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Squirting Orgasms
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RE: Squirting Orgasms
On this: Anyone bought the book and dvd set at Worth the money?

Treat any relationship like you're Bill Murray in 'Ground Hog's Day'

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12-06-2018 06:54 AM
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RE: Squirting Orgasms
I've been with two squirters. In both cases, the squirt came out of the V-hole, not the P-hole, and it came out in a sudden gush, like dumping a glass of water out, way faster and more pressurized than urine flows. And I did nothing special to make them squirt, both told me they do often, anytime they are really turned on and have a good O.
12-06-2018 07:09 PM
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RE: Squirting Orgasms
Small quantities of female ejaculate can come from the Skene glands, but large quantities are from the bladder. That girl pissed on you, in other words. Not judging guys who like being pissed on, to each his own.
12-08-2018 02:49 PM
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RE: Squirting Orgasms
(01-10-2011 01:47 AM)Duke Castile Wrote:  So I was reading Roissy The Sixteen Commandments of Poon. (Great read btw)

And on one of the commandments he's talking about managing your girl by fucking the hell out of her. He says to learn how to give her squirting orgasms. I thought that was just a freak occurrence that happened when the stars were aligned but I googled it and did my research:

If a girl can have a vaginal orgasm she can have a squirting one. It's not piss even though it comes out of their urethra, its actual female ejaculate that comes from a gland. Most girls think they have to pee and don't let themselves go because they don't want to piss on the guy or be embarrassed so it keeps them from having a full on orgasm.

Most girls have a clitoral orgasm that is usually felt mostly in the genital area. The squirting orgasm is described as feeling like a "whole" body orgasm.

There are videos explaining things in more detail and how to do it by a guy named Jason Julius. You have to teach the girls how to do it. is his site.

The link below goes to a video of a guy who actually performs it on a chick and gives strangely clinical step by step instruction.

I ran across the full length version of this video years ago and it is great instruction. The narrative is excellent: "... it may look rough but this is where babies come from, you aren't going to hurt her... and if you are she will tell me... or you... she's starting to cum now... good girl..." And what a hot number she is -- nearly perfect pussy, breasts, and body... minus the copyright tattoo over her left ovary zone.

But how the guy looks in this "day and age" is soy and goes to show how far we've ~progressed~ in 10-years time. Still, the technique remains the same: continually press her g-spot up against her pelvic bone and jack those nerves up. Instant O for her if not squirt 99% of the time... if she's relaxed. This can be done with your dick as well, if it's hard enough, angled appropriately, and you know when to pop it out for her pressure release to blow the fuck up.
Today 05:45 PM
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