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Rand Paul Speech Lounge
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RE: Rand Paul Speech Lounge
I think he's the Republican Party's best shot. He's the most likeable guy of the whole lot. Everyone else has just... fallen so flat. Cruz, Rubio, the other guys: no charisma, no charm, no presence. It has nothing to do with the policies Rand advocates (though I agree with them). I have finally realized that elections are actually a simple thing.

He has a very relaxed demeanor and warm voice, and the Kentucky accent is probably the most outstanding of the American accents.
Contrast him with his pops. Ron Paul had this thin, reedy voice, was a little too kindly, and most significantly and most damning, had failed in previous runs at the presidency, and the United States hates nothing more than failure. It's like the elementary school dynamic. You see that someone is unpopular and you shy away from him just because of that.

It's like what Don Draper said of Nixon in Mad Man. Rand's got a good story. He's an optometrist who checks the eyes of newborns, and he did what no other politician in recent memory has done or will do, and that was filibuster a whole day for liberty winning the admiration of many. He's pushed for reform of the prison system and nonviolent use of marijuana, something that disproportionately targets blacks despite equal incidence rates with whites.

In his interviews, if he's not with a friendly interviewer or on a hostile network like MSNBC, it seems like he's being attacked. The viewer senses the dynamic and the natural inclination is to get risled up on his behalf and sympathize with him. It feels like he's the "protagonist" nobly facing down a faceless enemy.

That's the kind of thing that will win an election for you. Clinton and George W. Bush had that in spades, and Obama did as well. McCain and Romney were the complete and utter antithesis of that. We had this man so ancient that it'd be awkward for the whole country if he became president and Romney seemed so artificial and disconnected with the vast majority of the citizenry that he had no chance either because the sheer dislike and/or envy he engendered made his platform irrelevant.

So the Republicans ought to recognize this and invest their efforts in making Rand more well known. Their other option is forcing Chris Christie to lose weight.
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10-01-2014 04:55 PM
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RE: Rand Paul Speech Lounge
(10-01-2014 04:55 PM)CactusCat589 Wrote:  So the Republicans ought to recognize this and invest their efforts in making Rand more well known.
Never gonna happen. Libertarian principles run against everything the modern GOP (as well as the Democratic Party) stands for (TBTF banks, kleptocracy, centralization of power, surveillance state, etc.).

The GOP will paint him out to be a wild-eyed radical just like his father, and present Republican voters with yet another RINO, who can be viewed as conservative only when compared to an outright socialist, which is what the Democratic Party will offer.

Heads, you lose. Tails, you lose.

Let me know when it's time to run outside with my rifle.
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10-01-2014 05:20 PM
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RE: Rand Paul Speech Lounge
I agree that you've got to make up your own mind with someone like Rand Paul.

He does have an affable nature, and charming poise while speaking. He certainly looks and acts like someone you can trust to lead a nation in shambles. At 51, he is also "young" for the Presidential run, atleast young enough where people will believe he will bring fire and change.

But Obama had all of these things. What is different is the record. In all the positions of power and opportunities that he has been given, Paul has performed and voted consistently well.

Sonsowey, I understand that there is a difference between what you do as a Senator, and how you can get things accomplished as a President, but Paul has always voted based on his fundamental Libertarian values. He has backed up his statements with his actions. Even if he can not get a bill past Congress as President, atleast you have someone in the White House who is actively trying for the right thing.

However, I believe that he can actually get things done. He can actually get past party lines. Some might say that he does not even have traction in the Republican party [like his father] but it would be very foolish of the Republicans to alienate him. I have seen him getting a lot more airtime than his father already however, and Fox certainly seems to back him - which means that the powers in the background have seen him as the real thing.

Rand Paul has also spent a lot of time reaching out to black and latino voters. He has been speaking at "Black" universities. he is making them understand that the Austrian school of economics will eventually help release them from the Keynsian trap and the welfare system.

Calling him an isolationist is just not true. Even calling Ron Paul an isolationist is incorrect by the original meaning of the word, but Rand is certainly more into maintaining foreign bases than his father. that does not mean he will try to arm foreign rebels who will end up forming their own armies to battle against the USA 5 years later in a never ending cycle.

The election of 2016 is not a "giant douche vs turd sandwich" type of no win scenario. I think that we must sincerely rally behind Paul because he truly is the only hope.

He has vowed to tackle the issue of spying on US citizens, as well as end executive orders. I believe him when he says that.

He is also against abortion. Feminists are fighting for 23 week abortions. Fuck religion - that is bloody murder by science.

I also do not doubt his intention to decentralize the Government.

He is not perfect. I am not too into the pro-Israel and Christianity thing, but I see that as him playing politics to gain favor with the Republican base. Still he is the best we have, and it might be our only chance short of an all out revolution to take back the country.

You don't get there till you get there
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10-01-2014 05:23 PM
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RE: Rand Paul Speech Lounge
I firmly believe that Rand Paul is the last best hope for the country. He is his father in a more polished form. His voting record is good, his support for liberty solid, and he would not be like the other Republicans should he achieve office, because he is a true Conservative in the old sense.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson
10-06-2014 10:56 AM
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