husbands, because their "haaaaapiness" and 'finding themselves' is way more important than protecting their kids by keeping their father close.

Sloots gon' sloot.
10-09-2013 03:25 PM
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