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Question on gaming
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RE: New Member, and question on gaming in Switzerland
(01-27-2011 10:16 AM)docsedated Wrote:  

I Know exactly where you are coming from, I will give you my 2 cents based on my personal experience.

1. Background: Yes do not tell girls you are from India, If you look Moroccan/Italian etc, tell them you were born in Morocco and tell them Dad was from India mother is Italian/ moroccan ( Coming from Indian Background it's a hard lie to tell) , Be congruent, make some shit up, you were in Morocco till 9 then moved to NJ went to high school there, and now living a free life style......

I have the same backgorund as you and when I started telling girls I was born to Indian Parents in England and then moved to NY , They seem to nutralize and things roll.......

2. Style: Change what ever you are wearing these days and try some thing else, Try going out suited, Try the rocker look, biker look, try V neck showing muscles as some one said

"you can expect different results doing the same things again "

That used to be my sticky too that I looked like a family man breaking away from kids to hit on girls, Now I look like a badass looking to get in trouble. Now I have had Girls stop me and tell me that they dig my Style , Go figure....., A simple V neck can make that much of a difference

Attraction starts the second the girls see you , then you have to build on it, It would be hard for me explain this concept in words but it is very important, you need to work on getting positive Initial responses from girls, Some thing about you must be Intriguing, Big Necklace, Belt buckle, Odd yet fashionble Sports coat, Custom fitted suit , all above worn with confidence.

3.Inner Game Actually this should be number 1, Stop thinking you are Indian and that being Indian hinders your game, It will affect you if you let it, OK Think about the Indian kids born in US going to colleges in US, They are pulling major ass, they do not think they are Indian and girls respond to them as if they are American, Girls do sense your Insecurities from a mile away

4.Accent:Consciously try to change your accent to British or American whichever one is easier, I you have lived in Bombay till you were 28 you would have a strong Indian accent, get rid of that , even take phonetic classes.

I can go on and on..... , but I do not want to get carpal tunnel at this stage in life

You are doing all the right things keep it up, like some said keep your chip up, keep us updated with your progress, I will be particularly interested as I have the same background as you.

Oh yes, have some one critique your game, It's hard to know what are you doing wrong ? Meet some one from the Forum , Meet Quasi, Is he close to you ? Go meet Mixx in Ukraine in April.... Seriously this shit is going to take effort......... I drove over 200 miles to meet Mixx and he ripped my game apart and I was able to see what I was doing wrong, I flew to DC to have roosh realigned my thinking process, Biggest game changer for me .............

I can not stress the Importance enough but you do have a sticky that only some one looking from outside can see , and be a little tough skin and let others tell you what is it that you are doing wrong ?

Now after all this I do want to know your progress as it will help mine Smile

Happy Hunting........

You want him to say he's Morrocan and not Indian...that's ridiculous advice ! You think Morrocans have a good name in Europe???

Buddy,just be yourself and keep going out and keep being social.
Use weekends to visit other cities Zurich,Geneva ,and countries.
Make the most of your opportunities.

What are you doing in Switzerland? Good opportunity to travel and explore!

Remember poontang and nightlife wise you're in paradise compared to Bombay or Delhi.
One of my best friends brother,a Bangladeshi was in Dakar,worse than India, for years,now he's in London just being able to go to a pub or a nightclub is paradise to him ,even if he doesn't get laid!

Good luck.
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11-30-2011 05:33 PM
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RE: New Member, and question on gaming in Switzerland
Denying your ancestry is certainly the wrong way to go.
First of all, there's no reason for being ashamed of being Indian. Secondly - if girls should indeed have a negative opinion of Indians, be the first cool Indian guy they have ever met, give them a pleasant surprise.
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11-30-2011 08:30 PM
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RE: New Member, and question on gaming in Switzerland
(11-30-2011 04:36 PM)nomadicdude Wrote:  Swiss chicks aren't easy... for anyone. It is just a more socially conservative/retarded culture so don't worry about it. I see Swiss chicks travelling all over the place and they never are the crazy ones getting wasted and fucking around.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing Wink They do put out though, even one night stand they are just not as likely to have 3 guys at once in a hotel like that Irish chick... Big Grin

Uni chicks are quite often open towards foreigners. Can be a bit too hippy for my taste sometimes but who cares. So if you are in a town with an uni no problem.

If you are in a little village full of farmers... Good luck Big Grin

Switzerland is definitely not a place for sex tourism. But if you are there for other reasons no worries. Everyone I meet who visited Switzerland loved it. But then maybe they are just polite Big Grin
11-30-2011 09:15 PM
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RE: New Member, and question on gaming in Switzerland
Swiss are conservative and one of their particularity is they have 3 cultures . They are for the most really homogene and In my opinion your best option it's the commonwealth country. English Canada,England,Australia, U.S.A .If you want to stay in Switzerland my opinion it's to made friends.
After this They will introduce you to women . Don't change your nationality like someone said India-Italian , not only you will look goofy and stupid but you will make a beta moove . You want to be approove by women so you change your personality . -20 pts right at the start .

Maybe You can be inspire from Sugar Sammy and take his attitude .

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12-09-2011 12:10 PM
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