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Is Islam red pill?
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RE: Is Islam red pill?
Next thread from op. “ Is pedophilia red pill?”

Is invest red pill?

Team yoga pants
09-20-2019 12:02 AM
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RE: Is Islam red pill?

What I found so disturbing is how genocidal those people are. I mean even women and children. Even back in the so called more brutal times of the OT that sort of thing isnt allowed in war as it normally goes.

Also goes to show how Israelite theocracy is far more moral in this regard. Only specific instances of religious purity or food shortages ensued that herem is implemented.
09-20-2019 01:19 AM
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RE: Is Islam red pill?
There are countless other examples were indiscriminate murder. That would be called massacres like this one:


The fact that there is no remorse by wicked men like this shows his true allegiance.

He will not doubt be surprised that he would be condemned into the lake of fire at the last judgment.
09-21-2019 10:39 AM
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RE: Is Islam red pill?
Some will understand, others will not.

  • Red-pill is useful
  • Black-pill is useless
  • Some Islamic values on marriage
  • This is not a valid question

Red-pill and Black-pill

Red-pill is theoretical and observational. Game is the collection of strategies based on these concepts. None of this is science, just collected wisdom.

Arm-chair eugenics (IQ and race theories etc) is black-pill. It has no use in developing Game so it is not red-pill. This stuff does not get you a wife, they run away when they hear this stuff from you. This is anti-Game. It slowly kills the heart.

It is stupid and dysgenic for the one partaking in it. Its like one is trying to farm people. Its tasteless.

It is true that matrimony is demographics and a morally bad game makes morally bad players, this is common sense. Naturally, one would develop bad strategies to win.

Just family laws, good morals and good ideal role models (for each type of economic and gender role and type of person) are time-tested and more than enough to maintain a good game. The is no need to track the migration of IQ in 8723 BCE. No need for alpha this and beta that in demographics.

Some people are ahead in this, others behind. Some catch up, others lose position. Its just life man.

Simple self-improvement and good morals lead to a fulfilling life. A community of this and a family, simple.

All these pills are not good for you and waste your time.

On Marriage
Islam brings polygamy to public and then limits it to four. There is no hidden defacto polygamy. The husband is fully responsible for all of his wives and their children.

Also, the father of the bride can VETO the marriage if he does not like the situation that she is marrying into. She chooses who she wants and the father approves.

If she wants a monogamy, and majority of the people are monogamous, she will choose accordingly.

This stuff about a minority marrying up all the women and the rest being left alone is not true.

Islam sets the guideline that men and women should not imitate each other.

It promotes strength and knowledge in men. Both study the scripture and have the same spiritual duties (five pillars etc).

Differences between the sexes are recognized and mentioned, and people build their gender roles according to how they divide labor in their environment.

It has just family laws, sets out what is moral and what is not and sets good role models.

Islam protects marriage and family.

Is a religion red-pill?

Religion comes with Belief, Practice and Law.

OP's question actually concerns the latter two.

So is the Practice and the Law consistent with a Red-pill world view?

The question is invalid as it places the Red-pill world view above the religious world view.

Next thread from OP: "Is Jesus Red-pill?"
09-21-2019 05:58 PM
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RE: Is Islam red pill?
(09-18-2019 11:53 PM)Athanasius Wrote:  
(09-18-2019 10:12 PM)MichaelWitcoff Wrote:  The Renaissance was largely caused by the Crusaders who raped and pillaged their way through an Orthodox area, stealing the wealth and treasure of Constantinople and bringing it back to Rome.

