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Fuck Excuses, Get Laid
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Fuck Excuses, Get Laid

Excuses. What a shitty word that is. I despise it. It is the enemy of our dreams, our goals and the poison of our ambition. Excuses have set me back and have taken precious time from me that I will never recover.

Why do we make excuses?

Because we are weak? Because we are afraid? Because we actually fear success?

Excuses are comforting. They provide a detour from the ‘hard’ path and an outlet to explain why we haven’t made progress with our respective goals.

I’m done with excuses. Will you join me in saying a hearty ‘Fuck You’ to excuses?


One of the main questions I get regarding game is this: “Is there a shortcut to learning Game? Do I really need to put in the time to become great with women, or can I just read a book or take a course?”

The answer is, of course not. There is nothing that replaces you getting out there and experiencing rejection and success on your own. Guys like Roosh and I, can provide you tools in your journey, but make no mistake, you MUST put in the work to get the results you want.

Have you ever heard the guy who talks like this about meeting girls, “She’s too hot, she’s too ugly, she’s not into short guys, she only dates jocks”, etc? Maybe you’re that guy. Always having an excuse in order to avoid developing your game and in the process SHORTCHANGING your life.

If this is you, it’s time to say “Fuck Excuses, I’m getting laid”. Commit to the journey, because it WILL be a journey. Enjoy the journey, the experiences and the highs and lows that you will encounter, because the journey is where the reward is hidden.


In a perfect world, we would all have $100 million in the bank, have model good looks and be born into royalty, but that’s not the way it is. Life is unfucking fair. Realize that and embrace it NOW so you don’t waste time on what you cannot control and instead. Focus on what you can control.

Every one of us, in our own way has strengths and talents. How do you make them shine? How do you make money from your talents? What can you start doing today, utilizing the positive that will make your tomorrow better?

I know how it feels to be broken emotionally, bankrupted financially and depressed to the point of suicidal. It fucking sucks and if you’re experiencing any of those, then know this: I can relate and things will get better, but only IF you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and tough it out.

During times like this, it can seem like it’s impossible to have any game at all with girls, but it is possible. I’ve gotten laid when living in a car, so trust me, If I can, you can too. Maybe your focus will be on getting back on your feet primarily, and it should be, but don’t forget to have some fun and get your dick wet as well.


Start today, fuck the excuses and decide no matter what, you’re going to become great with women.

It’ll change your life for the better. I know, because it changed mine.

Tune in to my new show: The Christian McQueen Show for my weekly podcast covering Girls, Game, Fitness and living the Playboy Lifestyle.

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RE: Fuck Excuses, Get Laid
I wonder if an excuse would count as a notch? tard Laugh

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