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Thoughts on the 9 - 5
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Thoughts on the 9 - 5
The typical 9 - 5 work week isn't popular on RVF and many members strive to be freelance/internet business — especially to experience the benefits of Game in foreign countries. I've been giving some thoughts as to what exactly the 9 - 5 is, especially in a temporal sense.

The 9 - 5 by definition is a period of time.

The typical Western worker starts at 8 a.m., takes a one hour lunch and stops working for company X at 5 p.m. There are many exceptions: Second/Third shift, bankers, laborers (30 minute lunch), etc... In the end, the worker is generally paid an hourly wage, 8 hours a day, five days a week.

So, what's does this 40 hour per week transaction truly mean for the worker?

-Rise and shine at 6 a.m. Get ready for work. Travel to work with every other Tom, Dick and Harry during a morning "rush hour."

-Spend eight hours working but truly nine hours at work because lunch is often taken onsite with little possibility for relaxation. The worker is still thinking about his next tasks and clocking back in on time.

-Drive home around 5 - 5:30 p.m. Don't forget, this is the schedule of the average worker so you bet your ass you're back in rush hour.

-Arrive in Suburbia about 20-30 minutes later.

-Bachelors and Betas: Cook a meal or most likely a TV dinner. 1% have a partner who knows how to cook and is willing to do so.

This is what I believe to be the average minimum time a worker commits to his employer. Recently there has been blacklash at employers (Mercedes-Benz) who encouraged workers to continue work communication after hours (re: Work cell phones). Additionally, presentations or other prep consideration require time at home. What about those political rallies, banquets and X-mas parties that are "optional" yet expected?

I believe it is more realistic that the average worker spends 60 - 70 hours per week either working or doing work-related activities. Is it any wonder that the Average Joe is too tired to cook something healthy when he gets home? The consequences of the ensuing bad diet will also take their toll on energy and health.

What does the 9 - 5 mean for feminists?

Feminists champion the idea of the independent woman who works a corporate 9 - 5 office job. The woman wears nice clothing, attends business meetings, saves the world from male induced destruction and is free to spend the rest of her time in a cozy studio apartment with a view of the city skyline. The woman is paid enough that she isn't reliant on any men for her financial well-being. That said, we must not forget that this woman is being paid a fractional amount of what her male colleague receives for the same work and at the end of the day, discrimination is occurring. She borrows a little money from dad.

How does this situation compare to the recent past?

Western workers, especially Americans, have never worked more for less. Just a few generations ago, a family could consist of a man working a blue collar job at General Motors and a stay-at-home mother with two or three kids. The husband might need to pinch a penny here or there but the family survived. The husband worked fewer hours and once he left the factory parking lot, the job was over (no cell phones). In some parts of the country, the wife brought the husband freshly made sandwiches and soup from home during his lunch break.

The family would sometimes take vacations. The roadtrip was like a pilgrimage. They would see the USA in their Chevrolet. They may have to stay in a roach motel or two on their way to California but things always seemed to work out and there were a lot of great memories.

Some of the women wanted to work. They didn't start out as laborers, no, they were secretaries and nurses. With their help the administrative side of many companies improved and they boosted the national economy. The extra money helped with those vacation as well as the cost of raising children. Many of the women were only part-time/flex-time so raising the children still came first.

Back then college was a big deal. College was affordable. People with degrees got jobs. Yes, even the Liberal Arts majors. That said, not everyone went to college like today so it was a distinction from the Average Joe.


We work more for less and think about work more than we should.
—Although the "independent woman" may at first relish in the idea of the 9 - 5 office job, she, just like her male counterpart, is barely making enough for rent, food and her car insurance.
—Feminists see the problem of "true living wage" as one of "glass ceilings" and "discriminatory hiring practices." In truth, this work situation is not a zero-sum game.
—The true decision makers at these companies, stockholders and financiers, will remain the same regardless of the composure of the workforce. A tighter, leaner, more cutthroat company is good for the bottom line, regardless of whether it is affecting men or women (most likely both!)
—If women are getting paid less to do the same work, companies would only hire women and save some fucking money.
—In a family situation, the 9 - 5 for both parents means less time for the kids. The kids are raising themselves. Both parents are too tired to cook healthy food by the time they get home. They go to the McDonalds drive-thru. This comes after the McCafe on the way to work and the Taco Bell gordita at lunch.
—Workers' Rights have eroded. More employers use "At-Will" employment to tell employees to work everyday as if it was
their last — it very well could be.
—The college experience has been watered down. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a Liberal Arts degree. Those degrees are worthless and the diploma should be used to wipe your ass. Students are also burdened with unsustainable loan debt that can even follow you after bankruptcy.
—Feminists chalk university as an opportunity to take a closer look at Womens' Studies, Art History, Medieval English or International Politics. On the weekends, feminists should go to clubs and bars patrolling for cock. Their thesis will a 50-page rant on "how they feel" about the cruel world around them. After the Bachelors Degree, both men and women in Liberal Arts either:
a) Become Nordstrom Sales Associates
b) Become professional students (Masters, PhD studies)

Am I missing something?


Disclaimer: This thread is not meant to advocate any kind of socialist/occupy bullshit.

tl;dr We work too much. Feminists inadvertently support the devolution of organizational structure allowing companies to provide all-around less to the employee, male or female.
10-14-2013 01:25 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the 9 - 5
I haven't worked a normal, 40 hour work week in about 6 years and am not sure that I'll ever do it again. I sometimes miss the routine of a normal work week because you can have a "normal life"; playing on a sports team, date women on a regular basis, etc. The thing that gets me is the lack of time off in most North American jobs, two weeks is "too weak", if I ever go back to the 9-5 scene, I'd need at least four weeks off per year.

I'll finish work for this year in a month and at that time will have only worked about 4 months in 2013, last year I worked 5, works for me, for now.

Don’t sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things.
10-14-2013 01:57 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the 9 - 5
Crazy how far technology has come to make us more productive, yet people work more rather than less. What is the point of progress in this type of trade-off? Basic human needs and then some were taken care of so long ago; our response was to keep stacking on more "needs."

Even if you don't go location independent and flee the country, find a way to hack the system. There are a lot of ways to do it.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you'll be lonely often, and sometimes
frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Kipling
10-14-2013 03:16 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the 9 - 5
This is an idealized view of the past, like something you'd see on tv from the 50s. It wasn't a reality for the majority of people.

"I dabble in the chubby market."
10-14-2013 09:17 AM
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RE: Thoughts on the 9 - 5
I gave up on the notion of 9-5.

It didn't work for me.

I felt like a slave.

I need more freedom than that life offers.

I work really hard but only in short bursts of 4-5 hours.

I work really hard but only in areas that I actually care about.

"Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do"

-- Oscar Wilde

I'm half joking. Hard work is important and its what makes America great.
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10-14-2013 02:28 PM
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