This view of the 4th crusade needs balance. It didn't occur in a vacuum. From God's Battalions (Rodney Stark):

Quote:There even is a whole school of scholars who, in addition to lamenting the damage to the city, claim that the Fourth Crusade was from the start nothing but a diabolical Venetian plot to eliminate Byzantine commercial competition...Nothing here about the prior sacks of the city by Byzantines themselves during political coups: in 1081 Alexius Comnenus “allowed his foreign mercenaries to plunder the capital for three days.” Nor is there a word to acknowledge the centuries of Orthodox brutalities against Latin Christians: in 1182 the emperor incited mobs to attack all Western residents of Constantinople, during which “[t]housands, including women, children, and the aged, were massacred”—many more deaths than are thought to have occurred during the city’s sack by the crusaders. Not a word about the instances of Byzantine treachery that occurred during each of the first three Crusades and that cost tens of thousands of crusaders their lives. Surely it is not surprising that these many acts of betrayal built up substantial animosity toward Byzantium. Then, in 1204, those who had journeyed east as members of the Fourth Crusade also were deceived by a Byzantine emperor who, after the crusaders helped restore him to the throne, broke his glittering promises and launched fire ships against the crusader fleet. Meanwhile, the Latin residents of Constantinople fled the city in fear of their lives—recalling the massacre of 1182—and took refuge in the crusader camp. This left the crusaders “without food or money,” stranded on a hostile shore. That’s when they attacked Constantinople.

Mostly a pack of disingenuous lies from Stark here.

1. He compares 3 days of looting to the 4th crusade? That is just stupid. How does one compare 3 days of looting to 50 years of rape?

Population of Constantinople before 4th crusade, 1200 AD: About 500,000. One of the largest in the world, if not the largest.

Population of Constantinople 200 years later, right before the Turks took over, in 1400: 50,000. A 90% decline.

2. The "massacre" of the Latins in 1182 is absolute peanuts compared to the 4th crusade, the people killed while bad had nothing to do with the Catholic or Orthodox Churches. It was purely a political event. The idea that the events are related is just Catholic political propaganda to absolve their incredible, inhuman evil of the 4th crusade.

3. The 4th Crusade got it's funding by sacking Catholic Christian cities WITHIN Italy before it ever reached Constantinople. It was pack of vicious animals masquerading as Christians.

4. The Boy-Emperor (actually a young man now) who was exiled from the city did not intend to betray the crusaders, in fact it was an advisor to the Boy-Emperor who lead a coup and imprisoned the Boy-Emperor and later murdered him.

On top of this, the initial siege of the city to install the Boy-Emperor into the throne caused a lot of damage to civilians. They were therefore extremely pissed off against the crusaders. The crusaders lit a quarter or more of the city on fire to cause enough chaos to overpower the city guards and install the Boy-Emperor. Months later, as the crusaders were pissed they didn't get as much money as they expected, the Byzantium's threw them out in a fit of rage.

The Boy-Emperor, regretted the situation and wanted to bring the crusaders back, but that is when his advisor, Mourtzouphlos, assassinated him and crowned himself Emperor.

The crusaders at this point had nothing left to eat or live with, having waited 6 months for a large sum of money, so they decided to sack and conquer the city for themselves. They ended up attacking with such force and anger they became demons that utterly annihilated and set fire to nearly all of Constantinople. All major Churches were desecrated and looted; men stripped of possessions while wives and nuns were raped; all who resisted were executed.

The city was then occupied by the Catholics for 50 years while anything and everything of value to be found was taken from the city back to the Vatican. All ancient-Roman statues were smelted down, citizens were taxed to death, and I'm sure the women were pimped out too.

While I do not blame the Crusaders for attacking again after their Emperor was assassinated, their sick slaughter of the city afterwards was inexcusable and is pure evil.

But the worst part? When Pope Innocent saw the riches presented from Constantinople, did he return the money? No, he figured, "What's done is done..." and kept it all leaving the Byzantines to a certain death between starvation, occupation, and the expanding Islamic tide.

And this was the start of the Italian Renaissance.... Catholics hate confronting their extremely evil foundations of becoming a world superpower of the Enlightenment, and always try to water down history about how the 4th crusade wasn't "that bad," or "they had it coming" nonsense.

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09-25-2019 12:44 AM
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