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My Post Holiday Weightloss Plan
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My Post Holiday Weightloss Plan
My holidays sort of ended early, I vacationed the week before xmas to and came home to get back to work. Just a simple trip to spend time with the friends & family, nothing crazy, no going out to the local bar to catch up with school mates, a very chill time out for me. I gained about 8lbs, from 185-193lbs, in about 10 days. Seriously. I eat like a champ. I love food. I also workout 4-6x/week, but took a break from that earlier in the month after I tweaked my back. I get fat easily. Its my genetic make up. Fortunately I gain muscle easily too. My family all have about the same body type, 5'10"-6'+, 10-15% BF, funny how genetics are so evident.

I also think there is some truth to seasonal affective disorder; I need at a minimum lots of sunlight to feel good, and when its dark and cold, in a city, in a cavernous apartment and going out several nights a week, I pack on the pounds every fall and winter. Satiation now is important.

I have had lots of experience learning about diets, as a high level amateur athlete in various sports for 20 years. I have read and practiced many of the largest/most popular diets; Zone, Zone for Athletes, Paleo, Slow Carb, Perfect Health, Lyle McDonald, Velocity Diet. I use a little from each, but this is what I found works for me;

1). Hate food. Seriously. In your mind, when you think of someone who loves food, think of Mario Batali. Mario loves food, and his restaurants are phenomenal. But he is the result of loving food, as are most overweight people. Who cares about whatever psychological reason it is people eat for, you either love food or hate it. Just hate it for a while, for like a few months, or more. Get disgusted with yourself and gluttony. View gluttony as weakness. Ignore societies push to get you to eat/buy more. If someone tells you hating food is unhealthy, conspicuously look at their waist line, then consider their opinion.

2) Protein shakes. Use them now. I like casein. It fills you up. One scoop fills me up for 4+ hours and has over 50 grams of protein. Drink 3 or 4 a day, and there you go. You do need more food than that, and I dont recommend a full ketongenic diet at this phase, in this season, save that for the spring when the external distractions are less prevalent. If you say to me "you're not suggesting that people actually learn how to eat well", I would respond by saying that I dont really have time for that. I would rather not be a fat ass doing anything, including learning things.

3) Exercise moderately. 3 days a week or less for a few weeks. Dont go overboard with anything, weightlifting/cardio. You will burn out. Combine crash dieting, with heavy lifting and/or crazy cardio, and come February or March, you will crash. Its my opinion the benefits of intense/frequent exercise on weightloss are negligible, if not harmful enough to significantly slow rapid weightloss. Exercise though does affect muscle tone(but most men dont need to develop tone, just size), and being slightly overweight is not a huge deterrent to performance. I have had performed well against and beaten people in sports like bicycle racing, soccer, weightlifting, crossfit, skiing and other sports, who were significantly less fat than I was(15-20%BF). When I train hard, I keep the weight on, unless I am training over 10hrs a week. I get more hungry and have to eat to recover, thats what exercise does! Pick a moderate program, or design one that requires less than 5 hours/week in the gym.

Here is how I eat;

Thursday, first day back. Went to work, at a desk.
Breakfast - Casein shake, 50g protein. Two cups of coffee with cream and sugar.
Lunch - Casein shake, cup of coffee c/s.
Dinner - meat, vegetables, iced tea. I like to eat at this place called Dig In. If you have one in your town, go there! Meatballs, spinach, beat salad, quinoa, the perfect meal!
Evening - a slider and two makers on the rocks. Met a lady friend for drinks, having serious oneitus thoughts, thats a different thread.

This morning weigh in 12/27 - 190lbs.
First weigh in 12/25 - 193 - (3lb loss.)

It basically equates to;

- Breakfast - Casein shake right after waking(influenced by Slow Carb)

- Lunch - Casein shake

- Mid Afternoon snake - apple/peanut butter, or another shake

- Dinner - Meat, vegetables, some fat, little if any starch. My meal proportions are most similar to Zone, 40/30/30 Carbs, Prot, Fat. I used Daily Burn to track my weight, and have for over 5 years, and use it to track my diet if I get way off track. Have tracked my diet so much its second nature, would recommend this to anyone who has struggled with weight.

- Later - drink water, have a scotch, or another shake if you are crushing the gym.

Things like coffee & scotch keep me happy.

I didnt work out yesterday, but from my experience, unless you are spending hours in the gym, in a pool, on a bike, dieting and exercise at the same time slows your weightloss. This is my experience. You can probably take a break from the gym if you have been consistent through the year. Use this time to assess your goals, and set real training goals for the upcoming year, not just mindless exercise goals. Should you play a sport? Think about what really motivates you. Do you want to train for something, or just do mindless exercise? Think about the difference in training and exercise, and what that means to you.

I will do this until I get a few pounds below my starting weight, around 185, maybe 183, and I should be there by Jan 3, I am giving myself no later than Jan 6. And I am not crazy about NYE this year, last year I partied and traveled a lot, Miami, LA, SF, Napa, ATL, low country GA, DC, Boston, midwest; so I could care less about NYE. This year its about making more money, spending less money, being strong and fit, and getting ahead. Onward! Happy 2014.
12-27-2013 12:27 PM
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